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47165 Shashikant

what is price of human kidney


37192 i want to sell my kidney in huaman body there is two kidney so without one kidney human can live or not? n with one kidney human can work well or not plz kindly answer me

36952 I would like to sell my kidney. I am oliver and i am from Philippines. The price is negotiable and actually the price would vary depends upon the customers status in life. where can i sell my kidney?

37582 how i can donate kidney? Which are the hospitals in maharashtra from where i can get the information of cost of kidney, any problem to human if he is having one kidney??

44315 how much do u pay for a human kidney ??

46869 Can you live a healthy life with only one kidney. I "m in desperation but if my kidney could save another human being. What is the problems you can encount in selling your own organ part is your body for god sakes. Is no one business what you do with it.

38857 what is the indian market value of a human kidney

35742 hi how much a human kidney costs in euro?

35741 hi my question is that how much i human kidney costs in euro?

41938 can human do normal work with single kidney

37420 can human do normal work single kidney

35459 I am very intereseted in selling my kidney I have had a vision i beliave that I should give back to the human race i have been blessed with vitial organs and a very large heart , I feel that I should be able to have the right to sell my very heakthy kidney to someone who is in need . can you please help? I don "t want a problem, I just want to help an innoncent and my self

37222 how long a human survive with one kidney compare to having both kidneys?

43429 Hello friend my kidney sel india kidney sel price jst mail

48085 what is tha actual price of a kidney and what are the symptoms of selling a kidney?

33087 sell my kidney what is the selling price of kidney?

38369 what price kidney?

43531 what is the price of a kidney

38370 what price kidney

32393 what is the price of kidney ?

39397 How much kidney price

43127 what s the price of kidney

43129 how many price one kidney?

39763 what is the price of kidney

47944 How much price a kidney?

35988 what is price of kidney

36133 what is the price of a kidney?

37034 how much price can be of a kidney?

47450 what is the price for one kidney?

47826 kidney price

33893 usually how much the price each kidney?

37173 How much is the price of kidney?

31688 what is the price of a kidney

47745 what is the price of my kidney

38074 what is the price of selling kidney

38195 Hi, I want to sell my kidney... can u help me with the price.

39717 what is real price of kidney

46781 howmany price have a kidney .

37054 i want to sell my kidney how much price i will get?

45299 how much price if i sale my own one kidney

39762 if i want sell my kidney then how much price got

39126 get big price when to sale of kidney ?

34836 I want to sell my kidney.what "s the price for it?

34817 How do i sell my kidney for a price

46063 how to sell my kidney and what is the price i get for that

44466 where to sell kidney,what price i will get

38601 how much kidney selling price

39506 i want sold my kidney what price kidney now.

32232 how to sell my kidney? the selling price?

47661 In need of money willing to sell a kidney if price is right?

Read this page before.
Domain for sold, aganeiro(at)google mail