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45224 aimee

i am thinking of selling my organ but how much will i get for it? its a major op and it has to be worth it

44200 I am in major financial trouble and I would like to explore the option of selling a kidney.

46438 im thinking of selling a kidney how much would i get?

44009 I "m thinking about selling a kidney

43284 is selling a organ of your own legit, and how does one go about doing so?

41167 I am very much interested in selling one of my kidneys. I am O positive blood type. I am relatively healthy. I have no major health issues other than RLS. Please contact me ASAP.

41867 hello I am thinking of selling a kidney to save my house and would like information

37101 so is it illegal in the states to sell a kidney...was thinking of selling one of mine!

43068 i am thinking of selling my kidney. i am healthy and no medical issues. where do i start?

44999 is THIS Web-site FOR REAL! as I m currently thinking of selling a Kidney? I "m in terrible financial trouble! Thanks W

37824 i am in a financial problem and i am thinking of selling my one kidney. What is the full procedure and what amount i can get for that and from where i can get that

42037 I desperately need cash to pay off my debts,so I am thinking of selling my kidney because I have no other choice.Pls reply

45764 I "m thinking about selling my kidney,I "m very healthy,Non smoker,No drinking only socially,What do i have to do to get this done and help my financial problems

44675 Hello... I am interested in selling my kidney, what price does it worth and what are the necessary steps to take... Please tell me the side effects and how many more years i "ll live if i have one off.

46869 Can you live a healthy life with only one kidney. I "m in desperation but if my kidney could save another human being. What is the problems you can encount in selling your own organ part is your body for god sakes. Is no one business what you do with it.

36248 i "m intrested in selling a kidney, does rare blood type make the kidney worth more money?

38507 Hi, I would like to donate my kidney because of my financial needs. My blood group is AB ve and I am healthy and didnt have any major health problems.

32756 the question where it says have you ever survived a major operation, n the options are yes and no, how is that meant to work? if you answer no means your dead, what if u havnt have any operatiosn?

41425 how about any organ

37253 is it possible to sell an organ for cash

32390 Is it legal to sell an organ in the US?



32456 the "test " just said I was not satisfactory....that seems rediculous and I am thinking there is a mistake

46522 is there a way a central american can sell an organ to you?

41972 Hello fellow... I want to sell my all organ. what cost i will get?

38584 can i sell my body organ; kidney.

45628 can i be a middle man,in organ traffic in malaysia

37580 Can a person sell their own kidney? I was thinking about it because im desparate for money??

43543 I am young healthy and never had any major med problems dont smoke dont drink and eat great food how do i not qualify

44230 kuda mne obratitsya chtob prodat pochku organ

45266 i live in the uk and wanted to know if i travel to you would i be able to donate a organ or would i be breaking the law

44228 kuda obratitsya gde mojno prodat organ pochku?

34587 I was thinking about doing this, but then I realized you spelled DaVinci wrong and lost my respect for your credability.

44229 kuda obratitsya chtob prodat pochku organ?napishite

46231 Can this be done in the us and how much is my kidney worth

34592 how much is my kidney worth?

35960 how much is my kiddny worth

34779 how much would my kidney be Worth?

47702 What is my kidney worth?

32071 How low i my kidney could worth?

38210 How much is a kidney worth?

38631 How much is a testicle worth?

48453 how much is a kidney worth

32360 how much is my kidney worth

34484 how much is my kidney worth and how soon can i get the money?

39436 how much is a pint of blood worth

43134 how much is a kidney worth in money???


34358 nice job, i almost got fooled. Working on paper about organ trafficking, searching for materials. take care!

45682 I dont know how much my kidney is worth? Any idea

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Domain for sold, aganeiro(at)google mail