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46572 Donna

Isn "t this illegal in the US?

33324 isn "t it illegal to do something like that?

36702 If its illegal in the U.S., Where do I fly to?

32542 This is illegal in the US. How can you do this?

31985 Is it illegal or legal to do this?


44304 Is it illegal to sell ur kidney

35585 I want to sell my kidney, but it "s illegal in the US ? How can I go about that ?

31598 Is illegal to sele my kidney in USA?

34441 How does one Sell a Kidney. It is

43471 is selling your kidney illegal?

34017 Isn "t selling your organs illegal?

48508 is selling your kidney illegal

38596 isn "t that illegal? to sell kidneys?

46519 Are you for real? I thought this was illegal

39555 How and where would you take my kidney? And is this illegal? I am from the Netherlands.

36903 is this illegal in north america?

39133 Is it illegal to sell my kidney?

32835 isnt selling your kidney illegal ?

32625 I thought selling a kidney was illegal?

46424 isnt it illegaL TO SELL YOUR KIDNEY ]

43708 I thought it was illegal to sell a kidney

47028 I thought it was illegal to sell one of your kidneys. Its not?

44372 isnt selling a kidney illegal

44935 where are you located because in the usa it is illegal to sell my kidney

37283 how is the process of selling a kidney if its illegal in the U.S?

39294 I thought selling kidneys was illegal?

39044 i thought selling a kidney was illegal in the us

35930 It "s still illegal to sell a kidney in the US, correct?

45558 If you have used illegal drugs in the past can you still donate?

44732 Is this for real? I thought it was illegal to sell kidneys?

44733 Is this for real? I thought it was illegal to sell your kidney?

36315 is it illegal to sell your organs in north america

33844 i thought that it was illegal to sell body parts?

34318 is it not illegal to sell human kidneys,except for in iran?

33942 what country is the surgery done since it is illegal to sell a kidney in USA.

34541 Isn "t selling your kidney illegal in North America?

34834 Isnt it illegal to sell your body parts?

31789 in North America it is illegal to sell a kidney - so what is this about?

32349 Hello I am very interested in selling my Kidney. i have read that it is illegal, can you help me find out if i can do this.

36519 If it "s illegal to sell a kidney in N.America, where does one have to go and how is a price agreed upon?

36020 Is this illegal. And if so is this procedure done in a hostpital or by qualified surgeons and anestheoligist.

34799 hello just concrned is it illegal in north america to sell your kidney?

38538 Isn "t selling your organs illegal. I want to, but only because I really need the money. Pleased let me know if this is legal

34615 is this forr real. I thought it is illegal to sell organs in the US

34344 I live in Uk and i need money can you show me a way how to sell my kidney?becuase it "s illegal here

33321 I have two healthy kidneys but need to help with family emergency. Is selling my kidney illegal?

37101 so is it illegal in the states to sell a kidney...was thinking of selling one of mine!

46941 hello, i was wondering if it is illegal to sell a kidney in the us how do you do it legally? i dont want to be put in jail for this.

36520 If it "s illegal in North America, where would I have to go and would all travel, as well as medical expenses be paid for?

32279 I read in the internet that selling your kidney is illegal? Why then you make this offer?

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