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2011, April

44221 ashraf: hi.. i want to sell my kidny for sommbody who need it.. plz e how i can do this?

44220 Bill: How much can I sell my kidney for

44213 Shaan: I want to sell my kidney due some financial problem how much money i will get after the donating a kidney

44205 rich nibs: how much for a scrot

44204 nizar: can i sale my kidney for cash

44203 shawn: i am in excalent physical condition yet the test said i am in poor health. whats the deal?

44200 Jamie Shuler: I am in major financial trouble and I would like to explore the option of selling a kidney.

44199 Jamie Shuler: I am in desperate financial trouble and I am willing to sell a kidney if possible.

44190 cuantos miles de euros estais dispuestos a pagar por un riñon sano? en españa.

44183 jason: how can i reach somebody to gv kidney

44180 liviu.s: i want to sell my kidney , can you help me ? i need money to pay some debts

44179 bob: i want to sell my kidney.Im in kenya.How do i go about it?

44178 Justin: Hi, I tool the test and do not see anywhere to proceed.

44177 Justin: If I were interested in this procedure, would I have to leave the united states to have it done? Are the travel expenses covered as well?

44174 antonio: donde esta la clinica

44172 Sudhir: Can i live a normal life in aonly one kidney

44171 chia wei sam: i need sell kidney tosettle my debt

44170 thomas: i pass the test how do i donate a kidney

44168 Blake Wagner: What does it take

44166 will i die... need the money

44165 emil: I have answered all questions correctly (have a perfect health) but I ´m denied... why?

44163 Colin: Does it matter if im in the United States?

44159 Paul: Do you wank pigs

44156 Luc FRANCOIS: Parlez-vous francais?

44150 Jesse: I "m a teen looking to sell my kidney to get out of a financial crisis, I have no medical problems, and know this isn "t quite legal where I am. How would I go about selling it?

44143 travis: how can i sell one of my kidneys?

44142 Robert: I live in Hawaii. It "s illegal to sell a kidney here. I "m strapped for bills and school money. Give me info and I will do it.

44141 Brandon richart: I would like to help my self and someone in need and sell my kindey who do i call

44139 Jared: is it legal to sell my kidney to you?

44136 pravin: i want to sell my kidney, i am healthy, no any disease, blood group AB+

44133 mayur: were i sell my kidney

44132 cheryl: why was my kidney not good enough?

44131 cheryl: please help in inquiring to sell a kidney.i am a healthy ,very educated person.

44122 john: ho can i get a client willing to buy my kidney?

44116 ksmkdsfmkcsm km: lfkm nlfskmlkc mlkmfsdakm

44115 robert r. goins sr.: i would like to sell a kidney how do i go about doing it

44114 David McLeod: Hi I "m in England and wondering . I want to sell my kidney can you do it here and how well I get payed

44106 Paul: How can a person go about getting aproved to sell a kidney

44097 Albert Filipov: Zdravstvuite! Ja bolel hepatitiom b, no hotel bi prodatj pochku. Eto vozmozhno s mojej boleznju ili teperj uzhe net?

44096 aS: sAasda


44091 pravin todkar: i want sell my kidany

44089 Khurshid: Ya sovershenna zdoroviy chelovek. no vashe tastirovanie mne pokazivaet shto ya ne smogu stat donorom. Kak mojna svami ctretitsya?

44080 Kate: What do we do with extra kidneys then? I am want to beat my friend who has five kidneys I am want to buy lots of kidneys.

44070 mollie: Where is this done?

44067 Jon: Im interested in selling my kidney, what is the process?

44066 rakesh: my one kidney sell

44060 Hari Chand: I wold like to sell my midney

44058 Shehzad Ghauri: Is it legal to sell a kidney?In which country the transplant will be done ? When will I get paid and How?

44056 jhony: if you sell your kidney u will go to jail

44055 James: When can i sell my kidney?

44054 Ron: how much does it cost me

44052 timmy eike: is it iilegal to sell a kidney in the united states

44049 Eugene: I "ve had kidney stones. Am I still able to sell my kidney

44047 michael: what makes me unfit

44045 jesse: can i still drink with only one kidney?

44042 Nick White: okay i just cut out my kidney should i mail or what

44039 John Carlsson: I have, from your test to judge, a fine kidney. I am willing to sell it. But how do I find a buyer? How does it work?

44034 ade rabig: berapa harga jual ginjal? saya mau jual

44032 sdfsd: fd sdfsd dsfds sdff

44024 binoy thomas: how munch you will pay

44020 Abel: where are you located? I live in queens county. New york. Im in the city of woodside i want to talk to someone in person...

44009 Ross Johnson: I "m thinking about selling a kidney

44004 thomas: can i sell a kidney on here ?

44003 neel: i want to donate my kidney in india, how will imake it

44002 dale: will you buy my kidney?

44001 Guy: This isnt a sting is it???

43993 Khan: Fuck u ass hol;e

43991 rolle b: hi i like to sell my kidney

43984 channi: why cannt sell my kidney

43976 fvgb: dfgh

43969 esteffano: that the ideal age to donate kidney

43958 jagdish: i have to sell my kidny what wid i do for it?

43955 ayu: saya ingin menjual ginjal,bagaimana cara nya??

43954 shawn neff: i am a fit non drinker with no healrh problems whatsoever and why would i not qualify?

43953 shawn neff: interested in selling a kidney

43948 this: is fake

43931 farhan: i want to sell my kidney in india


43924 suraj naik: how much will i get if i am selling my kidney

43920 Marc: what steps must you take to do this

43912 anwarul: how i sell

43905 John McKinley: Why am I not eligible to sell my kidney? i completed the questionaire and have no issues dont smoke drink no drugs no disease. So whats the problem?

43897 brandy: how can i sell a kidney when i live in the us

43885 jimmy: how can i sell my kidney on line?

43882 Bill: I "m interested in selling what do i need to do to get started

43876 shailendra singh: what is the procedure to buy kidney?

43873 big kidneys: how much you wiiling to pay from the uk


43867 dssd

43865 sambasivareddy: my kidney is selling i am many problems

43861 alex: cuanto cuesta un riñon

43852 loknath: i need to contact u for sell kidney. can i ?

43847 jiya: how much money can i get after selling my kidney???

43835 bill: Healthy white male inquiring about selling it legal? How long will it take to get paid?

43823 Raymond: How can i sure that i got the money while im in the Operation????

43822 Kurt: How much will you pay?

43818 v x: vxx

43814 Biruta: Ja bi xotela statj donorom ,chto dlja etogo nuzhno?

43809 roy smith: where are you based

43808 Jason: How can I be sure i wont have both kidneys taken and be killed

43806 anonim: I want to sell a kidney how do i do it?

43802 kristen: are the travel & medical expenses paid?

43801 kristen: are the medical costs & travel expenses paid?

43785 norman: i have an extra kidney i am in good health and want to sell it

43781 n: hello do you have any services at malaysia

43775 luis nater: i live in venezuela. what do i have to do to sell my kidney?

43774 eddie: do you buy kidney

43773 sri: aku mau jual ginjal.skrg aku ada disemarang.aku harus jual kemana??

43768 asd: do u have branches abroad?

43766 steve: Is this fake . I answered every question the best answer which is the true answer for me and it says I am too poor health to sell kidney . I am in perfect health .

43763 soso: can i sell one of my kidneys?

43757 Alan: I took the test and it said I was unhealthy but did not give reasons why. I thought with all my answers I would be very healthy.

43755 glenn: how to sell my kidney?


43744 i kak je?

43741 Vikram: I am from Maldives. Can I sell my kidney?

43738 Ish: Where you can preform operation(Country list)

43737 damien towson: i would like to sell my kidney how do i proceed

43736 Anonymous: Can Matt sell his kidney for cold cash?

43734 how can i receve money: how can i receve money

43729 robin: i filled a form but you unsatisfy. what the reason to this disition. am i unble to sell my kidney


43714 cheryl moore: Can i sell my kidney. i am in uk

43708 Karma: I thought it was illegal to sell a kidney

43706 daniel: can i sell one kidney?

43693 ravi: who the bloody fuck will help me

43684 gary: hi, i would like to donate my kidney due to financial crisis. will you please help me out?

43678 vishnu thakur: Is it to possible sell kidney to another person. i need money because i am poor man. i have no option except sell my kidney.

43673 Morgan: get rid of this site, its not fair to trick poor peoplle like this.

43660 lolwut?

43659 robert ealy: is it legal to sell a kidney?

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Domain for sold, aganeiro(at)google mail