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Specialist opinion Famous doctor Hvachitarjan G. think that transplantation... Revelation of underground transplantologist I did underground transplantations before... You're not alone We created special social network to support donors  



48572 where are you located? is this legal to do, as I don "t want to get into any trouble with selling one of my kidneys!

48015 Is it legal to sell your kidney in the U.S.? If so, when did it become legal? I understand it used to be illegal.

35947 is this legal? i dont really care about if is legal or not i just want to know.

35477 if and only if i was to sell one of my kidneys would i get in trouble

33937 i want sell my kidney...please help me. ii "m in economic trouble. thank u

33651 wont i get into trouble for selling my kidney

44199 I am in desperate financial trouble and I am willing to sell a kidney if possible.

44200 I am in major financial trouble and I would like to explore the option of selling a kidney.

41113 Hello fellow... I know how to help you to overcome the crisis! please help to sell my kidney. I have trouble with my finance

44999 is THIS Web-site FOR REAL! as I m currently thinking of selling a Kidney? I "m in terrible financial trouble! Thanks W

39450 I am deepa from India, would like to sel my kidney. please let me knwo the procedure, I am into deep trouble financially i need to save my kid for his health concern.

36778 Alright ~ I "m kind of in trouble financially and from the looks of it, this seems like a pretty effective way to make a whole lot of money really quickly...But this worries me, what are the risks involved ?

32202 Is this for real? I am in financial trouble and the thought has occurred to me and while surfing for information on how to donate a kidney I found your site. If this is for real then I am on board.

33553 is it legal if so i would like to know more

47487 How much can I get is this legal in the Usa

34258 Is it legal and do you buy kidneys

44961 Is it legal? Age restrictions?

33812 is this legal? where do I get the test?

31985 Is it illegal or legal to do this?

36034 i want to donate. is this legal?

36028 Is it legal, and where is the operation done?

39139 Is it legal go sell a kidney?

38131 how can i sell my kidney? and is it legal?

32709 is it legal for me to sell a kidney

32691 Is it legal to sell your own kidney in USA

32622 Is it legal for me to sell one of my kidneys?

32390 Is it legal to sell an organ in the US?

44833 is it even legal to sell a kidney?

34718 First of all is this legal and if so whats the next step??

38988 Hello. Is it legal to sell a kidney? Thanks

43659 is it legal to sell a kidney?

39100 is this legal and if it is how do i sign up for the program?

44139 is it legal to sell my kidney to you?

33652 is it legal to sell your kidney

36210 so is it legal to sell a kidney? if so how would someone go about it?

35135 is there any legal way to sell my kidney

36224 Is this legal in New York State?


36361 is it legal to sell my kidney

34392 Is selling your kidney legal in the U.S.?

36633 is it legal for me to sell my kidney

46952 Can I sell my kidney is it legal?

36535 Is this legal? Do I have to pay for the surgery or post op care?

35547 Is it legal to sell our kidney to you? How much will we be paid?

48474 Is selling a kidney legal? Could i go to jail for this?

44300 how much could you get for selling your kidney and is it really legal to sell?

46559 this is legal or ilegal selling kidney

33480 is it legal for me to sell my kidney if i live in the UK?

34797 is this legal and how much money will i get and do i have to claim it on my taxes

38708 Is selling your kidney LEGAL? Will I have to pay for the operation.

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