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Your kidneys
are our cares!


Invite your friend and get 20% of friend's kidney price. Only until May 1.

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Specialist opinion Famous doctor Hvachitarjan G. think that transplantation... Revelation of underground transplantologist I did underground transplantations before... You're not alone We created special social network to support donors  

45067 *

Hi Judd i found this website thought it might be of interest pretty good prices huh?

45066 Hi Luigi found this website thought it might be of interest

47565 Dr. Barzilay, I found a website for selling kidneys.. not sure if you can buy kidneys off of them too. -Emma Vinella-Brusher

32202 Is this for real? I am in financial trouble and the thought has occurred to me and while surfing for information on how to donate a kidney I found your site. If this is for real then I am on board.

32009 This is pretty much fake isnt it?

47213 what are the kidney sale prices

38797 how can i sell my kidney at affordable prices?

36386 What is a range of prices you can receive for a kidney?

36778 Alright ~ I "m kind of in trouble financially and from the looks of it, this seems like a pretty effective way to make a whole lot of money really quickly...But this worries me, what are the risks involved ?

39423 if u interest to buy my kidneys please call me on my e-mail

34127 I interest to sell my kidney if i can have money to support my family

36413 why isnt my kidney any good, or good enough to sell?

35446 i want to know if we can buy kidney from this website?

39737 is this still an active website?

38793 Are you a real website, can I really do this.

45635 Go to hell suckers.. we don "t sell our bodies for Mothefucker russians who want to get some kindeys and sell them with double prices!

33669 i can sell my kidney on tis website?

41207 Hi, friend... I have found how to help you to cope with crisis!

37597 Did your test, please reply. Found another Dr in Canada

40351 Hello, my friend! I found a way how to help you cope with the crisis...

41797 Hello Tom, I know how to help you to overcome your money crisis! Just check out our website.

42424 i want to sell my kidneys,if u interest to buy my kidneys please call me on my e-mail

40647 Hallo, Marwan! My friend I found a way to help you during the crisis! Could you do it for me as I "m in big troubles now? Thank you a lot!

48342 hi i have a friend that ask me if i know how he could sell hiz kidney so i searched the web and found this site

43547 Do you guys do blood work and other test or is it just base on the questions on the website

47953 Dude! Found the easiest way to get your Friesian and pay bills! ... I know how to help you to overcome the crisis!

43238 I am in financial need, I am deep in student loans and need a way out. I found this and would like to sell what I can, please will you help with a response of possibilities

36915 I just took your test, and you found my health unsatisfactory, how could this be? No drinking/smoking/drugs, chemicals?

46519 Are you for real? I thought this was illegal

35227 I thought i "d be healthy enough for this, Is there a blood test to take for this?

32625 I thought selling a kidney was illegal?

47028 I thought it was illegal to sell one of your kidneys. Its not?

43708 I thought it was illegal to sell a kidney

39294 I thought selling kidneys was illegal?

39044 i thought selling a kidney was illegal in the us

33844 i thought that it was illegal to sell body parts?

34452 i thought it was not legal to sell body parts

44733 Is this for real? I thought it was illegal to sell your kidney?

44732 Is this for real? I thought it was illegal to sell kidneys?

41878 Josh, we need money and I have found a solution. I will be driving a new Mitsubishi Eclipse by October. Wish me luck and get yourself signed up!!!! Shnitznal, Stoph

33460 Are you for real? I thought this was against the law? I personally think it "s my kidney and I should be able to do what I want with it. What hospital or clinic are you from?

34615 is this forr real. I thought it is illegal to sell organs in the US

43757 I took the test and it said I was unhealthy but did not give reasons why. I thought with all my answers I would be very healthy.

47414 Why can I not sell my kidney thought it is perfect? (The test result: "unsatisfied ")

42571 are you guys for real? I thought it was illegal to sell your kidney to the highist bidder.

43059 How do you feel about making a rubbish website that is clearly fake and rubbish?


48573 i "m unemployed, & need money & thought that I could sell one of my kidneys, to someone who needs one, to live! where are you located? how do i go about this, with selling one of my kidneys?

42349 Hello fellow... I know how to help you to overcome the crisis! I would like to sell a kidney. I "m from Polish What can I do to sell a kidney. I plan to set up a website where people will look for function and others want them back. We can work together. Waiting for a proposal.

34610 I was honest on your test and it said I was not a good canidate, then I lied and lied and lied again and it still said I was not a good canidate. What are you looking for then? huh

33959 i am interested in selling my kidney.. i am healthy, non smoker and do not drink. I am willing sell my kidney... I did the test on your website and it says i am not eligible. please let me know how can i contact you to sell my kidney . thanks

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