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47589 bobo

How safe is the procedure, and how do I know that your business is legit and performed by professional doctors

45173 were are the surgerys performed

47609 where are surgeries performed

34149 Which country is the surgery performed in. Am I guaranteed payment?

36403 Is this legit? If so, what is the next step?

33597 how legit is this. because im willing to sell my kidney to help others.

43284 is selling a organ of your own legit, and how does one go about doing so?

34903 is this site legit or am i gonna die

37433 why do u have crappy ways of evaluating im in excellent health per doctors frauds

48344 Is this legit? cause i need to get some money and i will gladly sell a kidney.

38164 How can this business be successful?

34780 Who does procedure, where is procedure done, what care is provided?

40923 where can we sell kidneys? i like to do business with you

42464 i would like to donate one of my kidney to pay debts and start a business aswell as to help those people who are in need. But im located in the philippines.

35105 hello how can you sell your kidney? where? and, is it safe?

34131 I live in America, how safe is this?

34097 How safe is this? And how much time do you have to take off work? Also where is it done, can it be done near me?

44385 Is it safe? Whats the process?

33786 i want to sell a kidney is it safe

36875 how can i sell my kidney i need money and how much?is that safe for me

44344 Can sell kidney in a safe atmosphere?

46057 my kidney is very very bad, however the doctors asked me to change if i could.but i don "t know where to change?

36176 How does this program work? I would like to sell mine, if its safe and goes to someone who needs it

39912 Hi my blood type is O- and is this safe. what would my kindney be wroth too?

31995 IS it true that living with only one kidney is totally safe?

45981 can a man live life safe fully by one kidney.

36337 How do I kind of Doctor safe enough to take mine? I need the money, but I want someone I can trust...

42043 Hello. The above is my e-mail. I "m in South Africa. Young, healthy and white. I "m in desperate need of money. What can I get for my kidney and is it safe?

46869 Can you live a healthy life with only one kidney. I "m in desperation but if my kidney could save another human being. What is the problems you can encount in selling your own organ part is your body for god sakes. Is no one business what you do with it.

32821 You test was bogus, I;m in excellent health and answered the questions as such, yet your response was to get better. Not only that but the site is in "English " but you did not bother to get someone who speaks proper English or knows how to use a spell checker to put it together. Who wants to trust their bodies to such a half-assed business?

44901 sir my brother have one only kidney another one is remover last year please give tips in safe one kidney

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44341 Where is this procedure done?

35726 where do i go to get this procedure done? is this going to be done in the US?

43876 what is the procedure to buy kidney?

38482 How dangerous is this procedure?

33689 when can the procedure take place and how much is it

35370 Would I have to travel outside the US for the procedure

38417 i want to sell my one kidney what r the procedure i just want to know regarding

38037 how much will this procedure cost me? how do I get started?

33341 where can i have this procedure done? city wise

33220 Hi, i would like to know more about selling a kidney. What is the procedure? Thank you

35095 what is the procedure if i want to sell kidney

45366 i want to sell my kidney.can u please tel me the procedure for that.

47196 what is the procedure to sellmy kidney

48576 hi i want to sale my kidney waht is procedure

39006 i want to know what is the risk for kedney donars. what are the procedure? please tell me?

37691 what`s the procedure im undergoing if ever in going to sell my kidney

43397 i want to sell my kidney...wats the procedure

38196 Dear friend can i get kidney from ur network what "s the procedure?

43396 i want to sell my kidney for money whats the procedure

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