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Specialist opinion Famous doctor Hvachitarjan G. think that transplantation... Revelation of underground transplantologist I did underground transplantations before... You're not alone We created special social network to support donors  

46415 teri murphy

I want to donate a kidney for reasonable compensation. what do I need to do?

44556 i would like to become a kidney donor for a reasonable compensation

35838 i want to donate kidney for a reasonable price!! how do i do that..

47563 How do I go about giving a kidney for compensation. I am healthy and in need of .financial assistance

37594 I have some large bills and would like to sell a body part to pay them off. Most reasonable one I think is a kidney. How can I do this?

33128 i would love to help some one and donate a kidney. they must donate a sum on cash money.

41889 Hi I am in real debt now and want to do any thing for money that is why I want to sell my kidney on reasonable price. I am in Pakistan

37582 how i can donate kidney? Which are the hospitals in maharashtra from where i can get the information of cost of kidney, any problem to human if he is having one kidney??

44427 Do you have facility to donate the kidney? My brother-in-law has to go under kidney transplantation and we need Kidney. PLease advice or suggest! Thanks

33948 My mother is in need of a kidney and im wondering how this all works? Can i donate to someone im compatable with in return for a kidney that is a match for her?

46980 how many years I can live with one kidney if I donate one kidney

48425 How do I donate a kidney

33348 i want to donate a kidney

37396 how can i donate kidney

33399 What do I do that I could donate a kidney?

37276 How can i donate my kidney?


32715 I want to "donate " one kidney. What do I do?

36597 how can i donate a kidney

37878 Can I donate a Kidney?

34015 why cant i donate a kidney


48398 what are the criteria "s to donate a kidney?

43969 that the ideal age to donate kidney

34979 Does it cost for me to donate my kidney?

43335 I want to donate kidney. I am in Cambridge, UK. How and where I can do so?

45720 i want to donate a kidney, do you are intersesting?

33015 how much money u want to donate for my kidney

35750 I would like to donate my kidney to someone who can help me pay off my debts, is it possible??

34379 i would like to donate a kidney for money

48426 How do I donate a kidney for cash?

38399 what minimum age for donate kidney

37427 can i donate my kidney for money

45154 i want to donate my kidney for money what i want to do

46168 I would like to donate my kidney for money? How much I can get?

43545 My friend would like to donate a kidney.

38048 i want donate a kidney for money, can u help me?

44170 i pass the test how do i donate a kidney

35924 i am a fit boy i have no disease and no problem to donate kidney.

37294 hi i am sonal and i am donate my one kidney plz hellp me.

48438 i wants to donate my kidney will i face any problems while doing sex?

47469 hwo can i over come the crisis i am fit and healthy and willing to donate my kidney.

44003 i want to donate my kidney in india, how will imake it

43684 hi, i would like to donate my kidney due to financial crisis. will you please help me out?

34073 i would like to donate a kidney but i live in kenya how can i really do that?

46797 I have a-negative blood and i want to donate my kidney what can i do

47177 I have decided to donate a kidney for a gift. How can I go about it?

45241 I have many partners, who can invite to donate his kidney ... Where do I like

36907 what are health conditions to donate kidney

40088 Can I really donate a kidney and make money?

32856 how is the body effected when you donate a kidney?

Read this page before.
Domain for sold, aganeiro(at)google mail