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2011, March

43629 chris: is this site really a joke?? i was really serious!! contact me soon please so i can goto Bed Thank YOU

43628 Chris Montoya: how do i contact you for the deal?

43620 Nikita Jain: I "d like to sell one of my kidneys. Where can I register? A quick reply would be appreciated. Thank you.

43613 vishnu: i selll my healthy kidney kindly give me detail of address in delhi

43597 raj: how can i sale my kidnney on best price

43587 eric: Want to sell a kidney how much will I get

43566 Alexandre: comoposso for my kidneys to donate

43564 Alexandre: preciso vender meu rin urgente, tem como me ajudar?

43562 khaja moinuddin: how much wil be the indian money

43557 arut: xachu pradat pochku i srochna kak mojna eto ustroit?

43549 alireza: i live in iran how can sell my kidney?

43547 jacqueline: Do you guys do blood work and other test or is it just base on the questions on the website

43546 daniel: Where and when can this be donr

43543 Chris: I am young healthy and never had any major med problems dont smoke dont drink and eat great food how do i not qualify


43531 jagdish: what is the price of a kidney

43520 johnny: i am residing in the democratic republic of congo, how could i sell my kidney?

43511 ovca: vas BOG ne prostit,vi budete goretj v ADU,..U....

43493 Ray: is it possible to sell a kidney for cash?

43474 Emmanuel: hello, Do you buy Kidney from people

43473 Dan: I want to sell my kidney, how much will you offer me?

43471 Summer: is selling your kidney illegal?

43457 mariana martinez: deseo vender un riñon necesito dinero urgente

43451 ken: can i legally get paid for my kidney

43449 Eric: I took a test but It said I wasn "t healthy enough, but I seem really healthy. I believe it "s possible the check boxes are coded wrongly.

43435 Baglan: kak u vas za registrirovatsya?

43430 sam: what can I do to sell my kidney?

43424 william: how do i get the ball rolling?

43399 Pam: I answered your questions on get a test. I live a very healthly life-style. I was told my health is unsatisfactory.

43398 Pan: Do people really sell there one of there kidneys? How do these donors get paid?

43397 Anna: i want to sell my kidney...wats the procedure

43396 Anna: i want to sell my kidney for money whats the procedure

43386 pawan kumar: how can i sell my single kidney

43383 karla Elliott: i dont have health issues,yet the response to my query to sell kidney says when you get better ,we "ll be able to help you,please explain as i am confused,many thanks

43364 secy: i want to sell my vagina. Can i ? How much " sex "

43354 johannes: re your online test..... does not matter what combination you choose everytime it comes out unsatisfactory..... why? is this just some screwed up way to mess with people

43339 sukumar: i want sell my kiddney as soon as posible

43335 Muhammad Assad Aslam: I want to donate kidney. I am in Cambridge, UK. How and where I can do so?

43334 nina: I want to sell my kidney how do I go about doing something like that

43309 Karine: I "m willing to sell a kidney

43304 Nozipho: I "m in S.A. will I be able to sell my kidney in the U.S. And what are the risks involved?

43284 Angela Corley: is selling a organ of your own legit, and how does one go about doing so?

43247 Pierre: Hi, I "m in South Africa how will I be able to sell you my kidney?

43238 timothy degulls: I am in financial need, I am deep in student loans and need a way out. I found this and would like to sell what I can, please will you help with a response of possibilities

43233 do you deal with donors from the uk?

43224 shah bishal bikram: how can i sell my kidney at hong kong?

43221 Henry: Hi I live in the Uk is it possible to still sell my kidney?

43219 therie: pls how can i sell my kidney?

43218 Angell: i am from Brunei Darussalam. A country on the borneo is it possible for me to sell one of my kidneys?

43206 enrico: can i sell my kidney? i live in the netherlands.

43205 enrico: I "m from the netherlands and want to sell my kidney. how do it works?

43204 enrico: I want to sell my kidney is this posebul. i live in the netherlands

43201 ado: how and where can i sell my kidney

43198 Bob Saget: I drink a galon of vodka a day, Can I still donate?

43194 robert lang: i want to sell my kidney too save a life.

43193 elamante: hochu prodat pochku gde mozhno ?

43191 prem chandra: i sell own one kiddney due to some financial problem please tell me how this possible

43188 Dustin Scott: I wanna help donations. I also need money is that wrong.

43166 rhome: how much you will buy my kidney?

43149 Sadarudeen mi: i would like to sell my kidney.. how can i do it.. i am AB+, good health... please tell me how can i do it?.. Thanks, Sadarudeen

43147 cecilia: Can i sell a kidney and how do i start this process

43144 jenifer prieto: cuanto me pagarian por vender mi organo?

43142 Elizabeth: I am looking to sellmy kidney and am healthy, but i need more info about it

43140 Kristina: Can i get someone to sell my kidney to immediately?

43136 Michael dodson: I would like to sell a kidney and i am an ideal candidate, i hove no health insurance and i could use the money to pay for school.. how do i contact you

43134 abc: how much is a kidney worth in money???

43132 Frankline: I want to sell one of my kidney, is it possible and how much can it go for?

43118 Jodie: Is this for real? If so, I want to know more...

43117 Harold Edge: I think I am healthy enough to sell a kidney. Why wouldnt I be?

43110 savannah: will i die if i give my kidney

43107 aktar: i want to sell my kidny can u help

43101 obaidullah: mene nozhen vashe kontakne tliphon.

43090 *: took the test. I have a good kidney. Do you want it or not? How much?

43087 val: how much are you going to buy my kidney

43081 nitish: how long could one live with single kidney

43074 md imran: now a days whats price of kidney

43073 pina cumbers: how young do you have to be to selo your kidney

43072 roni: why won "t they buy my kidney

43071 Jeremy: What makes someone a good candidate to sell a kidney?

43068 mike: i am thinking of selling my kidney. i am healthy and no medical issues. where do i start?

43062 divya: i want to sell my kidney. pls tell me hw can i do this?

43059 sarah: How do you feel about making a rubbish website that is clearly fake and rubbish?

43054 Mario Gambino: I "m interested. I need the cash, and I have a healthy, if overweight, body. ?.

43048 Dipika Manna: how I can sale my a kidney & where

43038 Prasoon Sharma: How did I got money for my kidney ?

43031 peter: what do you mean by insomnia MEDICINES

43030 peter: what is your present selling price?

43017 Ranjeet: what is the cost of a kidney?

43004 srinivasareddy: where can i sell my kideny, in hyderabad

43000 Anna: I want to sell my kidney need money how much can i sell for?

42999 jack clark: how can i help some one buy selling them a kidney

42998 Ricardo: I would like to sell one of my kidneys. Is it possible?

42997 Joe Caswell: Where can I go to find out for sure if my kidney is ideal?

42979 Anna: if i need to sell my kidney wats the procedure and for how much can i sell off

42966 krishna: can i sell my kidney to survive my family

42960 rishi: can i sell my kidney if i howmuch i will get plz tell

42955 emily: why is my health unsatisfactory , i have already had my kidney check its healthy

42952 gregg wedell: How do i know this is for real. I neeed the money and am willing to sell my kidney ASAP How do we get started>

42948 is this for real?: im perfectly healthy and u say im not y is that?

42942 puneet: i want to sale my kidny. but prse i can get

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