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2011, October

48687 milton: How much would you give me for one kidney?

48670 Oleg: How much I can get for selling my healthy kidney?

48659 john simwenyi: i cant tell the size of my kidney

48644 halil: i want to sell my much you can pay?

48642 halil ibrahim evcimen: i want to sell my one of the much you can pay me maximum????

48633 erla apil: how much would be the payment if i sell my kidney?

48630 Vinitha: How much amount willi get if I sell my kidney

48627 lol: nice site was a good laugh to see it. did ur test for fun, funny lol i didnt survive the op im dead ;) xx

48619 Theodore Hilgeman: How do I sell you guys my kidney? I answer the questions correctly but the test keeps coming up wrong! And I dont get it! Im young, I dont smoke, Im not overweight, and i dont drink

48615 Roberto Jardim: what is the value of a liver?

48603 arsen: ya iz armenii i xachu pradat pochku

48602 How do I start? How long is the process? When would I get paid? Where are you located?

48601 Casey: How do I sell my kidney? What is the exact process and timeline?

48593 mike: is this legal ?? my family is in financial ruin .. we need help and no one is coming to our aid can i do this without breaking laws?

48585 John: i want to sell my kidney right away but i "m in Nigeria. What do i do?

48582 ALI KHAN: how much you give for a kidney ..??

48576 faisal: hi i want to sale my kidney waht is procedure

48573 i "m unemployed, & need money & thought that I could sell one of my kidneys, to someone who needs one, to live! where are you located? how do i go about this, with selling one of my kidneys?

48572 brad: where are you located? is this legal to do, as I don "t want to get into any trouble with selling one of my kidneys!

48565 sonny: how can i sell my kidney in nigeria

48563 jamil: what health test will pass the give kidney give test

48554 alie marie tarampi: what will i ndo to sell my kidney

48549 mario de dcarlo: i want sell the kidney. how to do?

48542 Sam: Where does the surgey take place

48539 Duke: can I sell a kidney living in usa ?

48536 cletus: will i live if i sell one of my of my kidney

48535 Sujal: I want to sell my kidney whom do i contact

48532 wolf: you said welcome to our clinic! what is the next step?

48531 How much for a kidney?: how much please? Can i sell my penis too?

48516 Jonathan Mariano: how can i sell my kidney? i "m from philippines.

48508 sarah: is selling your kidney illegal

48503 Daniel: Isn "t it against the law to sell a kidney

48482 boon: is possible to sell the kidney because of I am living inThailand ? Any check up before sell ? How to get money , can you explain ? Is still alive if live with one kidney ? God bless you .Boon -Hatyai ,Songkla, Thailand

48474 Kate: Is selling a kidney legal? Could i go to jail for this?

48471 char: what benifits can one get donating kidney

48470 char: how does someone get benifits from donating kidney

48464 Lutz: I "m from Berlin, healthy and interested rgds

48463 ile ??: witam jaka cena za nerkę panśtwo proponują

48461 Amanda Onwuchukwu: I need to sell my kidney I "m in Zimbabwe

48459 paulbucksy: how much money can you get for a kidney

48448 Jack: the test said I was unsatisfactory, the only things were smoking, eat what I want and psychiatric medicines. Which is it that would do that

48445 karan: Hw much money cn I make out f sellin my kidney

48438 santosh: i wants to donate my kidney will i face any problems while doing sex?

48436 Rocky Victor: Will you be able to help me in South Africa and what will the recovery period be?

48432 Harpreet Sandhu: Hi, I am a healthy person.I don "t have any disease.I am a sporty person.I am in urgent need of money.Thats why I want to sell my kidney.Pls help me.

48426 Steven Greenhalgh: How do I donate a kidney for cash?

48424 Steven Greenhalgh: Just need more info on how to sell a kidney for cash and how much it is worth, Why doesn "t your site show this?? Regards Ste

48423 sanjeev tiwari: i want to sell my kidney what will be effected my body

48416 karl: i want to sell my kidney.i live in the uk

48411 Bawani: I m a diabetic, can I donTe my kidney?

48410 Bawani: I would like to sell my kidney but I "m staying in malwysia

48400 biju: can i get back to attend office duty as a donor within one month after the transplantation

48399 Arjun: I need money .how much i will get for my kidney.

48398 kishi: what are the criteria "s to donate a kidney?

48390 Ajay joseph: How much i will get for my kidney.

48375 vic: Hey I just filled out the test but it says Im not qualified how so ? I said everything right

48373 John: How long does one live after kindey sales?

48366 John Kallaur: Will my health change if I sell one of my kidneys?

48365 John Kallaur: If I sell one of my kidneys, will my health chage?

48363 *: how you contact me? im very interested because i want to help my family in financial problems.we "re so down right now and we really need money.thank you

48361 Evy: What the hell is this this...

48346 analie: after a oparation how do i feel in three years? theirs have a maintenance drugs and allow to oparation have mental illness?

48345 Richard white: Um yes i took your test and i answered everything perfectly yet my health characteristics are unsatisfactory What kind of scam is this?

48344 Richard White: Is this legit? cause i need to get some money and i will gladly sell a kidney.

48333 Axel: If I have a healthy kidney can I sell it to your company or a patient?

48330 Julieta: What is the side effects if I will have only one kidney

48328 Romain: hello, I am French and I wish to sell a kidney. Which are the steps has to follow? Thank you

48305 analie serrana: ano ba ang mangyayari ka pag limang taon na nakalipas ng operation? may mentenans na gamot ba yon? kung ikaw ay umiinom ng gamot para sa mental puwde bang ibenta ang kidney?

48300 meet patel: i want to sell my kideny. so which will help me what i do for it ?

48296 Tara N. Tierney: I just took the profile test, and I "m in excellent health. I don "t drink or do drugs and I "m in healthy condition. However, this questioner says that I "m not healthy enough to give my kidney. Why is that?

48293 gigi: achi devo rivolgermi per vendermi un rene?

48292 lisa: how much money can you get from selling your kidney?

48279 Ranjeet singh: like to chat with..wanna sale my kidney

48275 alex: how to sell my kidney im here in philippines

48268 Scott: I live in the USA who pays for travel and other expenses?

48267 scott: I would love to sell a kidney what do I need to do?

48266 Marco: Thank you! I can now get my wife "s wedding ring back from the pawn shop , pay the loan sharks and still have some left over to visit the casino!!! Thanks Doc!!

48265 Thea Hemmer: I want to sell my kidney need money

48263 mimi: I wanna sell my kidney, gimme some suggest, what should I do?

48260 steven harle: how would i get a test done, and what do the tests involve, and at what cost to me

48248 dave: would you buy a kidney from some one in ireland

48240 mufid: how much i gain if i sold my kidny

48237 eresinne robinson: i want to sell one part of my kidney so that i can go to school

48235 steve: how much i sell my kidney for

48233 etleva: if I sell one of my kidneys how will be my health after?

48231 tosin: i am in nigeria can i sell my kidney

48225 Everet Presley: I am a very healthy male & wish to sell my healthy kidney ?

48224 azhar: how i can sell my kidney so please tell me

48222 douglas: hello,ive decided to sell a kidney,ive filled out the questionaire and all looks good,my nxt option is?,thankyou

48221 Mark: I took your test but what "s next?

48220 Will: I would like to help someone who needs a kidney how does it work?

48218 dave: i see its a joke, you should spend your time more proctively moron

48217 Dave: I know this is a scam so why do you post this...?

48201 floyd hyde: i dont want to sell anything those in need that are of pure heart and mind can have them

48195 Jamil: i want to sale my kidney?will you help me?

48182 mike: i would like sell my kidney and i need money, can you offer me a good price? and we "ll see from there.

48176 tunde david olukoga: what do i do to sustain myself because i want to sale a kidney

48172 peter: what are the thing somebody must know before selling his kidney and who will buy it

48161 durga prasad mishra: i am strong and my blood group is o+. i would like to sell my two kidney, for some fanancial problems at my home, i am alone without my parents. what will i do ?

48159 durga prasad mishra: if i like to sell my kidneys, what will do ?

48156 jerson espayos: i want to sell my kidney what place u are?

48155 manish: sell kidney where you sell kidney

48141 reb bieber: How long until I can get money?

48133 bhargav desai: i want to sell my kidney. for money. i need it urgent.

48124 abdi: i would like sell one of my kidneys and i live in norway can i do that? how much it will cost?

48123 lalit kumar: what i have to do to sell my kidney

48103 kide: and where the transplant is done? in which country?

48099 Taren Hamilton: How does one go about the possibility of selling a kidney? Tests, surgery and details

48085 abhinav negi: what is tha actual price of a kidney and what are the symptoms of selling a kidney?

48080 mr.avinash: my fren want he kideny so how we want meet u were is plase

48076 karl: i want to sell my much in uk pounds will i get?

48075 Alif Tanzir: I "m a fit man having no problem so far. is it possible to sell my kidney

48074 Alif Tanzir: I "m a fit and energetic man. I want to sell one of my kidney. Is it possible, or not?

48067 is there any problem selling kidney at theb age

48066 Dom: I "m in Spain and i want to sell my kidney

48064 Iam selling a kidney. How can i get there?

48061 wahyu: can i sell my kidney, i from indonesia

48060 kiki: i from indonesia, can i sell my kidney. thanks

48046 usha: i would like to sell my kidney i need help

48045 ganesh: kidney bechni he . cz mujhe paiso ki jarurat he

48039 tashunka witko: How would i know that its gonna bebonly the kidney that gonna be taken?

48037 aliriza: i need to sell my kidney because im in need for money fast

48033 toni: hi is this real hmm i have a friend who wants to sell kidney hi have economikal problems. its legal to sell kidney or

48030 Max: Hi, I would like more information about it. I am Italian, healthy and serious about doing this. I know many people available. Thanks to you soon.

48026 karl: i want to sell my much in uk pounds will i recieve

48025 Raj: sir i want to sold my kidney what i do & how to contact person if he want kidney

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