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47569 Rajesh Kumar

Good Morning Sir, I request i m sale my kidney

41687 dear sir, i want to sale my kidney for requirement of bucks. please advice me how can i sale it and what will be the process. kindly reply me as soon as. i am ready to sale from now

42631 how to sale my kidny ? my blood group AB+, good health.

41116 Hello fellow... I know how to help you to overcome the crisis! this is as per your request raj..

36413 why isnt my kidney any good, or good enough to sell?

36918 where did the operation or the transplant done. can we request to do the transplant here i our country?

45733 i want to sale my kidney what procedure to sale kidney

44603 pls help me I need money so i sale my Kidney so how to sale my kidney?

44132 why was my kidney not good enough?

43090 took the test. I have a good kidney. Do you want it or not? How much?

42814 how many test before my kidney knows it was good..

38713 do you take anyones kidney if it is good?

33437 in good health and want to sell kidney

39045 why would my health not be good for selling my kidney?

31897 Why am I not a good candidate for a kidney transplant?

37508 i want to sell my kidney i am a very good candidate

34658 will you lead a good life with one kidney

45716 how much do u guys usually paid for a good kidney?

43071 What makes someone a good candidate to sell a kidney?

33517 i would like to sell my kidney. i "m european and in good health

43149 i would like to sell my kidney.. how can i do it.. i am AB+, good health... please tell me how can i do it?.. Thanks, Sadarudeen

39400 Im in a good health to sell my kidney. I would like to know how to do all this in a faster way. best regards,

46803 i want to sell my kidney . please advise me which city is good

43785 i have an extra kidney i am in good health and want to sell it

33292 i need money and iam in good health and i want to sell a kidney

35161 how do i donate my kidney? im in very good health and young

41807 I would like to sell my kidney i am in good health and have taken the get a test so what do I do now?

38653 i want sell my kidney for money very good kidney

38529 I want to sell kidney?where?,and if its good kidney how much money I can get for that kidney?

45309 Why it is needed to joke on a serious things like this? If someone want to sell his/her kidney its up to them and if someone buy then good if not so much better, right?


48182 i would like sell my kidney and i need money, can you offer me a good price? and we "ll see from there.

41937 my friend s ready to sell his kidney but at a good price

37730 i would like to sell my kidney,ifeel that i "m in good enough health to be checked out

33450 need to sell kidney in good shape no smoking are drinking

33452 i want to sell kidney i am in good shape but am in debts and need money

40059 Good evening! I live in Bulgaria and I want to ask how the procedure goes to sell a kidney?

42624 How much will you give me for my kidney? Good quality, one previous owner, some scratches.

48222 hello,ive decided to sell a kidney,ive filled out the questionaire and all looks good,my nxt option is?,thankyou

36500 hi i was wondering how perfect you have to be to sell a kidney because im really healthy in good shap and they r telling me im not a fit

42473 hi my friends want to sell her kidney for money cause for save her family " pls help her......she has a good healthy.....thank you

45054 i waant to sell my kidney and i have good health and alway exercise

47906 sir good evening i whant sell my one kidney for my fianshal problems please help in this matter

43048 how I can sale my a kidney & where

37775 Hi Wha i need to do to sale my kidney ??

46441 what do I have to do to sale my kidney


46031 where i have to go to sale out my kidney

45983 Sir, I want to sale my kidney please help me.How i do that..

35917 How can I sale a kidney? Where?

38390 i want to sale one kidney so where i will go tell me

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