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2010, January

40104 you: chinga tu madre

40101 james: do u gotta b a non smoker

40098 sameh sallam: how i sell my kidney

40097 David King: Where do istart if i want to sell a kidney

40093 Ricky Rollins: My kidney appears to be green. Is this ok?

40088 Christopher: Can I really donate a kidney and make money?

40087 david: how do i get to you? ok iam no really sure of what to ask but can you send me some iformation on the side effects of my body function after the transplant

40086 ardo: why the result the test said that i am unhealth but i have a health lifestyle? i just wanna sell my kidney

40083 peter: is a smoker a candidate for selling

40081 evans: how much do you offer for my kidney?


40066 Somdev Ghosh: CAN i HAVE UR CONTACT NUMBER

40064 a.paul: After selling kidny What type of problame I face?

40062 shuheb ahmed: Im in the UK. How do I contact you?

40059 B.Videnova: Good evening! I live in Bulgaria and I want to ask how the procedure goes to sell a kidney?

40056 Okunrinboye Temiloluwa: I just finished the test and i passed what next?

40054 S S Kalai: I want to sell my one kidney. So how much will I paid?


40050 ronel oclarit: where can sell my one kidney

40049 dfgsd: dsfg

40048 ameth omar: hi i want to sel my kidney but iam peruvian and am in peru how to do it?

40047 Amy: Why am I unsatisfactory to give a kidney. I do no have any seriousliness nor do I have any bad habits.

40044 tammy: im interested in selling my kidney

40041 Guru: I need to sell my kidney.... Where i have to get atest

40040 otus emmanuel: how will i apply hv done every txt so tll me how start

40021 myles: where can we buy kidney?

40017 mark anthony umali: can i sell my kidney?how much my kidney?

40012 Pramod Sahoo: I want to sale my a kidney ? Will you please help me ?

40010 craig bush: can i sell a kidney over seas . i need money to pay child support

39991 lasha: kdk mne sdat pochku

39982 khan: i want to sell kidney what i do

39980 alexander. sanchez: soy de colombia como los contacto para llegar a un acuerdo y un examen fisico

39979 alexander: como debo hacer para un concepto clinico para vender un riñon

39976 prasenjeet: how can i sell one of my kidney

39975 bev: where are u based

39971 Satwinder Singh: payment

39960 Prem: are you people serious or is this a hoax

39954 Ino: how can i sell my kidney i need money asap

39942 gdfgdf: dfbvgdfbggvjdfbgjkdghndjlgh

39941 fathur: Hello, how to sell kidneys? Incidentally my friend anymore debt so that intends to sell his kidney. but do not know how?

39937 lisa: how do you sell an kidney

39935 brian: how much for my kidney

39927 Varun: i want to sell my one kidney sir

39926 Varun: Hello Sir i want to sell my kidney

39920 kranthi: Selling my kidney

39918 Brenda Lokey: I am healthy, have great kidneys am in debt and out of a job and don "t have any prospects of employment so would like to sell one of my kidneys, who can I get in contact with to handle this matter

39916 rifat taş: ben çok acil böbreklerimi satmak istiyorum

39912 nathan: Hi my blood type is O- and is this safe. what would my kindney be wroth too?

39902 Kamini: How get money and how much

39901 Nick cave: How much can I sell a kidney for and where do I go to do it

39899 sandeep: where is the hospital? to whom i can meet???

39893 enrique: my name is enrique i from uruguay and i live in spain. i wont to sell my kidney. I wont more information about this

39887 Ahsan Tariq: i have no issues with my health, but i can "t pass your test why?

39886 Johnny: Is it possible to talk to someone on the phone?

39871 tapiwa: am in australia and would like to sell my kidney how do i go abou that

39870 tapiwa: i`m currently in australia how can i sell my kidney to you

39869 prashant Kishor Mapuskar: sir, i want to sell my kidney because i am in deep money crises and i want to overcome with money

39866 Kerplunk: I already sent you both of my kidneys. I was hopin " ya "ll would send me my check already. When can I "spect my check to be d "livered so I can spend some money before dyin "?

39863 ololo: oololo

39853 lance smith: can i sell a kidney

39850 hazemzaky: sell my kidney

39849 jerome: combien acheter vous un rein

39846 Rodney barnes: What is the defects of selling your kidney and outcome??

39836 gautam: sir i wanna sell my kidney

39835 Louie: What are the criteria for you to buy one "s kidney?

39832 lisa: i have a kidney for sale where do i go

39827 samvit: zdasf

39812 jason: where can i sell my kidney at

39809 Alsene: I want to sell my kidney, what do i do?

39800 Guest: Look, selling organs is illegal all around the world. I need to do it. Your clinic or whatever looks good enough to be true. Who are you, how can you help me?

39799 Bezz: hello how fast can i sell my kidney?

39785 sylvia cea: is it going to be done here in the philippines?

39784 sylvia cea: is it going to be done here in the philippines


39774 andres: como hago para vender mi riñoñ,estoy desesperado


39764 Dad: if i was to sell my kidney what would i have to do

39763 pree: what is the price of kidney

39762 preet: if i want sell my kidney then how much price got

39758 joseph rodriquez: how does ths work who do i contact and where do i go how long will i be in pain for and is my kidney helping someone or for science. could drinking with one kidney pull me close to death. i really want to consider this though.

39744 mohamed javid: i smoke can i sell my kidney

39737 Noah: is this still an active website?

39728 andrej: how long does it take to realize?

39727 fredrick spears: I would like to sell my kidney is their someone I can call?

39725 Bryan: Is it possible that I can sell a kidney now, invest wisely, and possibly arrange to have the person who got my kidney kidnapped, get my kidney removed, and allthewhile make a profit?

39724 Bob: This cant possibly be serious. Is it?

39722 Andrew James Addy: How do I begin the process of selling one of my kidneys?

39717 neha: what is real price of kidney

39714 Noah: i am in good health and do not smoke is there anyway i can get a physical examination?

39711 manu: how much money will i get by doing this

39709 Noah: i am in good health, do not smoke, and have no diseases. yet i do not pass ur survey is there anyway i can get tested physically?

39698 joe: why cant i sell my kidney

39697 john: whats your phone number

39693 Sg: Plz contact me, i want to sell my kidney

39684 Mohit: I want to sell mu kideny. what to do i need money it "s urgent..

39667 Alejandro: I´m from chile can I sell A kidney?

39657 padma: i "m a female want to sell my kidney and my blood group is AB positive how much i can get the amount

39656 ernest kumwenda: i am very healthy but i can "t understand you test. please help i need to sell my kidney

39654 michal: Hello. I want to sell my kidney, what should i do?

39650 John: How to I get contact of those that buys kidney?

39644 Michael: Hello. I want to seil a kidney, what should I do?

39642 Walter: How can I sell my Kindey..

39641 how can you say that you can not sell my kidney I am healthy and do not drink or smoke


39636 jay: I would like to sell a kidney. How?

39631 Frank Michell: Can you please tell me the legidimasy of selling a kidney and what lagalities the are in Australia. Thank you

39630 laila bernabe: how do you go about the transplant. Where? Im from the philippines. How about my airfare?

39624 khurram shahza: i sell my kidney can you contact me

39620 Snoob: mada faka

39609 Christina Ramos: How do I sell one of my kidneys?

39607 wily: how much would i get for my kinney

39605 Trust: How can i sell mine

39593 chetan patel: how it worerks

39589 rachel lisansky: I need money want to do it

39588 John: What is transplatation

39587 bryan: do you have anywhere in England to buy my friends kidney?

39586 arthur burgess: want to sell my kidny

39583 kathryn: hi- I ;live in South Africa. Is it possible to sell my kidney from this country?

39577 rajasekhar: i wanna money urgent for studies and some house problems my blood group is a any one wants this group kidney and how much money gives

39576 Vanessa: CAn i really sell one of my kidneys

39565 gautam jaiswal: i want to sale kidney but where i dont know plz may you give me some suggetions

39564 selim cankaya: hello I would like to buy kidny for my dad what I need to do

39561 robert: how do i contact you to start process

39555 Thomas: How and where would you take my kidney? And is this illegal? I am from the Netherlands.

39545 Janelle: I took the test. It says I would be a good candidate. How do I contact someone to take the next step

39536 victor: what must i do to make this happen

39535 michael dease: is their a telephone number i could call for more info.

39534 michael dease: is my age a problem in selling my kindney

39533 thor: How do I know if I can sell my kidney

39531 Thefer: i like sell my kidney. what is the first step?

39528 jeet: how much for kidney?

39527 pete: do you buy kidneys?

39526 rachidboualim: how can i sell my kidny

39524 Zarquavius Mulen: Im willing to sell my kidney

39523 Zarquavius Mullen: How much are you giving me for my Kidney?

39521 tiberiu: hom much

39506 Darius: i want sold my kidney what price kidney now.

39500 joe: I "m in perfect health how can u all say its unsatisfactory

39498 victor: can i trade a kidney for dental work

39497 arsen: kak pradat pochku

39496 Ryan CHiang: Why does your english is

39495 Ryan Chiang: I am considering selling my kidney, how would I go about achieving this?

39486 joe: is this practice legal?

39485 joe: is selling a kidney or half of a liver legal in the us

39482 aman: i want to sell my kidney how can i

39478 ernest kumwenda: i need to sell my kindeny how do i do it

39477 Bryan: How could i sell my kidney ,, im willing sell it,,, from the philipines

39470 Clark: Why am I denied?

39465 geraldine leigh: how much would i recive for my kidney

39464 vlad: I want to sell my kidney! What should I do?

39455 dj: what kidney prices now?

39454 dj: i want sold my kidney

39451 deepa: i ant to sell my kidney

39450 deepa: I am deepa from India, would like to sel my kidney. please let me knwo the procedure, I am into deep trouble financially i need to save my kid for his health concern.

39449 satish dadhich: where i cn sell my kidney

39448 kasozi Isaac: How do I sell to u guys and how I am I sure that my money is on the account? Who pays for the operation to remove this kidney? Guys I need money

39446 john: Can you live a normal life with one kidney

39445 Michael Krumwiede: I am willing to offer one of my kidney "s if it is worth it and I will be taken care of properly Will someone contact me please

39442 frank: how do i get started with selling my kidney. I am a verry healthy person

39440 manish: i want to sell my kidney, where is this possible

39436 adam: how much is a pint of blood worth

39433 Johan: Is there any risk to me?

39429 eva fedi: vi può servire un mio rene? lo vendo

39428 akbar: i want my own kidney, if you tell me what the process should be done by me.

39424 Andy: My friends need a cash money and she wants to sell her kidney.. how can i help her to sell her kidney ???

39423 if u interest to buy my kidneys please call me on my e-mail

39422 cara menjual ginjal, harus kemana?

39421 noel: I passed the initial screening, whts the next step?

39417 kristopher Webb-Lippert: how do I sell my kedney to someone who can use it more than me

39416 Neil: Whats involved in selling a kidney?

39411 riz: how fast i can sell

39406 pratap: how can i able to sell my kidney?


39400 seydy: Im in a good health to sell my kidney. I would like to know how to do all this in a faster way. best regards,

39398 Venkatesh: Kidney cost howmuch

39397 Venkatesh: How much kidney price

39394 alok sharma: sir i want to sell my kidney. i m from india. how much money i can get, pls let me know. i m under huge financial crisis.

39393 s: es

39383 Stas: Zdravstvuyte, skol "ko stoit kupit " pochku?

39382 andy: i want tkidneyo sell

39377 Lisa: How can the result be:It’s very likely that your health characteristics are unsatisfactory? I know i "m the right person to donate-

39365 Mark Johnson: Where do I go to do this?

39364 choon bae: i wanna sell my kidney i live in usa

39361 Jin Lee: How can I pass the test and how much I will be offered for selling my kidney?

39350 Steven: How do you join?

39349 Steven: You buy kidneys? This is a real question as I passed your test

39348 Steven: You buy kidneys? This is a real question

39347 Ram: please buy my kidney for financial problem

39345 kiara shivers: im currently in a financial bind and i was looking to do this to hlp people so i would like to sell my kidney how would i be elgible and how much would i make

39344 Vaag: ya xochu prodat svayu pochku smojate li vi pomoch mne

39343 Vano: ebana

39341 monica: soy española y kiero vende mi riñoñ por problemas economicos

39336 rhishikesh: how can i sale my kidney in india

39333 bob: i m healthy why wouldnt u buy my kidney

39330 jhony: hi i want to sell my kideny to hellp poeple

39318 lupe: how fast can i do this?

39317 >>>>>>>: what requirments would my kidney need to meat?

39307 bharathi: i am interested in selling my kidney. what do i do?

39306 renata: how much is my kidney?

39305 Eddy: I am not passing yor test even do my health characteristics are very good what is wroong?..

39304 peter mayhew jr: im in good health i dont drink i dont do steet drugs only what my doc gives me i had back sergy two times and i dont smoke give me a brake i need to make my wife fill whole about her self please

39302 sheraz: how i will sell my kidney?

39300 rajeev: how much do i get

39294 Billy: I thought selling kidneys was illegal?

39293 roman: skolko zaimet eto po vremeni?

39289 farzana: i want to sell my blod grp is ab how can you help me?

39277 ranjeet: i want to sell my kidney , i want information about it

39273 Beth: I would like to be a donor, but the test says no, is this because I smoke? I am willing to quit smoking to be successful in this endeavor.

39268 zan klod: molodci rassmejali...

39266 Justin: Hi, how exactly can i sell my kidney?

39252 mujib: i want sale my kidney?

39250 ravi: kitne maney mil payege

39248 Raj: I want to sell my much it will cost

39236 dr.husu: wath buy one kidney...

39232 dilya: esli ya prodam pochku ya budu jit?

39221 jonatan españa: hola soy de españa soy un chico sano me gustaria vender un riñon por dinero cuanto pagan

39220 lamar: money for kidney??

39207 Joseph: I am interested in selling my kidney where would i look to find a buyer????

39199 hasan: how much if i want to sale my kidney



39188 Vijay: Who can sell the kindney

39187 Michael: i want to sell mine can you please get in touch with me

39181 arturs: a kak s oplatoi?????srazu ili potom?a pecenj nenuzdna?

39178 sankoch kadam: i want sell my kidney, plz help me

39177 Pira: Now if i want to sell the kidney how do i sell it, and how would i get the money. what will happen to me health wise?

39172 mr ramesh: i want sell my one kidney how to sell? give me a good offer please....

39171 Roshan: Can i sell my kidney urjent and where

39157 romnick opana: how can i seel my kidney?

39156 Abdul: I want to sell my Kidney... where can i sell it? am Healthy and i dont smoke and never drink..

39155 Jimmy: What "s your fucking problem ? Do you want a kidney or not ???

39141 aziz: Zdraste!u menya est skolko pokupayte dengi srochno nujne

39139 Robyn G.: Is it legal go sell a kidney?

39134 dude: no fuckin way mine is for sale

39133 Bob: Is it illegal to sell my kidney?

39129 eddi sutanto: I have a question how is the procedure to sell my kidney? Iam in indonesia I have no money to make a passport and visa if I have to come to other country outside Indonesia

39128 eddi sutanto: How are the procedure to sell my kidney if I was in Indonesia and I dont have money to make a passport and visa

39127 Nilima: I have a finace problem, i want to sell my kidny,pls help me.

39126 ghanshyam: get big price when to sale of kidney ?

39125 hasan: how much you will pay if i want sell my kidney

39124 ed: serious?

39121 Kimberlee: when u sell ur kidney do you have to have insurance to pay for surgery?

39118 Janis: Hello, How are you? I want know how I can sell one of my kidney? And where I can do it in Scotland or UK? Hope for answer. Have a nice day! Sincerely, Janis.

39116 myj: fghffg

39107 romulo: risk kidney transplantetion

39105 Jeremy Hughes: I "m interested in selling a kidney???

39102 naveen sharma: can man live without one kedney

39101 suma: iam in very need of money please advice me how to sell my kidney

39100 vann burnett: is this legal and if it is how do i sign up for the program?

39098 Allen Kerperien: I need this to pay for a trip to Germany for a multiple sclerosis treatment. Kidneys aren "t effected by ms. Please help

39095 kevin: how do i sell my kidney ?am in need

39094 millicent: I want to sell one of my feet, is this possible?

39085 keya: how much to sell a kidney

39067 ijul: saya ingin jual ginjal saya??

39064 tim: How much for selling your kidney?

39055 maha: how to buy my kidney

39054 maha: how to buy my ?kidney

39048 wer4wer: ewwerwer

39045 Patrick: why would my health not be good for selling my kidney?

39044 shelli: i thought selling a kidney was illegal in the us

39043 faiyazpatel: i want to sell my kidne how to sell it tell me

39040 Yacek: Where i sell my kidney?

39037 Fafi: Can I sell my kidney? Does it give rise to blood group? You can buy it from anywhere in the world? How the amount paid for that? And how you pay the amount?

39027 вdasfsdafavca

39021 John Francis: I don "t understand why i disqualify inspite of clean test except that i "m a little opulent.

39014 Eric North: Can you sell a kidney

39006 kuldeep shukla: i want to know what is the risk for kedney donars. what are the procedure? please tell me?

39003 gunasekaran: i want sell my kidney .were i sell it

39002 ralph tallman: ok now what

39001 Julie: I have been approved Kidney for dontion, but you tell me I cannot "sell " my kidney due to health reasons, WHY???

39000 Julie J: Who pay "s transplants cost

38992 im me: i am very healthy almost never sick and u told me that im not a good donor at this time what the hell

38988 Joey: Hello. Is it legal to sell a kidney? Thanks

38981 Joshua: How am I unhealty it doesnt make sense

38979 David: What is required to sell my kidney

38970 sujen gazi: how sale my kidney.

38964 Rogerio: Quero vender meu rim como faco???

38963 Mitchael: I might wanna sell my kidney. What are side effects and what do I have to do to get healthy enough for it?

38962 Mitchael Maner: I am interested in Selling my kidney, but what are the downsides to this?

38961 joe: how is this legal?

38960 roma: za skolko mozhno prodat pochku


38947 Brijesh: Can i sell my one kidney ?

38944 tania ivanova ganeva: moge li pri vas da se prodade babrek

38942 kamakshi: I would like to sell my kidney or liver as I have so many debts to clear. Please help me. Iam very healthy

38939 yanuar: i will sale my kidney??

38937 ariel: son serios?

38929 william: how would i get a number to sell my kidney

38915 Greg: I haved changed all my answers to fit your test and they still dont qualify whats up with that

38914 I would like to do so so if you would contact me

38913 Greg: Ya i have taken the test and I changed all my answers to be as best canidate and still says not able to whats up with that

38905 ahad: how do i that

38891 kevin: i want to sell my kidney.please help me on what to do

38889 anthony: If I sell a kidney, and the one I have left goes I get a discount on a new one? Or can I get my other one back?

38885 Andrej: Where are you located? what do i need to do in order to sell my kidney?

38875 hermito galit: how much is the kidney?

38874 cortex: how do i proceed to sell my kidney?


38864 RELEGUE M.: Where is the kidney market in South Africa?

38861 sanket: what problems are to b faced living with one kidney

38857 arnab: what is the indian market value of a human kidney

38855 kevin: how do i sell mine,please help

38849 dd: ddd

38848 nana: what is the age limit for do the kidney selling

38837 Josh: I want to sell mine

38831 jamie: i want to sell my kidney how much will iget and how and when can i do it

38824 janes: what do i have to do

38823 Darinka: Is this a joke?Your page SUCKS!!Ouu this doctor on piccture is uglyy!

38817 Where operation do? How much € you paid for kidney?

38816 J.Paakki: How much you pay kidney?

38815 navin mittal: may i know the phone number to know more about kidney transplant

38814 navin mittal: want to sell my kidney, whom should i contact

38808 hafiz: how to sell a kidney?

38805 rahul: sir i have kidney sell

38797 spankyjeff: how can i sell my kidney at affordable prices?

38793 jacob: Are you a real website, can I really do this.

38780 sefsefssef: sefse

38771 claudia: Hiw can i seel my kidney?

38760 sandeep mathur: sir,i want to sell my kidney?

38757 ronel: is there a bad side effect of your body if you donated your one kidney

38753 jamie: is there anything I can sale you that you want or need

38749 Stephanie Widener: how can i sell my lidney where do i go?

38748 sd: ds

38743 sujan gazi: i went to sale own kidney

38739 ronak: hi my name is ronak i would like to sale my kidney how should i do i am living in india

38731 Bandara: How to sale a Kidney

38729 glowy: i need cash and looking to sell a kidney is this possible

38728 glowy: i want to sell a kidney i need the cash is this possible

38723 Richard: I took the online test and although i am very healthy and dont have any problems, the answer was unsatisfactory? Why is this?

38722 desi: i need a kidney

38714 anilverma: how can I sell my eye

38713 mandy: do you take anyones kidney if it is good?

38708 Walter Garcia: Is selling your kidney LEGAL? Will I have to pay for the operation.

38702 jane: can you survive with only one kidney?

38698 Charlie James: I want to sell my kidney!

38697 Charlie James: I want to sell my kidney. Tell me how to make it happen now! I need the money.

38692 bfgb: hnxfgb

38690 maja: i wanna sell kidney but how? i am A negative

38689 maja: how can i sell kidney?

38684 dhina: how much we get if we sele


38669 Jimmy: How do I start the process of selling my kidney?

38662 vazgen: do you sell kidneys

38658 moses kande: how long does it take for me to sell my kidney? "

38657 moses kande: how long does it take for me to sell my kidney?

38655 Sanjiv: Will you buy Kidney in India, I want to sell mine for getting rid of my debts

38653 Dani: i want sell my kidney for money very good kidney

38651 g: i wanna sale my kidney wat can i do

38649 mindy: can i really sell one?

38648 cynde: so how do i get there

38647 edita: si sono pronta vendere un rene si puo qui?

38632 anthony bean: what are the qualifications to sell a kidney?

38631 Anthony: How much is a testicle worth?

38626 hi: can u help me to sell kidney?

38624 ricardo: i wanna sell my kidney..will you be able to help me??

38623 Greg: I want to sell my kidney. How do I get started?

38622 Juliette: I need money, and I like sell my kidney, can you help me pls??

38621 Catherine: How would I go about selling my kidney

38614 shree: i am an Indian national how can i sell my kidneyin us?

38608 fgbfgnb: dfhn nhnh

38601 ahmad: how much kidney selling price

38599 Paul: Is this for real? Could I really sell a kidney here?

38598 Naomi: Do you guys pay for all medical issues related to selling my kdney?

38596 harmon: isn "t that illegal? to sell kidneys?

38592 baxa: kak mojno prodat pochku

38587 puru: hai

38586 James: My kidney is ready - I need cash man, badly. Hook a brother up.

38584 akramq: can i sell my body organ; kidney.

38581 nichole: i would like to sell my kidney

38578 kyle: i want to sell a kidney how much will u give me

38575 bekka: What health characteristics do i need?

38570 jason: what type of question do you have here, i answered them no to any type of diease and i still get a no sorry your no good for selling my kidneys. so what do you look for in a donor

38563 TJ: how to contact with you?

38562 Trev: Is this real and legal?

38554 Venus Vives: i want to sell my kidney, coz i need money right now. And its a possible way to help others also. Is there anyone interested to my offer?

38546 hillz: want to sale my kidney

38541 michael: hi, i am very interested in selling my kidney,but it seems that your quesionnaire to analyse weather i am a suitbale candidate responds with unsatisfactoroy results regardless of my answers.if you could please advice me on the route i need to take it would be much appreciated

38538 Pamela: Isn "t selling your organs illegal. I want to, but only because I really need the money. Pleased let me know if this is legal

38537 hillz: i want to sale my kidney how can you do that online

38535 Pace: yea, im wanting to sell a kidney is this legal?

38534 Mirek: Hello! My name is Mirek and I am from Poland. I would like to know if the people like me from foreign countries can also sell you kidneys. Best regards

38533 ncbbh: I wan to know more details about kidney selling online thanx

38531 Keith: I have filled out your health test and it says im not healthy enought to donate. why?

38529 braco: I want to sell kidney?where?,and if its good kidney how much money I can get for that kidney?

38525 marc: can u sell my kidney

38524 The Devil: i want to sell some kidneis for mony. I "m waiting for your replay

38523 hillz: can i sale my kidney when i live far away

38522 marcia: vendo uno demis riñones

38509 estg: hgr

38508 Trader: I want to contact with you ,because i have a very nice offers for you. I "m waiting for your replay.

38507 Riyaz: Hi, I would like to donate my kidney because of my financial needs. My blood group is AB ve and I am healthy and didnt have any major health problems.

38506 jayson allen: where would i have to travel so sell my kidney

38493 Alex: Where are you located and how do I go about selling my kidneys?

38490 hillz: how can we transact when i am far away

38482 Ismael Maldonado: How dangerous is this procedure?

38468 rustam: kak svami svezatsa

38466 fgvxf: safsfaf

38455 dasd: asdsqw

38452 Miri: Hi, I would like to cell my kidney. I live in Australia. I am AB RH -. Is it possible for me to do it?

38450 Soniya: Hav thr any chance for kidney sale in India?

38435 gurinder singh: tell me the rate of fresh kidney

38434 Rick: need money for food for my family and will sell kidney to get that money.Please help me find a place to call

38430 lodaka: how can i sell my kidney??

38425 Apinya: I want to buy a kidney. What should I do?

38422 Ygori: cto mne nado sdelati dlia prodaji moei pocki?

38421 Mohanbhai Prajapati: I am Healthy

38420 Dani: i want to sell my kidney for cash??

38418 vimal: how much u pay if i want to sell my one kidney

38417 vimal: i want to sell my one kidney what r the procedure i just want to know regarding

38412 johnny walker: how do i contact you guys inorder to sell my kidney

38410 Gary: Is this site for real.?

38409 jaime miranda: necesito dinero para toda mi familia

38407 Keira Kidney: Hello, I "m looking for my very own Ken Kidney? Can someone save me pleaaasee!?

38403 lester: what will be the side effects in my life if i donate my kidney.. i am a singer,. is there any effect with my career?

38401 shishir: how can i sale my kidney

38399 rajesh: what minimum age for donate kidney

38396 melissa: what your phone number

38395 melissa: where would i have to go

38394 michael: CUNTS

38393 Tim: Can i sell half a kidney

38391 xavier: my friend wants to sell his kidney. can uhelp>

38390 mohd ilyas: i want to sale one kidney so where i will go tell me

38389 эй: vi sovsem pizdanulis??? lol

38387 Kurt: How do I get in contact with your clinic?

38386 Kurt: I am interested in selling a kidney! Where do I start?

38385 tapancharnalia: howcan i sale my kidney

38382 cris cruz: im interested in selling my kidney... who can i contact legally?

38381 Leslie: I did the test and it say most likely unsatisfactory. I try to eat healthy, I have PCOS which I gained weight that is extremely hard to get off. I "m not diabetic I seldom drink soda, coffee. Choose water and juices. Do not smoke, and occasional have wine. So my kidney would not be desirable?

38378 cv: bcvb

38370 Nicky: what price kidney

38369 Nicky: what price kidney?

38365 talla: how can i go about selling my kidney

38363 aman: mans kidney value

38360 smart: i need to buy a A kidnet

38354 Craig Tiearney: I filled out the questionaire. How are you going to get back into contact with me???

38352 paul: where can you go to sell your kidney

38350 mongy: will it hurt?

38347 rodney: hello, unfortunately precious money and sell my kidney. rodney

38344 eric: What are the steps for getting started?

38341 rico: how much will i get if i sell my kidney

38331 georgiana: how do i go about this??

38317 PARISA: how can i contact you . i did not find any contact number

38316 Smiley: Is this a damn scam

38310 Ashwani: I want to give my kidney to other

38308 oscar: kiero vender mi riñon

38307 Dani: i want to sell my kidney but what i want to now is for how much can i sell it and fast and please giv me the right answer . With my many Thanks

38306 Dani Jamal: i am from holland and i want to sell my kidney for cash can you giv me the right Answer and how i can do that and vast

38305 darren: how can i sell my kidney for$$$


38288 Giuseppe: As I can make to contact you

38285 asad: sellin kideny

38284 Rory: What sre the longterm ramifications in selling a kidney

38276 sachin: your test shows each condition of health is unsatisfactory.

38272 Rudi: Hi...i "m leaving in australia i just try to find place i can sell my kidney....and how much you will buy it??? Thanks

38256 pramod mangal: i want sell my kedney

38255 Pradeep: i wanted to sell my kidney, how can i?

38252 Robert Brooks: When can this procedure be done and is it in the United States? how long does it take? How much recovery time do I need?

38251 rafael: como se puede hacer para vender un riñon

38250 chanel: Instrested in selling kidney. Hw to get in touch with you all

38241 maris: Kuda mne obratitsa raz ja reshilsja prodat pocku????


38230 Joshua newkirk: How do i sell a kidney. I want to realy bad i need the money

38229 audel: deseo vender un riñon diganme que pasos hay que seguir y si en verdad es cierto que compran riñones

38223 Vitalii: Kak mne prodatj pocku?

38214 Julie: Do you pay for airfare from the US?

38213 Julie: How much is airfare to your clinic?

38212 Julie: Who pays for airfare?

38210 Ivy: How much is a kidney worth?

38207 gilmer molina: no se hablar ingles como puedo comunicarme soy de colombia

38205 gilmer molina: como me puedo comunicar con los interesado de un riñon o mejor dicho como me puedo comunicar con los familiares del iteresado

38196 Sankari: Dear friend can i get kidney from ur network what "s the procedure?

38195 Raj: Hi, I want to sell my kidney... can u help me with the price.

38190 Felix larry: Please,can you display your phone number on scream?

38189 Felix larry: What is the mane of the clinic.

38188 Felix larry.: Am interested,how can i get your email for interration?

38186 Tyler: how much is it to sell your kidney

38182 Sanjay gaikwad: I want to sell my kidney?but how

38176 harish: how can iget money

38174 tony byers: I am hiv am I qualified to sell a kidney

38169 Felix larry: Could you please, send us your e-mail addresrp

38167 Felix Larry: I am ready for the operation now, how can it be possable?

38164 Felix Larry: How can this business be successful?

38160 felix: can i real sell my kidney to wipe away povaty from my life.

38159 andrea: como puedo vender un riñon y cuanto me pueden dar


38157 will: why if im healthy i can do this/ i anwser everything ok and you told me that im not ok to do this well i will find somebody thanks

38146 diana castro: cuanto dinero dan por un rinon

38143 Jim Parnau: How do I go about donating a kidney.

38139 Tony: if i sell my kidney, what do i remain with?

38138 hanibal: gdje nada donaravf ,v maskve ?

38135 saad: how can i contect you. any contect number pls

38132 granville: im in south africa and i would like to sell my kidney

38131 alex: how can i sell my kidney? and is it legal?


38117 sis: sell kidny

38116 jojo: i need sell my kidny

38115 jojo: i need to sell my kidny

38114 josie: how do you call?

38111 Liz: i am willing to sell a kidney because of my

38110 abinash: i want to sell my much i shall get back in return

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