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2011, September

48015 Henry: Is it legal to sell your kidney in the U.S.? If so, when did it become legal? I understand it used to be illegal.

48002 moshood: How much will you pay for a kidney as at today

47988 sam: m quite fit but ur test says that m not satisfactory why?

47967 Show me the money I "ve got the kidney

47966 Fuck u I "m healthy how about your healthq

47964 Nick S.: I want to sell my kidney. I need the money. How do I go about selling it?

47963 haley: How long does it take to sell your kidney

47962 mileht: cuanto pagan por un riñon q se debe hacer y cuanto tiempo se demora el tramite

47961 mileht: cuanto dan uds en pesos colombianos por un riñon y cuanto tiempo demora el tramite y en donde lo hacen

47949 J.: Isnt it illegal to sell tissue and organs in north america. If it isnt I would sell a kidney, who wouldnt

47937 r beaudreau: Iwould like to know where to go to sell my kidney

47935 Habeeb.: Is this shit for real? Roflmao.


47932 Elizabeth: I live in U.S. where do I have to go to sell my kidney?

47931 Elizabeth: I live in U.S. can I sell my kidney? Where do I have to go to.

47929 mike: I don "t do drugs, don "t drink liquor at all , lost half my family to kidney problems ,please just let me donate for my piece of mind and family

47926 Moses: I would like to know: how fast I can sell my kitney, and if its ok to leave with only one

47918 peter: can i sell my kidney through this site? and for how much?

47916 john: i am under a financial crisis. is it possible for me to sell my kidney

47910 Ramesh: i want sell my one kidney for finance problems give that is right or not

47906 Ramesh: sir good evening i whant sell my one kidney for my fianshal problems please help in this matter

47895 kishor: how much money u give me my one kidney..

47890 Dee: Hi I "m in a very bad debt problem, can I really sell my kidney

47885 rajiv: i want sale my kidny in india. Is it possible

47884 jide: hello, i would like to know how much you are going to pay for a kidney,if i want to sell mine for another i will be waiting for the respond asap


47872 jibrette delfin: what will happen to me if I sell my other kidney and will only have one kidney?

47871 jibrette delfin: what is the consequences if you will sell your kidney and will only have one kidney?

47869 geetanjali: whear is your office in delhi i want meet you

47864 jan: hochu prodat pochku. kak mojno ?

47862 Joeseph Hollingsworth: How do I get started if I want to sell my kidney?

47861 Joeseph Hollingsworth: How do I get things moving if I want to sell a kidney?

47853 alisher: kakoy uvas telifon dayte ya pozvanu

47847 anamika: where ihave to sell my kidney and how much price

47837 annette: so how do I go about selling a kidney

47836 annette: I answered the question what next

47830 naveen sharma: i want to sell my kidney,how where and time?

47809 kat: How much do you pay for a kidney?

47803 Jennifer: Im healthy why cant i seel my kidney

47802 Jashobanta: Wan to sale my kidney s soon s possible

47801 lusa gutieres sanches: sepuede venser todos los organos de una per sona .


47791 bright: hw will i get u people on line

47790 chand roy: in kolkata where will i go and sell my kidney & what should i do for that

47789 bright: the most inportant is to get u on line

47788 jovia: hw will i get u people on line tell me

47780 Jon wayne: is this site for real? or is it just a funny joke?

47775 Syed Faisal Riaz: i am in crisis how much you will pay for my kidney????

47772 amit: how much money i get if i sell my kidney?

47762 muniraj reddy: i want to sell my kidney can i

47758 Peter kirima: Is there anyone out there who can buy my kidneys?

47753 Linda lopez: Hi i want to sale my kidney what can i do because i live in mexico

47751 Linda: hi i wante to sale my kidney, what can´t i do because i live in mexico

47746 vivek: i am indian.where i sell my kidney

47745 vivek: what is the price of my kidney

47743 Derrick: What country are you doing this in?

47741 naftaly: i need to sell my kidney,from do i go about it.

47734 miguel francois: can i sell my kidneys for money

47729 hi: question .. side effect of kediney loss

47725 riza: if i wanna sell my kidney how much will it cost each?

47720 bobby: how long will you be laid up for after haveing a kidney removed

47717 ali: Hello - I want to sell their kidneys , My blood type is negative A , If you wish to contact me,

47715 jenna: how much money would i get for a healthy kidney ?

47712 Harjeet Singh Saini: Dear Sir, I need money for that i wanted to sell my kideny. I am from india how can i sell you my kideny.

47710 Harjeet Singh Saini: Dear Sir, I need money for that i wanted to sell my kideny. I am from india how can i see you my kideny.

47704 kushal: i am resident in india can i sell my one kidney if yes then how

47688 Clerk: How much money would i get for donating a kidney?

47687 venugopal: i want sell akidney for money

47674 suhail ahmad handoo: i went sale my kidney i need many to pay the court salery for my kid

47671 kristina: can you sell your kidney if your a drinker

47669 mr precious: who do i contact if i want to sell kidney

47668 precious: can i SELL my kidney in ur organisation

47664 Gav: Which coutries is it legal to sell your kidney

47663 timothy voelker: How do I sell my kidney? And how much?

47661 Timothy voelker: In need of money willing to sell a kidney if price is right?

47659 Rosemary: Is it possible to sell my kidney in south africa legally?how much is it value

47657 chris: how bad is the pain and how many days does it take fr recovery? thank you

47649 sasa: why can not I sell my kidney? I am very healthy, do not smoke, do not drink alcohol or do drugs. I train athletics and eat healthy! I do not live in a polluted environment, and have never suffered from serious diseases. Thanks in advance for your reply

47648 Masum: where i can sell my kidney ???

47632 mike: can i sell my kidney? if so how long does it take?

47631 yadagiri: i sell my kidney about how much pprice well be get

47613 Eric: Can you sell your kidney and how much $ can you get

47610 Stephanie: im in great health but somehow i was denied during the pre screening?

47609 where are surgeries performed

47607 Jamie: where are the surgeriesperformed?

47604 julio: i need sell me nacionality isbolivia

47598 ceaser: stop transplant of human organs

47594 amin: what is the "dring spirits " mean?

47592 heath hual: hoe soon can i give a kidny i need money

47590 karthik: i want to sell my kidney and i am bangalore resident in help my plzz tell me how to sell my kidney

47589 bobo: How safe is the procedure, and how do I know that your business is legit and performed by professional doctors

47569 Rajesh Kumar: Good Morning Sir, I request i m sale my kidney

47568 Ajay: why i cant able seel my kidney?

47567 Ajay: Why cant i not able to sell my kidney?.

47563 Eugene: How do I go about giving a kidney for compensation. I am healthy and in need of .financial assistance

47559 rustem: I and my family I was born in Greece in the fourth and a girl aged two-I would like to sell but for Cletao Tambn be traveling to Canada or America for Tambn them I am Syrian,

47558 Evan: My kidney is like GOLD I tell you how don "t you want this piece of history.

47548 Nikolett: How this thing is working? How to manage and where is it located?

47546 Ya xachu pradat mau pochku Skolko vi za pochku daite?

47538 fahad: i want to sell my kidney how to test it.

47533 ruben: me consideri una persona muy sana y conteste bien el cuestionario y aun asi me dice que no soy apto, no entiendo, no fumo, no tomo, no uso drogas o algo asi, nunca me han operado, no tengo diabetes y necesito dinero, me pueden ayudar???

47531 mrdavid: fuck of yor mother vagina how ican sell mykidney you are sellfish transpologis

47527 rajeev: can u buy kidney of an indian person

47525 ahmed: i am egyptian can i sell my kidney with you

47524 Uwe Hood: Hi, i "m currently living in Scotland and was wondering how to sell a kidney?

47517 Zeus Hurtado: My name is Zeus Hurtado, I "m from Spain of the city of Valencia, I am interested in selling one of my kidneys because I "m financially embarrassed, I need information urgently. Thank you.

47505 Segun ajayi: Please can i sell my kidney in usa or uk at a very expensive pay,and i am a nigerian

47501 aaron lau: How do I get to contact ur all?

47494 Vaishali: Hi, I want to sell one of my kidneys. How much money will I get ? How do I sell ? Regards, Vaishali

47490 sreenivasa reddy: I am ready to sale my kidney. But i want to sell it in india itself. Could u please he;lp me in this case?

47489 veechi malviya: how can i sale my kidney i am in need of me,please help me out.

47487 jim: How much can I get is this legal in the Usa

47486 loftus: where is the operation done and when is the money paid

47473 brenda: f ever i dont have kidney its not matter wen i become pregnant someday?

47471 larry ancheta: i would like to sell my kidney can you help me?

47469 wisdom joseph: hwo can i over come the crisis i am fit and healthy and willing to donate my kidney.

47468 nani: hi sir i want to sale my kidney with some problems...will u help me

47463 Hemant Tamhankar: I have passed your test. What next ?

47462 adamo: how do i go about doing this??

47461 Joy: how can i get more information?

47460 daniel: If I sell you a kidney, do I have a choice on who gets the kidney?

47457 dede rb: i want sell my kidney because i really need money for my family,,,,i m woman from indonesia,,i have type blood B

47450 tek: what is the price for one kidney?

47445 rajesh: i want sale my kidney any how

47440 jay: how quick would the operation be and how long does it take to recover

47422 ceaser: please send me the quesio iwas ask you

47414 Nam: Why can I not sell my kidney thought it is perfect? (The test result: "unsatisfied ")

47405 shirley: can i buy a kidney for my transplant

47403 umair: hi, i m umair. i am from PAKISTAN and interested for sale my kidny

47402 gd: I wanna sell my balls and my dick. How much do pay for them?

47401 Why do you cocksuckers have this web site?

47398 robert: what is the cost of a kidney if i were to sell?

47394 you are full of shit take your jokes somewhere else what kind of people are you dont tell me that you are looking for young kids you guys are sucks

47390 Alexandra Abreu: quais sao os passos para doar/vender rim?

47387 eddie: i want to sell my kidney, but don "t kwn how to go about it

47385 Ken: How much would I net from selling a kidney

47381 prashant: i want to sell my kidney . i stay at mumbai. wat can i do?

47374 *: I am from the Phlippines i badly needed to sell my kidney to have money for my eyes. Thank you

47367 reginaldo: como faço para vender o meu rim

47363 laura leon: i answer all your questions i feel i am in a good health no problems at all

47361 nathaniel marcum: when can i donate i want this done soon

47358 sarah: pleaaaase i wnat t seel my kedney or one of my body "s meber for soem money i beeg u please m begging u help help me please jsut answer ill give evrysingle info bout me im healthy ill give it jsut for some money please

47350 jan: how tis all bussines working?????

47343 Liza Andriano: What "s the risk of donating a kidney?

47337 rahul jain: how can i sell my kidney n how much i can get

47336 carlos: i want to seel my didney what that i do??

47332 Sarah: I live in the UK, I am interested in kidney donation. Could you tell me what the fee is, if I donate and how is the procedure carried out. Thank you

47326 mohamed ali: i "d like to sell my kidney for my personal needs. if you are ready, I "m so ready

47306 Ben L: I am a Malaysian staying in Malaysia, how can i sell my kidney.

47303 tom: I have no insurance. Do I have to pay for the process?

47300 George: Como puedo contactar con ustedes? quiero vender mi riñón.

47277 preet: how can i sell my kidney i need money

47275 Wafer: Hello! I like to sell my kidney reason why I have personal problem.I am healthy person.My blood group is ,,A " " positive . What can I do?

47254 Sona Vimal V: I like to sell my Kidney please tell me the details

47250 Duong: Why when I answer questions to sell my kidney with very good health condition, it is still unsatisfactory for me to sell my kidney?

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