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2011, August

47244 ramesh patel: sir i want to sel my kidney due to money

47241 yuri: soy de venezuela y quiero vender un riñon como los contacto

47235 ofene bright: i want to sell my kidney legally am in in die need of money to help my mum and sibling hw do i start

47230 yuri: hai que tenener una dieta balanceada para poder donar un riñon

47223 Dave: I live in the UK can I still sell a kidney?

47216 Lama Atassi: I live in London and i would like to sell my kidney for cash,,,what is the procedure for that please ???

47213 ganga: what are the kidney sale prices

47205 adam: what will happen to our body if we loose kidney is somethongs really bad will happen?

47204 kelvin: tell me how i will get to you people i want to sell my kidney im in need of money to pay all my bills

47201 greg: how can someone overseas sell itso own if he is intrested?

47196 ali: what is the procedure to sellmy kidney

47195 Jesse: What test and were do i need to go

47194 paul smaul: you guys are fucked up suck my dick

47190 Thomas: How much do you get to sell a kidney

47189 susana: donde queda su clinica cualquiera puede ser vendedor del riñon

47187 gary mcculldch: why when i did te test my and do not smoke , no alcohol ,fit and no health problems did the result say my health unsatisfacory,lol

47180 tomas: can i sell my kidney?? How many became I??

47179 *: Why does your test fail me when I have blood and labs tests that prove I am in the best of health????

47178 marc: Why did I. Not pass your test if I am heathy and have blood tests and lab resurts to prove it

47177 marc: I have decided to donate a kidney for a gift. How can I go about it?

47175 Vivek Jadon: Dear Doctor, Kindly provide your contact details so that I can go ahead with the next step. Regards, Vivek

47174 Vivek Jadon: Dear All, I Vivek Jadon Resident of India, blood group A+ wants to sell my kidney for money. Please let me know the procedure for the same.

47166 AJITH: i want to donate my o+ve kidney for money much Indian rupee will i get and what are the conditions...

47165 Shashikant: what is price of human kidney

47163 josh: i need money. will you buy my kidney?

47154 carlos: ofresco un riñon cuanto pagarian por el

47153 carlos: quiero vender un riñon cuanto estan dispuestos a pagar por el

47144 Jack: Hello i want to sell my kidney

47139 Ighodaro sunday: I dont have problem with my health,why will you ask me to take good care of my health?when i dönt have any problem with my health. Please i need your help.

47133 susan: i don "t understand what was wrong with the test to disqualify me.

47123 tony: hom much for my healthy kidney?

47117 karina ardian: cuanto ofrecerian por un riñon sano .mi salud es optima

47106 Njm: I wana sel my kidney how do i do it in zimbabwe

47092 jake: i am interested in selling a kidney can you do this and if u can where can u do it and do u really get money

47085 melanie: how can i sell my kidney?which person is right to contact?

47066 bary: i want to sell my kidney can you buy

47059 surendhar: i want sell my kidney what to do?

47058 surendhar: i want sell my kidney for my education now iam what to do?

47057 Dawn: What is the protocol from A to Z on the kidney? How and when are funds given? What does this cover? The surgery and hospitalization? What are side effects?

47051 shane: who do i call to sell my kidney

47050 william chivers: do not smoke drink or take drugs

47049 william chivers: can i sell a kidney as i am in debt and have no job? do not drink, smoke or take drugs.


47042 muniaj: i am india, need to talk pls co-odinate

47041 muniraj: i am from india, require some information about the kidney sales, can i get the same

47038 Ariyo: i want to sell my kidney, i am in nigeria is it possible ?


47035 me: what does it take to be a candidate?

47028 Lila Rudawski: I thought it was illegal to sell one of your kidneys. Its not?

47023 Tony: where in the world does this take place.

47017 ramprasasd: my blood group is AB and rh is -VE.,to what are all the bllod group types i can donate my kidney

46994 Bahytbek: ya hochu prodat " pochku moemu bratu nujna operaciya ya hochu pomoch

46993 sandra: what do I need to do in order to sell my Kidney. I need a better life for my kids, so I have taken such decision.

46988 osas: were do i sell my kidney in italy

46980 john mathew: how many years I can live with one kidney if I donate one kidney

46972 Sondra: I dont understand why I did not pass the test, im very healthy, I dont smoke or drink, eat healthy, I have no diseases. I am very confused.

46967 Leonardo: I would like to know the process in try to sell a kidney

46958 cesar: que tengo que hacer para vender mi riñon gracias

46955 mayuresh chendke: how do we proceed ., because i live in india

46952 lenny: Can I sell my kidney is it legal?

46945 arun: i need to sell my kidney how much can i get i am a+

46942 Amber: How do I get money for kidney?

46941 jason: hello, i was wondering if it is illegal to sell a kidney in the us how do you do it legally? i dont want to be put in jail for this.

46940 Sherwin TRistan: Hi Im from Philippines, I want to sell my kidney. Can you help me?

46938 maria rosado: I want more information on how I can sell one of my kidneys. I could save a life and I could use the money to pay all my bills. Begore I do something stupid I "m esperate and I don "t know what else to do. Where can I contact your company or office. I send my email address but I have never received no answer from you guys. Tell me what is the next step I need to do to be a donbo.

46935 David: i want to sell my kidney and whatever else i can to help save someone elses life ..besides i need some important things.. what do i do?

46933 Robert: On your test what answers give the acceptable outcome, I have just been trying all different combinations and none are satisfactory

46929 kyle: i am very healthy and you have told me no one will buy my kidney

46923 Jane saucers: How much would it be to sell my kidney and what us involved

46914 cody: Your test says that my health characteristics are unsatisfactory no matter what options are entered ... I think its broken

46908 magdaline adongo: kindly tell me more on selling the kidney on line

46896 Kath: I want to sell my Kidney ASAP. How do I do it?

46894 James: Is there in clinic located in the Metro Detroit area?

46891 what does it need me to sell my kidney

46879 Padma: On selling my kidney A(+)ve, how much money i would earn?

46876 Gatis: Hi, if there is some chance to speak with somebody about kidney transplation? And get some money?

46875 soledad gutires sanches: quiero dorar todods mis organos

46869 maria rosado: Can you live a healthy life with only one kidney. I "m in desperation but if my kidney could save another human being. What is the problems you can encount in selling your own organ part is your body for god sakes. Is no one business what you do with it.

46860 patricia: where can i sell my kidney here at manila, philippines

46848 karan: i want to sale my kidney.. after that can i survive?

46847 Tariel: Zdrastvuyte! Kak mne prodat pochki esli ya naxojus v gruzii i ne moqu poexat v rossiyu?

46846 Lars Christianson: Hello, my friend is sick and I don "t like him. He "s asleep and I "m thinking about taking out his kidney. If I do that, where is the address in which I send his kidney and how long does it take for you to wire the money into my bank account?

46845 nathini: I wanna sell my kidney but what should I do first

46844 Benoit: Bonjour je voudrais savoir ou l "operation se déroule, et pendant combien de temps. Merci

46842 Janetye: How dangerous is it to live with only one kidney

46840 Deborah Moran: Where are you located? Can you tell me more about what you do.

46839 shahid ali: where sale my kidney in india

46837 justin: hi .. i wanna sell my left kidney where i can do this

46833 how much i "ll got i wanna to sale my kidney?

46832 Durga prasad: i wanna to sale my kidney due my personal problem so may i?

46828 john: anyhow i want to sell my kidney.

46827 harji: hi,i live in Kenya,East Africa.i would like to sell my kidney to do we do this?

46825 gustavo melgar: I want to sell my kidney, I would pay as and where the operation would

46819 Ravi kumar: mujhe apni kidny sell karani he rupesh kitne milenge

46818 LUISA Pescha: on the test about surgery I NEVER HAD ANY ONLY THE BIRTH OF MY DAUGHTER

46816 Vladimir: if i sell kidney in old country, how many rubles i get?

46814 Shane: Hay I would like to sell my kidney. need the cash ! Please let me know how to go about this

46812 Tracy Fowler: I live in north carolina where could i go to have the percedure. Do u have offices close by.

46803 paras agrawal: i want to sell my kidney . please advise me which city is good

46800 Jurgen Derksen: what is the telefone number of life line

46798 Jurgen Derksen: I have got blood type A- negative and want to sell my kidney. What i need to do now?

46797 Jurgen Derksen: I have a-negative blood and i want to donate my kidney what can i do

46794 gerardo: hola queria saber como se hace para vender un riñon gracias

46791 robert peters: age limit? recuperation time

46781 aman sachan: howmany price have a kidney .

46774 allen meeks: How do i find out more about selling one my kidney "s?

46772 arwin tinoco: i "m interested to sell my kidney cause i need money

46771 Faisal: I am interested to sell my kidney


46763 Toyese: How will I make it to where the transplantation will take place I mean who will facilitate the transport because I am in Nigeria.

46762 davidmorris: I want to sell a lung how much can I get for it

46750 farhan: i want to sell my kidney. my blood group is B-ve and i am so heathy and i have no desease.

46745 joseph doria: i want to sell my kidney asap?how i contact

46739 how many money does a kidney cost

46738 Julia: deseo vender un riñon por motivos economicos. Interesa saber lo que vale mi riñon sano en euros. Gracias

46737 i: very healthy, i need money for school, i am trying to sell my kidney

46726 Jonathan McCuloloch: how do i go about doing this as i live in the uk?

46710 Jasfir: I want to sell my much price will i get maximum?


46694 silver: please how will i get to were you people just to sell out my kidney becos i need the money in urgent

46692 mark john: how soon can one transact this bussiness.

46680 tunde: please, is this real? cos i hate pranks

46678 w. ahmed: i want to sell my kidney for help the blood group "O+ "


46669 lina: i need your help. I want to sell my kidney to pay my debts, what must i do? and where i can do it?

46668 anastasia: i am sitting here with a cat scan analysis that says my kidneys are very normal. i would like to proceed withthis

46667 clement: am in africa how can i sell my kidney

46662 Alex: do you buy kidney`s from mexico

46661 is it illeagal to sell my kidney

46647 jorge melgare: hallo! wo kann ich meine niere verkaufen und wie kann ich bekkomen?

46642 nathaly: deseo donar mi riñon cuanto ofrecen, gracias

46634 john.b smith: can your really sell your kidney for money

46631 JORGE MELGARE: hallo! meine ist wo kann ich meine niere verkaunfen und wo soll sein für diese OP machen? ich kann spanisch und deutsch..und wohne ich jetz in deutschland..ich werde eine antwort warten..

46624 jorge: hola queria saber cuanto pagan por un riñon y como se haria la operacion

46618 Kevin: How quickly would I get paid?

46611 Richard: i would like to get some information on how i can sell my kidney. can you help me?

46609 Richard: I would like to know if could sell one of my kidneys,or if im even on the correct site for that?

46608 austin: what do i do to get money for kidney?

46602 stephen mcgee: i live in ireland could i sell a kidney

46600 martin: how long is recovery after the opperation

46595 anulfo: quiero saber si esto es sierto

46591 Jack: Hello, Would the expenses to get to yourselves be covered also what is the recovery process

46590 alan: could you live a normal life with one kidney..

46587 S.J.Milne: I live in the uk how do I go about this?

46586 rebecca: how does it work? i sale a kidney, and what is then, when did i get the payment? and with hospital makes the operation?

46580 fuck you: why r u such fucking idiots ?

46573 dima: Im really healthy but test say cant donate sell kidney why?

46572 Donna: Isn "t this illegal in the US?

46561 tagai abebe: i need to sell my kidney b/c i want to get more money

46555 heena: what is the cost of kidneyin indian currency

46553 rene: why do you ask many questions and always the same are afake...

46545 Jose Riera: I am Spanish and currently living in Dominican Republic. And I wanted to know if I decide to sell a kidney much they pay and where the operation is

46537 anulfo: como contactarlos quiero ablar con algien para un acuerdo

46536 anulfo: como los contacto por lo menos un numero de telefono

46532 Komolafe F. Francis: Hello. I am interested in selling my kidney but I have hepatitis.

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