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45281 michael

is it legal for me to travel from the uk to come to you and donate my kidney and where are you based

45266 i live in the uk and wanted to know if i travel to you would i be able to donate a organ or would i be breaking the law

36034 i want to donate. is this legal?

35500 Where are you based? I "m in the U.S. of A.

48015 Is it legal to sell your kidney in the U.S.? If so, when did it become legal? I understand it used to be illegal.

33128 i would love to help some one and donate a kidney. they must donate a sum on cash money.

38506 where would i have to travel so sell my kidney

35369 Would I have to travel outside the country to sell my kidney?

46192 do u pay for travel and stay. plus how do u no if ur kidney is sellable

32425 Do you have state-of-the-art facilities? Where will I need to travel? Will all expenses be paid over and above the kidney payment?

42859 I am healthy, although diabetic, i heal quite well and am type A+, what would a kidney sell for and where would i need to travel to for the surgery?

46159 Hi, I am interested in selling my Kidney, but I am in India, and i wont be able to travel. I want to sell because I am in a financial crisis

35947 is this legal? i dont really care about if is legal or not i just want to know.

33494 where do i have to travel to and do i have to pay to get there

35370 Would I have to travel outside the US for the procedure

37582 how i can donate kidney? Which are the hospitals in maharashtra from where i can get the information of cost of kidney, any problem to human if he is having one kidney??

43802 are the travel & medical expenses paid?

48268 I live in the USA who pays for travel and other expenses?

44427 Do you have facility to donate the kidney? My brother-in-law has to go under kidney transplantation and we need Kidney. PLease advice or suggest! Thanks

43801 are the medical costs & travel expenses paid?

36633 is it legal for me to sell my kidney

36361 is it legal to sell my kidney

35135 is there any legal way to sell my kidney

32709 is it legal for me to sell a kidney

43659 is it legal to sell a kidney?

32691 Is it legal to sell your own kidney in USA

44139 is it legal to sell my kidney to you?

33652 is it legal to sell your kidney

36210 so is it legal to sell a kidney? if so how would someone go about it?

38988 Hello. Is it legal to sell a kidney? Thanks

38131 how can i sell my kidney? and is it legal?

44833 is it even legal to sell a kidney?


34392 Is selling your kidney legal in the U.S.?

46952 Can I sell my kidney is it legal?

39139 Is it legal go sell a kidney?

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34111 what do you pay for in terms of travel and medical bills, and what country does this take place in?

32963 I heard that the procedure may not be legal in the united states. Is that tru? In the cost negotiable for a kidney? How long does it take for a person to be given clearence to give a kidney?

33948 My mother is in need of a kidney and im wondering how this all works? Can i donate to someone im compatable with in return for a kidney that is a match for her?

32715 I want to "donate " one kidney. What do I do?

33399 What do I do that I could donate a kidney?

35547 Is it legal to sell our kidney to you? How much will we be paid?

48474 Is selling a kidney legal? Could i go to jail for this?

38708 Is selling your kidney LEGAL? Will I have to pay for the operation.

37692 is this real? ca i really sell a kidney? legal?

46559 this is legal or ilegal selling kidney

44300 how much could you get for selling your kidney and is it really legal to sell?

38535 yea, im wanting to sell a kidney is this legal?

33480 is it legal for me to sell my kidney if i live in the UK?

47664 Which coutries is it legal to sell your kidney

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