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Specialist opinion Famous doctor Hvachitarjan G. think that transplantation... Revelation of underground transplantologist I did underground transplantations before... You're not alone We created special social network to support donors  


How do I start? How long is the process? When would I get paid? Where are you located?

36825 how do i start the process and how much would i get

33506 how do i start this process?

42464 i would like to donate one of my kidney to pay debts and start a business aswell as to help those people who are in need. But im located in the philippines.

39561 how do i contact you to start process

43147 Can i sell a kidney and how do i start this process

38669 How do I start the process of selling my kidney?

45948 how do i start the process of selling my kidney ?

35204 how do you start the process for kidney transplantation prospects

36757 I would like to donate one of my kidneys for cash. How do I start the process?

35769 where and how long a process

34577 What is the process..How long will it take to sell the kidney

36820 I live in uk. Would it still be possible to sell a kidney and if so how long would the whole process take ?

43835 Healthy white male inquiring about selling it legal? How long will it take to get paid?

32422 if i sold a kidney would it put my life at risk long term? and how fast does it take to do the operation and to get paid

42663 How long is the process of selling a kidney, and do you receive payments, or is it a lump sum?

32925 how long does it take to go through the whole process? my daughter and i are losing our home soon. need to make a new life and the money would be great.

34957 Where does the operation takes place? when is the money paid and how much? and finally how long does it take to recover from the procedure to continue regular activities?

35167 HI i was wondering if as a Canadian i can sell one of my kidney ? I also would like to know what "s the process and how long it usually takes to get things started Thank you Nicolas Meunier

33260 Where are you located?

45005 Where r u located?

46840 Where are you located? Can you tell me more about what you do.

34332 where are u located

31876 where are you located? how can i get more information?

32997 Where are you located? I "m in California

38493 Where are you located and how do I go about selling my kidneys?

40040 how will i apply hv done every txt so tll me how start

44935 where are you located because in the usa it is illegal to sell my kidney

38885 Where are you located? what do i need to do in order to sell my kidney?

47548 How this thing is working? How to manage and where is it located?

37159 when can i start ? Im a kedey donator

36182 Where does one start if they want to sell a kidney?

34210 I would like to sell my kidney, where do I start?

46894 Is there in clinic located in the Metro Detroit area?

35202 I "m interested and live in Southern California, where are you located?

48572 where are you located? is this legal to do, as I don "t want to get into any trouble with selling one of my kidneys!

38386 I am interested in selling a kidney! Where do I start?

31925 I really need money to take care my children. That "s why I really want to sell my kidney now. Can you tell me exactly how much and where and when I can start?

47235 i want to sell my kidney legally am in in die need of money to help my mum and sibling hw do i start

37496 how much will i get paid??

35062 when do i get paid

45081 how much will I be paid

41669 hello help someone and get paid

43068 i am thinking of selling my kidney. i am healthy and no medical issues. where do i start?

44020 where are you located? I live in queens county. New york. Im in the city of woodside i want to talk to someone in person...

46618 How quickly would I get paid?

33099 how much does donar get paid?

42690 hallo- i "d just like to help someone who needs a kidney and be paid for doing so.thanks

47486 where is the operation done and when is the money paid

38817 Where operation do? How much € you paid for kidney?

43451 can i legally get paid for my kidney

Read this page before.
Domain for sold, aganeiro(at)google mail