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48436 Rocky Victor

Will you be able to help me in South Africa and what will the recovery period be?

37866 Hi. I "m a healthy white South African in desperate need of financial aid. Is there anyway I can do this from South Africa? Sell my kidney that is.

38864 Where is the kidney market in South Africa?

43247 Hi, I "m in South Africa how will I be able to sell you my kidney?

38132 im in south africa and i would like to sell my kidney

32051 how do i sell my kidney in south africa and for how much

47659 Is it possible to sell my kidney in south africa legally?how much is it value

36186 I live in South Africa, would I still be able to sell my kidney?

39583 hi- I ;live in South Africa. Is it possible to sell my kidney from this country?

42043 Hello. The above is my e-mail. I "m in South Africa. Young, healthy and white. I "m in desperate need of money. What can I get for my kidney and is it safe?

34670 how long is the recovert period

37196 how long is the recovery time?

46600 how long is recovery after the opperation

47657 how bad is the pain and how many days does it take fr recovery? thank you

36812 how long is recovery time and how large

46591 Hello, Would the expenses to get to yourselves be covered also what is the recovery process


37267 How long is recovery, and how much pain in involved ?

38252 When can this procedure be done and is it in the United States? how long does it take? How much recovery time do I need?

37675 I live in the uk ....does this present any problems and also can you tell me the normal recovery time after removal of a kidney


46667 am in africa how can i sell my kidney

41702 iam selling my kidney and how can i do that since iam in Africa?

36431 can i sell my kidney even if iam in Africa?

36432 can i sell my kidney even if i am in Africa?

45206 am in kenya.East Africa,how do i sell my kidney?

46827 hi,i live in Kenya,East Africa.i would like to sell my kidney to do we do this?

42471 Dear Sir or Madam, My name is Alejandro and I´m from Chile, South America and I´d like to sell a kidney, so please help me up to do this as soon as possible. Kind regards, Alejandro Salinas

45283 am in Kenya Africa.when i sell my kidney how will i get the money and how will the operation go on?will i pay for the operation or will it be catered for?

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