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2011, February

42936 kingsley: how do i go about selling my kidney?

42925 colin: how can i sell my kidney online

42913 yougal: hw much will it take for me to get my money , after giving my one kidney? urgent!!!


42906 evan: what do i need to do to qualify to sell a kidney

42884 Showkat: Please guide in selling my kidneya

42874 jason karamo: How healthy can a person be with only one kidney?


42859 Thomas Cartwright: I am healthy, although diabetic, i heal quite well and am type A+, what would a kidney sell for and where would i need to travel to for the surgery?

42848 ajit kumar sahu: can i get loan against my kidney?

42828 james: how can i sell this fucking kidney ... i want money, bitches

42819 Kristy: am interested in selling my kidney but i dont know how to go about it.

42814 mike c: how many test before my kidney knows it was good..

42807 Peter: I am totally healthy,why writes it the test that no?

42792 Toto: Why does your test say that my health characteristics are unsatisfactory yet the medical examination here says that I am perfectly healthy?

42786 Mike Plow: How much is it for a gall bladder?

42779 simon: i live in canada can i get it don?

42763 Anna: come posso fare per offrire un rene

42760 Andy Parkinson: I have just completed the questionaire, only to find that I am not satisfactory, why is this?

42755 shery: i wana sell my kidny but i dont no ho w colud i do can you tell me pls

42754 Alex: I am trying to get of hold of you but no luck

42739 naiem: i want to sell my kidney. how i can do this?

42729 mariana: vendo mi riñon trngo un hijo debo mantenerlo y tengo muchas deudas que pagar

42700 Govind Bhat: How Much i Will get money when i sell my one kidny

42697 vinil: i want to sell my kidney plz help me

42696 raju: how can i sell my kidney i need money urgent

42674 ssooraj: i want sell my kidney ,my blood group is b+

42668 Alisher: mojno li jit s odnoy pochkoy?

42666 kolia: a komu ia magu pradati pociku

42663 Kris: How long is the process of selling a kidney, and do you receive payments, or is it a lump sum?

42654 adriana: i am ok no medical problems why wont they buy my kidney

42653 honey: want to sell kedney . Can i ?

42650 mac: is it possible to sell ma kidney out there? n if yes how much does it go for ?

42646 Emma blyth: How old do you have be to sell your kidney?

42633 leslie: how do I get this started? I want to sell my kidney asap

42631 samar: how to sale my kidny ? my blood group AB+, good health.

42624 Josh Smith: How much will you give me for my kidney? Good quality, one previous owner, some scratches.

42608 Rohit Rathod: it will be well to sell kidney

42587 genadii: kak stati donorom v vasei cliniki?

42586 genadii: gde provoditsea operatia.ea nohajus za granicei?

42574 rahul: can i live easily with one kidney

42571 ethan stacks: are you guys for real? I thought it was illegal to sell your kidney to the highist bidder.

42551 christian: my I ask why ,it said you could not help ,sell my kidney I " great health don,t drink or smoke ! Don "t have diabeaties! ....dont take any perscription??? Drugs " so what is it ....?

42548 mike cook: what do i have to do to sell my kidney

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