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48085 abhinav negi

what is tha actual price of a kidney and what are the symptoms of selling a kidney?

38074 what is the price of selling kidney

38601 how much kidney selling price

32232 how to sell my kidney? the selling price?


33087 sell my kidney what is the selling price of kidney?

44675 Hello... I am interested in selling my kidney, what price does it worth and what are the necessary steps to take... Please tell me the side effects and how many more years i "ll live if i have one off.

41047 Dear Sir my name is omer , i am a sudanese citizen, from western Darfor. due to the war and poverty in our country I would like to offer you sir selling my kidney. yes Sir I want to sell my kidny at higher price possible . bleave this Sir, becouse we are here in sudan suffering to servive i wants to help my family and myself. you cant imagine how we live here I deside this and i am weeling to accept any liabilities i am in berfect health coditions , you can make sure by my perfect health condition .i can provide you by any any test you want or health examination you need . i never drink wine in my life .. i dont even smoke i just need your help in selling my kidney if you kindly Sir if you are not able to help me please gu

36952 I would like to sell my kidney. I am oliver and i am from Philippines. The price is negotiable and actually the price would vary depends upon the customers status in life. where can i sell my kidney?

43030 what is your present selling price?

32711 My father ever want to selling his kidney, they has until the last step but the last step is the clien condition not good, not from my papa. And now he want to selling again the kidney. May u help us?

43429 Hello friend my kidney sel india kidney sel price jst mail


41821 hi iam in financial crisis i want to sell my kidney please help me and let me know in one kidney i will survive or worked and how long it take time i need money within one month and how much you will pay for kidney selling thank you

39506 i want sold my kidney what price kidney now.

43531 what is the price of a kidney

47745 what is the price of my kidney

47450 what is the price for one kidney?

37173 How much is the price of kidney?

33893 usually how much the price each kidney?

36133 what is the price of a kidney?

32393 what is the price of kidney ?

37034 how much price can be of a kidney?

31688 what is the price of a kidney

47165 what is price of human kidney

46781 howmany price have a kidney .

34817 How do i sell my kidney for a price

37054 i want to sell my kidney how much price i will get?

34836 I want to sell my kidney.what "s the price for it?

39126 get big price when to sale of kidney ?

39762 if i want sell my kidney then how much price got

44466 where to sell kidney,what price i will get

45299 how much price if i sale my own one kidney

38195 Hi, I want to sell my kidney... can u help me with the price.

46063 how to sell my kidney and what is the price i get for that

33959 i am interested in selling my kidney.. i am healthy, non smoker and do not drink. I am willing sell my kidney... I did the test on your website and it says i am not eligible. please let me know how can i contact you to sell my kidney . thanks

34360 i want to sell my kidney so i want to knw your buying price

37291 hi i am sonal in how many price sill in one kidney plz tell me?

46710 I want to sell my much price will i get maximum?

45645 do i can sell my kidney from macedonia ?? and how price i will get

37929 want to sell my kidney. Please advice how much price i may get

47847 where ihave to sell my kidney and how much price

43074 now a days whats price of kidney

34788 I "m in canada how can i sell kidney in what price?

38000 can i sell my kidney for best price , from where can i get the buyer

35838 i want to donate kidney for a reasonable price!! how do i do that..

47661 In need of money willing to sell a kidney if price is right?

42194 what price kidney? because i need money to pay obligation my girlfriend


41937 my friend s ready to sell his kidney but at a good price

48182 i would like sell my kidney and i need money, can you offer me a good price? and we "ll see from there.

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