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2011, May

44877 k.n.mishra: what is the process for sale of kidney by a person.

44859 Craig Castle: Can I sell a Kidney? if so how much for?

44852 Dave: i would like to sell my kidney, please advise


44845 Tsering Ghale: hi want sell my kiddney for my further study ....and i dont have much money for gain can u help for selling my kidney



44833 jason: is it even legal to sell a kidney?

44832 juris: I am willing to donate his kidney.If necessary I am ready to go immediately to the patient On a fee would get a gift that will help to improve my life. O+

44828 Artur: kamu i kuda obratitco ? Xachu pradat pochku!

44825 Kimberly: I need more info re: selling a kidney

44818 lulu: where do you perform the kidney removal surgery

44809 Raaj: I want to sale my kidney B+ healthy in nepal because I need some money so what can i do ?

44803 jhon: hi Dr, i need to sale my kidny for urgant need,s i can do this truly ?

44801 chris doubles: how does this work. i am in financial distress and interested in a legal way to do this

44780 tafsheen: what is the prise of a kidney

44767 mohan: can i play any sports after giving a kidney and can i have kids after this

44763 Hi Dr. Hvachitaryan, just wanna know if you "ve donated yours, "cos i can see you "re an advocate of kidney sales. If you "ve not sold yours, then why "re you advocating it?

44736 Hendrawan: How can I donate my kidney for a certain of money (just a few money)?

44734 Okki Nugraha: i want to selling my kidneys..because i need money for pay my debt..i live in i get to sell

44733 Gena: Is this for real? I thought it was illegal to sell your kidney?

44732 Gena: Is this for real? I thought it was illegal to sell kidneys?

44723 adiraj: kya me apni kidni sell kar sakta hu

44718 Reynold Agcaoili: i am Reynold Agcaoili, I did not drink alcohol and cigarettes., so please tell me that I was healthy and no vices., and I would like to sell my kidney., because I "d just respond to our problems. please help me how to sell my kidney?.,

44717 Reynold Agcaoili: ako po si reynold agcaoili, hindi ako nag sigarilyo at umiinom ng alak., kaya ko po masasabi na ako ay malusog at walang bisyo., at gusto ko po sanang ipagbili ang aking kidney., dahil gusto ko lamang na makatugon sa aming problema. Please how can I sell it...?

44707 mick: i live in Australia can i sell a kidney ?

44691 W. van den Boom: what is the maximum age to be?

44689 ARaj: How can I sell my kidney? How much amount will I get on selling my kidney?

44683 Dan: can i sale mine but the money is too small

44678 rahul: i want to sell a kidney where can i sell it in mumbai

44665 sahil shaha: how can i sale my kidney ,i reside in pune,india

44661 John: Do you accept kidneys from Nigeria

44660 Fernando: What do I have to do to sell one of mi kidneys

44659 jade fitzgerald: I live in ireland can I still sell my kidney

44658 jade fitzgerald: I live in ireland can I still sell my kidney?

44650 davie muir: how do u go about selling a kidney and how much is it worh i am from scotland is that a problem

44641 samaneh nataj: How can I sell my kidney? and how much can I sell it for?

44637 Dylon: i need to sell my kidney how can we make this happen

44622 Truong: I want to sell my kidney, how can i do it?

44603 addisu minale: pls help me I need money so i sale my Kidney so how to sale my kidney?

44600 santosh patil: how many years i can leave without one kidney

44591 black humor i knew you were a nigger

44590 yer mom: go fuck yerself im broke and my family is starving and you make a fake web site you worthless piece of shit i think your worse than a child molester you fuckin nigger

44575 shad jorgensen: i would like to sell an kidney?

44573 shad jorgensen: can i sell a kidney to help anybody?

44570 rambabu k: i want money i will give my kidney

44557 kapil tiwari: i want to sell my kidney ? how can i do this

44556 donor: i would like to become a kidney donor for a reasonable compensation

44552 XACAH: privet, kuplu srochno pochki , Krov B/rh(+), mojete naiti ?

44551 Charles: I need to sell my kidney as soon as possible. I "m a healthy person with no diseases at all and no serious health history whatsoever. I don "t smoke and I don "t drink as well.

44548 Somnath: I would like to sell my Kidny, what is the price of it or how much you can give me for it?


44537 Jacob goodier: will u suffer and conditions after

44509 demir: hello i wanna sell my kidney but need to know first how much money i will get..I live in bulgaria but i am turkish citizen

44486 Ashika: I don "t have any health problems then how come this test is saying that my health characteristics are unsatisfactory. I "m perfectly fit, and I want to sell my kidney

44468 juan carlos: necesito dinero y me gustaria vender un riñon

44466 santosh: where to sell kidney,what price i will get

44463 Michael: im interested in selling my kidney, how do i go about it?

44457 robby: where do i have the opperation

44443 Ravindaran: How do I sell my kidney and where do I have to go for a operation.

44442 Jin Lee: How could I pass the test to sell my kidney?

44439 juan carlos: Como hago para conocer detalles del trasplante y el precio ya que me encuentro en Colombia -

44437 andres: heloo soryy im speack only spanis i need spech spanis im sell hidney

44436 John: I am very interested in donating a kidney for cash - can you help me?

44435 Perez Jorge: Como hago para vender mi riñon y cuanto pagan

44434 felista: i have a friend interested in the selling of her kidney

44429 tina: where in pune can we sell kidney?

44427 Sanjay: Do you have facility to donate the kidney? My brother-in-law has to go under kidney transplantation and we need Kidney. PLease advice or suggest! Thanks

44425 latha: how much you will pay in indian rupess for a kidney

44423 Sandra: Hi can I sell my kidney? I am O+

44420 jason: how is this done in united states?

44418 James H: Is this for real? where do I have to go?

44417 izwan: hi,i "m from malaysia,how i want to sell my kidney

44414 izwan: i "m from malaysia,can i sell my kidney?

44411 sheeraz: i want to sale my kidney how can i and how much money can i get?

44401 Jeff: Where would this proceedure take place?

44400 Brooklyn: Where would the surgery take place

44399 Josep Bianco: Will a Russian Kidney give me any superpowers?

44395 felista: have a friend who wants to sell her kidney

44393 felista: kindly can i sell my kidney to you

44387 devi: plz sell my kidney .i have money problems

44386 jay zimmer: due you know anyone interested in a kidney from a health HIV pos person

44385 Amanda: Is it safe? Whats the process?

44379 robert moon: can i sell my kidney for money

44378 arno: how much would i get for a kidney

44372 gary Shine: isnt selling a kidney illegal

44365 felistaa: hi how long can one live with one kidney

44359 David: Who do I contact to become a donar?

44358 marshall: what do i do i answered the questions now what?

44355 Daksh: M from India .. I want to sell my kidney fr money... I really need it... Plzzzz help

44352 Randal: Whom do I need to contact in order to sell my kidney?

44351 javed: want to sell kidney in at sfae place

44347 Jill: Does it hurt when the kidney is removed?

44344 Mamun: Can sell kidney in a safe atmosphere?

44341 jennifer: Where is this procedure done?

44314 patrick: how long can it take to get the money ?

44310 Maria: Where can I do this, OMG, it "s like, so uber cool and, like, I want to do it but, like, don "t know where, like, please, help!

44304 Is it illegal to sell ur kidney

44300 mj: how much could you get for selling your kidney and is it really legal to sell?

44290 mark: where would the operation be carried out

44289 susie: I need a hip replacement-healthy kidneys-no insurance and wan to trade

44285 dr: i want to sell my kidney what must i do

44282 Edith Gonzalez: Como puedo contactarlos, quiero vender un riñon

44272 jenny: I am wondering if I decided to do this where I would go. Would it be in the United States?


44255 samreen: i want to sell my kidney i live in pakistan what should i do next

44242 robert: i want to sell my kidney...hows this work?

44230 david: kuda mne obratitsya chtob prodat pochku organ

44228 david: kuda obratitsya gde mojno prodat organ pochku?

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