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i want to sale my kidney plz help for details

41687 dear sir, i want to sale my kidney for requirement of bucks. please advice me how can i sale it and what will be the process. kindly reply me as soon as. i am ready to sale from now

47254 I like to sell my Kidney please tell me the details

35460 Hi, I want to be a details of the how can i sell my kidney.

44485 I want to sell one of my kidney. Can you give me the details on that.

38533 I wan to know more details about kidney selling online thanx

31392 Hi, I "m interested in selling my kidney. Let me have further details please. Thank you

41493 Hi..,My friend I want to be a all the details how to do this matter and what about the amount for kidney.and also what is the future issue after kidney transfering.


48099 How does one go about the possibility of selling a kidney? Tests, surgery and details

46477 Hi, I have a friend in Iran who wants to sell his kidney. Please let me know if you can help us. I can give you details if you want

42163 can you kindly mail me more details on selling my kidney to settle my debts. Regards R Shaan

46006 My frien wants to sell one of his kidneys.Please contcat giving the details of maximum amiunt that can be paisd for one kidney

44603 pls help me I need money so i sale my Kidney so how to sale my kidney?

45733 i want to sale my kidney what procedure to sale kidney

47175 Dear Doctor, Kindly provide your contact details so that I can go ahead with the next step. Regards, Vivek

42885 kindly give all the details on mail as i dont know how to get contact to u people. and i want this to be highly confidential.

45983 Sir, I want to sale my kidney please help me.How i do that..

39832 i have a kidney for sale where do i go

48195 i want to sale my kidney?will you help me?

37775 Hi Wha i need to do to sale my kidney ??

39199 how much if i want to sale my kidney

35917 How can I sale a kidney? Where?

43048 how I can sale my a kidney & where

46031 where i have to go to sale out my kidney

38390 i want to sale one kidney so where i will go tell me

46441 what do I have to do to sale my kidney

47489 how can i sale my kidney i am in need of me,please help me out.


40012 I want to sale my a kidney ? Will you please help me ?

41779 hi i want to sale my kidney pls help me out

47445 i want sale my kidney any how

47802 Wan to sale my kidney s soon s possible

31916 i have my kidney for how can i get to you

33115 Hello my name is John I am interested in selling a kidney, I live in Rio de Janeiro Brazil and want to know how the whole process and how and when do I receive money from the sale of the kidney.

47213 what are the kidney sale prices

44686 hi i am sonu i want sale for kidney

37255 i want to sale my kidney,how much i vcan i get

46848 i want to sale my kidney.. after that can i survive?

47468 hi sir i want to sale my kidney with some problems...will u help me

38651 i wanna sale my kidney wat can i do

39126 get big price when to sale of kidney ?

47341 Hello fellow... i have my kidney for sale

34199 where can i go to sale my kidney i need money

44204 can i sale my kidney for cash

37640 i want to sale my a kidney how much ur give me

36663 i am from london, can i sale my kidney

46833 how much i "ll got i wanna to sale my kidney?

46839 where sale my kidney in india

48176 what do i do to sustain myself because i want to sale a kidney

38523 can i sale my kidney when i live far away

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