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2011, July

46522 fio: is there a way a central american can sell an organ to you?

46521 vivek: after donating kideny ican enjoy sex?

46519 JD: Are you for real? I thought this was illegal

46518 muhammed: how &where i can sell my kidney please tell me full information about it.thank you

46516 christopher marr: i would like to consider selling one of my kidneys would the cost be to the client or me if it is to the client i would go through the proceedure pending the payment

46514 Adalberto: what i need to do to sell a kidney

46494 Mark: what do i do next?you questionaire revealed i have a quality kidney,do you want it?

46493 Mark: i live in the UK will i still be able to take part in the transplant scheme

46489 Antonio: Hi my friend want to sel kidney how he cen do this

46481 debashis bose: how many days i "m waiting for this

46477 Sharam: Hi, I have a friend in Iran who wants to sell his kidney. Please let me know if you can help us. I can give you details if you want

46468 alfredo: si me sacan un riñon puedo vivir normal

46462 zafer: I must sell my kidney,canyour help me please my blood is O(rh+)

46460 damisha johnson: I was very intrested in selling my kidneys me and my family are in a crisis and we cant pull out

46455 emmanuel amon: can you help me to sell my kidney?

46453 waag: how much it cost a kidny in Dollar

46452 Richard: where can i sell my kidney in Kenya

46450 mike sison: what do you mean about? how often do i dring spirits?

46441 joey: what do I have to do to sale my kidney

46440 troy: i did your test it said im ideal, how do i contact you?

46438 mick: im thinking of selling a kidney how much would i get?

46432 eliezar: how much did I receive money if I sell my kidney?

46426 Olutunde: Pls do i call it liver test or wot? Wen i get to clinic.

46424 cody ballin: isnt it illegaL TO SELL YOUR KIDNEY ]

46417 Jitendar mehta: Kya m apni kidni ki kya price jan skta hu

46415 teri murphy: I want to donate a kidney for reasonable compensation. what do I need to do?

46411 bart bartolome: how much the real kidney on selling kidney

46406 jasmine: my rellative is undergoing heamodylesis. she has water in her lungs . tell me if she can be saved and transplantion is possible

46399 Rick: How can this be done, I past the test that you give.

46398 adis: how sure is it to get money for my kidney?

46395 jonathan: how do i contact you to sell my kidney?

46391 duane: what do i have to do to be accepted to sell my kidney?

46386 martin: am in uganda can you still buy my kidney

46370 Jay Arya: I am from India I have a friend, he wants to sell his kidney, can you please tell me the process from the very beginning to the end. Thanks

46365 omololu ladipo: how do i sell my kidney and who is paying for it

46358 bogdan: cum fac si eu sa vand un rinichii

46356 EXCELLENCE: i would like to sell my kidney,can you test me for that?

46354 Aldi: Im from can i sell my kidney????

46352 emmanuel amon jinja: am in nairobi kenya and i would like to sell my kidney can u guys reach me here or do you have centers here?

46343 Scherip: Zdrastvuite! Ja hochu prodatl pochku ,kak mojno bistro ,mojete vi mne pomochl?

46342 Scherip: ja hochu prodatl pochku,kak mojno skoree

46340 nico: come devo fare per mettermi in contatto con voi?

46339 nico: vorrei vendere un rene come devo fare?

46329 Jay Arya: Hi, I am from India. If I want to sell my kidney how would you pay the money?

46328 david: how do i sell my kidney?i took your test but i dont believe it to be accurate

46326 innocent: doc i just went tru d test and all my answers were corect but i dont kw y i was not taken?

46323 sk: hi, I want to sell my kidney due to some economical problem in my family. how much price i will get?

46318 Gabriel: how much? what will be my do and don "t? what is the percentage that i will live?

46315 Richard Figueroa: i am healthy why cant i sell my kidney

46312 imran: am sale for my kid ney do u have email adders

46310 bill: i am interested in your services what process do i need to go through for more information

46300 Samantha Morris: Passed the test but no contact nos

46299 dina: i would like to sell my kidney,how can i register to your site.

46298 Samantha Morris: No contacxct nos on site t sell a kidney

46295 robert: how do i go about selling one of my kidney "s

46294 mpowersnwo: I would like to sale my kidney but don "t know my blood type and also how much can I get for a kidney

46292 hash: I want to sell my kidney , Are you going to buy it?

46290 imran: please do u have email addres,,am sale my kidney,money problems


46269 anthony mares: what are the requirments to sell your kidney?

46248 Himani: how much I can fetch if I am healthy person and have no serious history of illness

46245 Watthanakorn: I am Thai people, I want to sell my kidney. How I do?

46241 krishna: i want to sell my kidney i want money i in financial troubles i want to help other and at the same time i want to help my self also .so please help to sell my kidney

46232 blanca: se puede vivir estable fisicamentecon un riñon

46231 dean: Can this be done in the us and how much is my kidney worth

46229 what do i have to be to be considered as healthy as your test says im unsatisfactory, although im healthy and sure i tick all the box "s

46228 darren: i would just like to know why im classed as unsatisfactory health wise, as far as i am aware i tick all the box "s of being a healthy person

46227 darren salisbury: i do not understand why my health characteristics are unsatisfactory as i am healthy and as far as i am aware fill all the requirements

46219 andrei: xochu prodat pochku kak eto sdelat

46216 vinay josephreddy: i wani to sell my kidney, where can i do it?

46211 jmd: am nigeria i want to sell my kidney

46205 hansa: I want to sell my kidney? how many US dollars can i get for that?

46198 Michael: Can i donate my kidney and still be strong and healthy as before bcos i do sport.

46197 anushka shah: muje apni kidney sell karni he bahot urgent jarurt he plz call me & help me

46193 gerffeson reis: Hi , i wanna sell my kidney , my blood is O- and im from Brazil , how I can do it ?

46192 shaun thomson: do u pay for travel and stay. plus how do u no if ur kidney is sellable

46189 leonardo vidal: can to sell my truth.. o is a joke

46186 shannon: where do i gho to have this done?

46168 Laja: I would like to donate my kidney for money? How much I can get?

46160 Scott: How soon can the operation take place on average from initial application?

46159 Mickey: Hi, I am interested in selling my Kidney, but I am in India, and i wont be able to travel. I want to sell because I am in a financial crisis

46158 Scott: Can you really live a full and health life with just one kidney?

46147 Pugachev: Why do you say I "m unhealthy when I clicked all the healthiest options? How can I be any healthier? My blood test is perfect.

46146 thom: how can i contact you and do this? regards

46145 Afzal Khan: i will sale my kidney if you guys need one kidney

46142 yasir.latif: how can sell i my kidney online?

46123 isidora berrios: quiero vender mi riñon, como lo hago?

46118 MERIT: Cuanto es en euros el precio de un riñon? ¿Que he de hacer para vender el mio? soy española

46117 Aaron Gregory: Id like to sell mey kidney or evan a liver. how do i go about this?




46102 amany: Why didn "t I have an answer for my question ? I really is in need for money. Can "t you help me save somebody "s life & at the same time save mine

46101 Amany: Can I sell my kidney as soon as possible for my daughter "s life ?

46096 ricardas: Hello. I want to sell my kidney

46094 Annon.: Is it legal to sell a kidney to go visit your boyfriend in Colorado?


46083 lenon: i want a person that i can donate my kidney to for financial support

46082 sergey: rfr chfpe gjkexftim ltymub pf gjxre

46080 Chris: who can qualify if my answers to the test disqualify me? WHO?

46077 salakor abbey: will there be problem after the sell of one kidney, i mean effect

46063 Kuldeep: how to sell my kidney and what is the price i get for that

46061 *: da li je moguća prodaja bubrega? kome se obratiti?

46057 lyly: my kidney is very very bad, however the doctors asked me to change if i could.but i don "t know where to change?

46053 ankur: how much time you spend in your life with one kidney

46048 Solar Noble: How do I meet my prospective kidney buyer.

46047 solar noble: How do I meet my prospective kidney buyer.?

46044 thilanka: i need to sell my kidney i did all the tests in london and everything was clear can u tell me is it possible?

46043 thilanka: i need to sell my kidney and im in englend is it possible?

46032 Nigeria: Can I have your phone number?

46031 amit bhavsar: where i have to go to sale out my kidney

46030 shiva: i want ti sell my kidney, how much do u pay

46029 tara prasad tripathy: want to sell my one side kidney. to whom it has to be addressed?

46028 tara prasad tripathy: i want to sell my one side kidney to meet the urgency of funds to fullfill the dreams of my old father and mother. I know that with their short time of life it is not possible to fulfill their last wishes .please help me .

46017 yohan irosh: i am from sri lanka.can i sell my you accept persons from sri lanka

46015 raquel: cuanto dinero me darian por mi riñon

46011 krishan: How much amount you will provide in india against kidney? and how it will posible?

46008 benson: i would like to sell my kidney to you is it possible?

46007 benson: iwould like to sell my kidney to you is it possible?

45996 nipa: how much money can i get by selling my kidney?

45987 sheldon: I "m not living in the u.s can i still sell my kidney from jamaica?

45983 Karunakar: Sir, I want to sale my kidney please help me.How i do that..

45981 mitesh: can a man live life safe fully by one kidney.

45978 channi: where i sell my kidney for money

45974 I "d like to sell one of my good kidnes: Marie k Linn . . . What will the kidney?

45973 how much money does the kidney cost for in british pounds

45971 Art R: what characteristics disqualify me from selling my kidney

45965 ernest: i don "t understand you test. i am healthy person yet you tell me i can "t sell my kideny

45948 jay rousseau: how do i start the process of selling my kidney ?

45947 jay: what do i need to do to sell a kidney ?

45942 nimrod lawrence: selling a kidney. I have no illnesses, what are risks, and howmuch money?


45934 amirkhan pathan: want sell my kidney my bloodgroup is b -ve

45911 Kiran Kumar Ankarboina: I Want to Sell My One Kidney, Pleases Tell Me, How Can I Processed?

45884 dada: why whatever resim test, the result is the same? cheats


45878 benson: can you buy my kidney or help me find someone who needs a kidney

45869 amber: how much can u get for a kidney

45861 Cool: For how much rupees can I sold my kidney???my blood group is a positive

45851 omar alvarado: como le ago para vender mi riñon necesito dinerp

45849 Kenneth: How does males contacts HIV from female through sex

45845 jay: where is your location, i live in california

45836 kara: how much i can get for my kidney? i "m not smoking, not drinking alcohol, healthy eating and never had any health problems.

45830 G.Karthik: I like to sell my kidney, tell me how to approach.

45827 jisca milanda: i got problem with my stomach

45822 terry: what standards do i need to meet to sell my kidney

45821 jigar: i want to sell my kidney pls help me i need urgent money

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