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Your kidneys
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Invite your friend and get 20% of friend's kidney price. Only until February 1.

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Specialist opinion Famous doctor Hvachitarjan G. think that transplantation... Revelation of underground transplantologist I did underground transplantations before... You're not alone We created special social network to support donors  

44590 yer mom

go fuck yerself im broke and my family is starving and you make a fake web site you worthless piece of shit i think your worse than a child molester you fuckin nigger

34578 You are a faggot. Who would make a fake site? Please go fuck yourself.

47929 I don "t do drugs, don "t drink liquor at all , lost half my family to kidney problems ,please just let me donate for my piece of mind and family

36316 this shit is fake right?

34750 Is this site a joke, the horrible spelling, grammar, etc. makes it look so! I "ve been certified healthy enough to donate any of my organs yet your site says no! I take it this is an Israeli site so, well I "m still interested as long as the money "s right. And please redesign your site... IT "S CRAP! Best, P

37748 my name is kailas, i am normal man, no any healthy problem in my body, i have eagar a my kidney sell. because my child problem, my child have doing a conclear implant, but it is a very costly operation, so i have no possible it is. so i have selling a my one kidney to any buyer.

44591 black humor i knew you were a nigger

32387 Is this fuckin " real?

39134 no fuckin way mine is for sale

47558 My kidney is like GOLD I tell you how don "t you want this piece of history.

34997 is your test broke

41047 Dear Sir my name is omer , i am a sudanese citizen, from western Darfor. due to the war and poverty in our country I would like to offer you sir selling my kidney. yes Sir I want to sell my kidny at higher price possible . bleave this Sir, becouse we are here in sudan suffering to servive i wants to help my family and myself. you cant imagine how we live here I deside this and i am weeling to accept any liabilities i am in berfect health coditions , you can make sure by my perfect health condition .i can provide you by any any test you want or health examination you need . i never drink wine in my life .. i dont even smoke i just need your help in selling my kidney if you kindly Sir if you are not able to help me please gu

42530 will someone pleas help me sell a kidney or other ? so i can pay child support.

45696 Ok, I love to help people but nothing I do for theses people ever is appreceated. I want to do something for some onf that will appreceat, and I do need the cash befor the family Bizz and all our houses are taken buy banks and leanholders. I beg of you to give me a shot to do something to save my family, and pay off my HUFFY bike....LOL plez get back to me. I will do what ever it takes. Hope to here from you wounderful people. Dusty

40010 can i sell a kidney over seas . i need money to pay child support

34579 I want to sell my kidney but according to your test I am not fit so plz suggest me something I am realy broke I need money.

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43948 is fake

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36634 Why the fuck won "t you take my kidney?!


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36765 i have tryed all options and never pass the test i think its rigged go fuck yourself

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43059 How do you feel about making a rubbish website that is clearly fake and rubbish?

37158 how can l get to you l really need the money lam in a crisis with my family

36226 Why would you make something this stupid?

39536 what must i do to make this happen

38288 As I can make to contact you

47283 where we will make operation

36901 when can I make the surgery?

34635 how do i make this happen

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Domain for sold, aganeiro(at)google mail