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45792 elena maetinez

whats the age range for selling a kidney

39416 Whats involved in selling a kidney?

37707 I took the test and i "m prepared to go to the next step of selling a kidney or/and a lobe of my liver. Whats next?

36386 What is a range of prices you can receive for a kidney?

43074 now a days whats price of kidney

31163 i want sell my kidney. pls help me whats the proce?

42200 where would a person go to sell there kidney and who would be doing the job and is someone aloud to be there to see whats being done

43396 i want to sell my kidney for money whats the procedure

45222 whats the process to begin to sell a kidney

32206 I wanna sell my kidney, or even my testical. Whats the best way to do that?

41235 mai apni kidney sell karna chata hu whats prise

43905 Why am I not eligible to sell my kidney? i completed the questionaire and have no issues dont smoke drink no drugs no disease. So whats the problem?

32711 My father ever want to selling his kidney, they has until the last step but the last step is the clien condition not good, not from my papa. And now he want to selling again the kidney. May u help us?

31953 If I sell one of my kidney, whats are probable problem may occur in future. will it be a problem while doing sex if i sell my kidney?

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33310 whats the number where i can contact someone

44385 Is it safe? Whats the process?

34718 First of all is this legal and if so whats the next step??

38913 Ya i have taken the test and I changed all my answers to be as best canidate and still says not able to whats up with that

34279 So whats the problem. I dont drink.take pills am not sick m no bad surgeries

38915 I haved changed all my answers to fit your test and they still dont qualify whats up with that

44203 i am in excalent physical condition yet the test said i am in poor health. whats the deal?

41047 Dear Sir my name is omer , i am a sudanese citizen, from western Darfor. due to the war and poverty in our country I would like to offer you sir selling my kidney. yes Sir I want to sell my kidny at higher price possible . bleave this Sir, becouse we are here in sudan suffering to servive i wants to help my family and myself. you cant imagine how we live here I deside this and i am weeling to accept any liabilities i am in berfect health coditions , you can make sure by my perfect health condition .i can provide you by any any test you want or health examination you need . i never drink wine in my life .. i dont even smoke i just need your help in selling my kidney if you kindly Sir if you are not able to help me please gu

41821 hi iam in financial crisis i want to sell my kidney please help me and let me know in one kidney i will survive or worked and how long it take time i need money within one month and how much you will pay for kidney selling thank you

36278 Yeah, i just did the test and it said my health characteristics aren "t healthy, i "ve never had serious illnesses i don "t drink, and i spell better than the test does whats going on?

36248 i "m intrested in selling a kidney, does rare blood type make the kidney worth more money?

33959 i am interested in selling my kidney.. i am healthy, non smoker and do not drink. I am willing sell my kidney... I did the test on your website and it says i am not eligible. please let me know how can i contact you to sell my kidney . thanks

33115 Hello my name is John I am interested in selling a kidney, I live in Rio de Janeiro Brazil and want to know how the whole process and how and when do I receive money from the sale of the kidney.

48085 what is tha actual price of a kidney and what are the symptoms of selling a kidney?

32830 how a way, i want to selling my kidney?

48064 Iam selling a kidney. How can i get there?

47385 How much would I net from selling a kidney

46295 how do i go about selling one of my kidney "s

35164 How do I go about selling a kidney?

35823 want to know about selling a kidney

41066 How do I go about in selling a kidney?

43924 how much will i get if i am selling my kidney

39064 How much for selling your kidney?

33908 How do i go about selling a kidney

42936 how do i go about selling my kidney?

31869 How much can I get after selling my Kidney

36498 how do i go about selling kidney?

45177 How to go about selling my kidney?

33332 How do I go about in selling my kidney?

32657 how do i go about selling my kidney

42999 how can i help some one buy selling them a kidney

45529 where is the selling my kidney?

47837 so how do I go about selling a kidney

38365 how can i go about selling my kidney

34585 how do i go about selling a kidney and where can i go to do it

38621 How would I go about selling my kidney

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