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47780 Jon wayne

is this site for real? or is it just a funny joke?

34750 Is this site a joke, the horrible spelling, grammar, etc. makes it look so! I "ve been certified healthy enough to donate any of my organs yet your site says no! I take it this is an Israeli site so, well I "m still interested as long as the money "s right. And please redesign your site... IT "S CRAP! Best, P

34735 This site is so funny! Thanks!!!

35880 You crack me up very funny site

32202 Is this for real? I am in financial trouble and the thought has occurred to me and while surfing for information on how to donate a kidney I found your site. If this is for real then I am on board.

48627 nice site was a good laugh to see it. did ur test for fun, funny lol i didnt survive the op im dead ;) xx

43629 is this site really a joke?? i was really serious!! contact me soon please so i can goto Bed Thank YOU

40920 Congratulations! It’s very likely that your health is almost ideal! That means that your kidney is really costly! Welcome to our clinic! is this a joke or real?

34783 i couldnt stop laughing when i saw this site. is this for real?

32900 I am in perfect health, but your test said otherwise. Is this site for real?

44999 is THIS Web-site FOR REAL! as I m currently thinking of selling a Kidney? I "m in terrible financial trouble! Thanks W

33489 this isnt a real site is it? i have tried the online test and put every good result on there and have been declined everytime

33210 Why do I get the feeling this is all a big joke?

37598 do u really buy kidneys or is it a joke???

46189 can to sell my truth.. o is a joke

48218 i see its a joke, you should spend your time more proctively moron

45309 Why it is needed to joke on a serious things like this? If someone want to sell his/her kidney its up to them and if someone buy then good if not so much better, right?

37206 i did the test as a joke, and you tell me am unhealthy i will tell my friends it will be a good laugh

38823 Is this a joke?Your page SUCKS!!Ouu this doctor on piccture is uglyy!

34676 This is all a fake from the government or any anotherr department. eVEN IF I FULLFULL THE TEST WITH THE BEST POSSIBLE ANSWERS IS THE RESULT BAD. THIS IS REALLY A JOKE

43118 Is this for real? If so, I want to know more...

44418 Is this for real? where do I have to go?

38793 Are you a real website, can I really do this.

34171 is this for real. What do i need to do to get involved.

39348 You buy kidneys? This is a real question

46519 Are you for real? I thought this was illegal

46680 please, is this real? cos i hate pranks

38599 Is this for real? Could I really sell a kidney here?

47935 Is this shit for real? Roflmao.

36576 Why does your site suck so much ass?

47401 Why do you cocksuckers have this web site?

37692 is this real? ca i really sell a kidney? legal?

34729 you can actually sell a kideny on this web site, how much does one go for?

34903 is this site legit or am i gonna die

47918 can i sell my kidney through this site? and for how much?

42366 How do I contact you their is not information on your site.

44732 Is this for real? I thought it was illegal to sell kidneys?

44733 Is this for real? I thought it was illegal to sell your kidney?

42132 I am willing to sell my kidney to overcom crisis,if only i can get the real way to get there.

39349 You buy kidneys? This is a real question as I passed your test

42130 Hello,I am willing to sell my kidney to overcome crisis,if only i can get the real way to get there.

37060 how can i have a contact to any one in this site who can help me sell my kidney?

46609 I would like to know if could sell one of my kidneys,or if im even on the correct site for that?

46299 i would like to sell my kidney,how can i register to your site.

46298 No contacxct nos on site t sell a kidney

45079 how to be a member of this site?? im selling my kidney

33460 Are you for real? I thought this was against the law? I personally think it "s my kidney and I should be able to do what I want with it. What hospital or clinic are you from?

34615 is this forr real. I thought it is illegal to sell organs in the US

38160 can i real sell my kidney to wipe away povaty from my life.

37269 im in perfect health and ur site tells me im unsatisfactory???

34578 You are a faggot. Who would make a fake site? Please go fuck yourself.

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