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2011, June

45804 sunil: How can sale

45797 Tamim: How should I receive the cash?

45792 elena maetinez: whats the age range for selling a kidney

45791 Birendra Kumar: I want to sell my kidney within a week , please help me out

45790 sargon: hi howou r y

45788 sylvia: hello, se puede desde argentina?

45787 sylvia: Hello I am of Argentine, also it is possible to do from here?

45779 i sele my kidey



45771 lanre: How do I sell my kidney.I "ve done a test and I "m interested in selling

45770 frank: is this legal in the us

45769 Bogdan Alexandru Costache: Hi, I want to sell my kidney, because I need the money. Could we meet for talking about it?

45768 declan: whats the risk

45765 Helen: I need to sell my kidney to pay off debts and i will also save a life How do i go about it

45764 Robert vaughn: I "m thinking about selling my kidney,I "m very healthy,Non smoker,No drinking only socially,What do i have to do to get this done and help my financial problems

45756 andrew: i want to sell my kidnet becose need money. where to go , where to get best prises, becose that was hard step for me

45752 killer: do you buy failures of just killed people?

45745 amit: i wanna sell my kidney...can i?

45738 Sherry: Is this for real? I am interested in "donating " a kidney for money, if I could be convinced of the safety.

45735 Emraan: how do i sell my kidney ? what kind of medical test i need to go through ?

45733 j.pandiarajan: i want to sale my kidney what procedure to sale kidney

45720 vasile: i want to donate a kidney, do you are intersesting?

45718 chanchal sharma: I Am Sell my Kidni

45716 tom: how much do u guys usually paid for a good kidney?

45707 kathy: Whhat country would this take place? im in the usa

45696 Dustin Douglas Grabert: Ok, I love to help people but nothing I do for theses people ever is appreceated. I want to do something for some onf that will appreceat, and I do need the cash befor the family Bizz and all our houses are taken buy banks and leanholders. I beg of you to give me a shot to do something to save my family, and pay off my HUFFY bike....LOL plez get back to me. I will do what ever it takes. Hope to here from you wounderful people. Dusty

45694 Avdesh Pandey: Hai i Am Avdesh Pandey I sell for kidney emideditly Pls Contact zMe Hurry

45691 Mehnaz: My health is in perfect condition. My blood gropu is B+. Why can i not sell a kidney?

45682 Caoimhin: I dont know how much my kidney is worth? Any idea

45670 MADHU: I want to sell my kidney so to how sell

45669 abdiahman sulub: how can i contact you

45668 abdirahman sulub: i wanna bay my kidney


45660 jair hernandez: soy de mexico donde puedo realizar la venta de mi riñon y cuanto es el precio en pesos mexicanos ?

45656 Avdesh Pandey: I Sell for Kidney pls Help Me

45654 Anoop: My blood group is o positive n i want to sell my kidney so what is the processor for the same

45651 ephantus: is it possible to sell my kidney. Am a kenyan and really need the cash.

45647 gdg: dfggsdgd

45646 jkhg: jghjg

45645 fdfsf: do i can sell my kidney from macedonia ?? and how price i will get

45644 ade: I want to sell my kidney give me the process to do this

45641 olesya: ya hochu prodat pochku eto vozmojno

45637 shon: How does it work when you are from another country and is there a possibility that i I can die?

45635 Jesus!: Go to hell suckers.. we don "t sell our bodies for Mothefucker russians who want to get some kindeys and sell them with double prices!

45634 eyal: how do i sell?

45631 Qutubuddin: can i sell my kidney because i need money to give all happiness to my family

45629 maresan: can i be a middle man, for u guys in malaysia. there are alot of people with crisis.

45628 maresan: can i be a middle man,in organ traffic in malaysia

45627 ellie: how old do you have to be?

45626 ds t,fynmrj&

45624 weddi antony: hey i need to sell my kidney can i get a buyer and how long can i take to recover after transplantation

45620 sindhusha: i want to sell my kidney may i know the cost of the kidney

45619 Marc: I want to sell my kidney, how does this work?

45614 yusef: esli ia segodnia reshil pradat pochku,kak dolgo budit dlitsia proses?(orintirovochno)

45607 jesus of nasareth: Hi since the crisis have felt a little CROSS with myself and need to get some money for me to get back on my feet! is it possible to sell someone elses kidney without their consent as i have grown quite attached to mine :P

45603 howcan i sell my kidney

45597 mehra: I want to sell my kidney, how can I do that?

45595 sonal: i want to sell my kidney can anyone help?

45592 manimegalai: i want sell my kidney how

45583 Edward: what is the financial value of my kidney? It will help to fund my cancer research project?

45576 chithra: I need kidney for my brother

45575 Advin: I want to sell my Kidney. How can i proceed this matter?

45574 Davi: I love you guys

45572 artur: smojete mne pomoch pradat pochku

45570 pradeep: i want to seel mi kidney because i m in some finance problem

45568 Edwin: Were can i get tested



45564 TJ: what health characteristics are u looking for i am healthy dont smoke drink or have any diseases and dont take any medicine what else do i need to qualify

45558 Joshua Daruvalla: If you have used illegal drugs in the past can you still donate?

45551 jairo: necesito vender uno de mis riñones pueden ayudarme

45539 cvgfui,l

45534 lara: cuantos dolares por un riñon a la venta

45531 How to do this as soon as possible

45530 xfhfd: fghbfdghbfh

45529 srinath: where is the selling my kidney?

45523 rishi jha: i want to sell ny kidney can i?

45520 claude: whats dring spirits

45519 jonas: i whant to sell my kidney

45517 Ant: as I can sell my kidney ---- como puedo vender mi riñon

45516 simon: will it hurt


45510 Dheeraj Goyal: How I can sale my kidney ? How I will get payment.

45497 waseem: i live in pakistan how i can sell my kidny ?

45496 marvellous faith: hom con this be possible?im a nigerian and i live in nigeria.we are poor family.

45487 sagar: i want to sell my kidney where i sell ?

45477 jimmy: i want to sell my kiddney

45474 sam: hi, iwant to sell my kidney, kindly can you tell me that how I can do this, and how much , I can get for my kidney..thanx

45467 sam: hi, how i can sell my kidney, and how much I can get for it..plz let me know..!!

45464 Vinz: I need to sell my kidney how acan I?

45463 wwww: wwwww

45454 Bobby: im young, healthy and do not smoke or drink, but your test says it is unsatisfactory. I dont get it.

45453 Oscar: Im interesting in sell my kidneys im in good fisical condition, no smoke, no drink, no drugs, but im from Colombia, what can I do?

45429 Ramesh: I need money because I am in problems so I want sell my kidney.

45414 mgm: quiero vender un riñon que debo hacer

45400 josh mcmahon: Am i able to sell one of my kidneys?

45398 okki: i want to sell my kidney i urgent money please help me

45397 okki: i want to seel my kidney

45385 gisela: how much is the price?

45384 gisela: cuanto seria el precio por la venta de un riñon, adiconal cubren gastos de examenes.

45383 David Cunningham: How long does it take to recover from selling one of your kidney?

45381 fernando: con un solo riñon se puede vivir una vida plena

45374 vincent: i want to sell my kidney how do i do it?

45372 andre: i live in Indonesia, how could i sell my kidney?

45366 Kishore kumar: i want to sell my kidney.can u please tel me the procedure for that.

45365 bob: hi go fuck yourself. k thnx. bye.

45364 adam: i would like to sell my kidney. how to this?

45362 KidneyCurious: How much can i get for both kidneys? I dont like them very much. Take them.

45355 tamicka: how do you seal your kidney if you are all the way in the Caribbean.

45354 EZEL: HOw much to will i get if i would want to sell one.

45352 sdfg: sfhsdhvsdfg df sdfg sfg s w sdfg d sd sdfg sdfg sdf sdf sfg sdfg sdgs dfgdfgs dfg sdg sdfg sdfg sdfg sdfg sdfgsdg sdf sgf sdfg s gsf

45335 chris: what condition does your kindy have to be inorder to sell it?

45333 авп: sfg

45331 isabel rodriguez salgado: necesito vender urgente mente uno de mis riñones por razones economicas

45330 isabel rodriguez salgado: necesito urgente vender uno de mis riñones por motivos economicos

45320 mukesh: how to sale my kidney

45309 Why it is needed to joke on a serious things like this? If someone want to sell his/her kidney its up to them and if someone buy then good if not so much better, right?

45302 hjkl: fghj

45300 tisha: me apni kidney sale karna chahti hu mujhe rs. ki jarurat he

45299 ghani: how much price if i sale my own one kidney

45295 warren berwick: What is the success rate ?

45290 Irene wairimu: What if i die in the process

45289 Attina: Where will the operation take place?

45284 philip: hello?

45283 robert: am in Kenya Africa.when i sell my kidney how will i get the money and how will the operation go on?will i pay for the operation or will it be catered for?

45281 michael: is it legal for me to travel from the uk to come to you and donate my kidney and where are you based

45276 stewart: am in nigeria ,can i sell my kidney

45271 prabhakar: I want to sell my o+vekidny

45266 michael: i live in the uk and wanted to know if i travel to you would i be able to donate a organ or would i be breaking the law

45265 j s pandit: I want to sell my kidney. How can I?

45248 tani: i want to sell my kidney,,how?could you help me

45246 eric: i want to sell a kidney,,how?

45245 max: hello, I am Brazilian, and I wonder if there would be able to sell my kidney in the United States.

45239 sandy: i need to sell my kidney, possible, how?

45225 Shicagolyn Scroggins: How long does it take to recuperate from having akidney removed?

45224 aimee: i am thinking of selling my organ but how much will i get for it? its a major op and it has to be worth it

45222 john: whats the process to begin to sell a kidney

45220 Mr Vincent Leaf: I took the test, i am healthy, but the test said i am not. whatever! (poor test error), faulty test. when can i get on the list, what do i do next?

45216 James: What would prevent me from donating a kidney?

45215 musa: prodam srochno pocku ya ne sovershenniy letniy?

45209 kannan: can i sell my kidney due to my financial problem

45206 bud: am in kenya.East Africa,how do i sell my kidney?

45200 David Lee: What is contact phone number? DL

45182 taurus: can i get a contact number?

45181 taurus: i want to sell my kidney sir...

45179 Eddie: How do I go about doing this?

45177 Eddie: How to go about selling my kidney?

45174 Duminda: I would like to sell one of may kidney... i wanna know how to do it...

45173 denniss: were are the surgerys performed

45172 dennis: are you needing kidneys now?

45171 dennis: how long does it take?

45168 mar: Quiero vender un rinon

45164 ganduji: I want to sell my kidney in USA How much $ i can expect? is it legal selling kidny in USA?

45162 Ganduji: I want to sell my Kidney How much is the cost of one kidney forsale?

45161 april: what is a dring spirit

45156 bob: asghju

45154 krishna: i want to donate my kidney for money what i want to do

45153 rajul: where i can sell my kidney

45149 hosam: i want seil my kedny

45144 arun: i want to sell my kidney. kindly help me

45143 Abby: What are the requirements to sell a kidney?

45142 Raghuram: Hello, My self Raghuram from India ,Delhi. I want to sell my one kidney so please let me know the procedure?

45141 durlov: can you informed the money in indain currency

45139 neeraj: i want to sell my kidney. . So hw cn i get in touch wid u and how much money i will get for my kidney.

45134 Edgar: Buenas noches

45133 Edgar: Deseo vender mi riñon... que informacion ,e puede brindar.

45132 Stefan: What are the conditions to sell a kidney?

45131 samuel: if somebody sell one of his kidney,what are the implications

45129 jody: hi i was worndering if its real bad to have one kindney? and if its better to sell a kindney at a certain age?

45127 Jules Cabanero: How can i sell my kidney? Im from Phillipines


45109 Kiasha: Can i really sell my kidney? How soon?

45103 CHan: Is it only possible to have a surgery in US?

45086 gh.SA: I want to sell me kidney B+ what can I do?

45084 lek: where can i sell my poor kidney ?

45081 Joe: how much will I be paid

45080 mark: how can be a member of this?? i need money so i sell my kidney

45079 mark: how to be a member of this site?? im selling my kidney

45064 bob: are ye joking? How much can I get in cash (euros) for my kidney?

45054 i waant to sell my kidney and i have good health and alway exercise

45053 dylan: can i sell you my kidney? i have no real reason for it, but i really want the money to fund my drug problem

45043 Nishant Sharma: Can I Sell My Kidney Now ?

45040 samuel: I am in Cameroon i want to sell my kidney how can i do that

45038 gorbla: Minofssd

45036 sdsdf: asfasdf

45027 ds: dsfd

45020 aaaaa: aaaaa

45019 ashley kirkland: whats the number?

45013 STEVE: How quick can we set this up??

45005 Agim: Where r u located?

45002 will: Are U real

44999 Will Johnson: is THIS Web-site FOR REAL! as I m currently thinking of selling a Kidney? I "m in terrible financial trouble! Thanks W

44989 gio: Are u guys in the usa???

44981 maeve: how would i sell a kidney? i live in ireland

44963 where are you?

44961 Joni: Is it legal? Age restrictions?

44949 shaxina: a shto esli u menya pilonefrit?

44945 test: testtest

44935 christy: where are you located because in the usa it is illegal to sell my kidney

44919 w: wer

44914 mirza: pls tell me ur contect no iwant to sale my kidney im in lahore

44901 nathan: sir my brother have one only kidney another one is remover last year please give tips in safe one kidney

44899 essam: how much for kidneys

44893 salman abrar: how can i contact you?kindy mail me your number..

44887 resfesf: fsssssssssssss

44882 harpreet: i want to sell the kideny.

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