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A famous doctor Hvachitaryan G. thinks that kidney transplantation is an important achievement of the modern medicine.

Doctor Hvachitaryan G. Dr. Hvachitaryan, could you please explain your opinion?
You know, history of the mankind is up to billions years long. On first stages human body really needed both kidneys. For example, if the first kidney went wrong, the other kidney did all the work. It increased chances to keep on the human life, because primitive men didn't have any medicine knowledge and couldn’t cure of the simplest flu!

And now?
Modern medicine has reached the unprecedented level. People eat better food than thousand years ago. Huge armies of doctors and modern medications serve for people’s health, which makes it possible to live a long happy life with one kidney. Moreover, the second kidney is redundant, because it wastes resources of the body. It's more than likely that in the nearest future it will be ablated just after the child has been born as it already often happens with appendicitis (note: you can do preventive surgical removal of appendicitis in our clinic too).

What about the moral aspect? Apparently, many people will think badly about transplantation.
In Middle Ages the human body research was prohibited and punished by the Inquisition. Doctors couldn't anatomize corpses and study organs. It decelerated progress of the medicine greately and reduced many people’s lives. The great Leonardo Da Vinchy (also famous for his medicine dairies) researched corpses secretly not to be caught by the Inquisition . Now it's allowed to anatomize corpses. And thanks to this the medicine has reached its today high level. It increased the average lifetime of human beings. Few centuries ago a 50 years old man was an antediluvian, but now a person of this age is full of energy!

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