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44400 Brooklyn

Where would the surgery take place

34993 Where does this surgery take place?

37551 where does the surgery take place?


45103 Is it only possible to have a surgery in US?

35635 do you have to pay for the surgery? or does the organization pay for it?

44818 where do you perform the kidney removal surgery

35560 I am a scientologist. How is there any way for me to sell my kidney with out the surgery?

33344 What is the process ? What are the payment options ? Where is the surgery going to be done ?

36535 Is this legal? Do I have to pay for the surgery or post op care?

39121 when u sell ur kidney do you have to have insurance to pay for surgery?

37037 where would surgery be done? what is the experience of operatig surgeon?

46818 on the test about surgery I NEVER HAD ANY ONLY THE BIRTH OF MY DAUGHTER

33942 what country is the surgery done since it is illegal to sell a kidney in USA.

34149 Which country is the surgery performed in. Am I guaranteed payment?

48099 How does one go about the possibility of selling a kidney? Tests, surgery and details

34771 how does this work?? if i elect to sell my kidney do i get the money first then undergo surgery or what

45289 Where will the operation take place?

48542 Where does the surgey take place

44401 Where would this proceedure take place?

47023 where in the world does this take place.

33689 when can the procedure take place and how much is it

47057 What is the protocol from A to Z on the kidney? How and when are funds given? What does this cover? The surgery and hospitalization? What are side effects?

42859 I am healthy, although diabetic, i heal quite well and am type A+, what would a kidney sell for and where would i need to travel to for the surgery?

48156 i want to sell my kidney what place u are?

45707 Whhat country would this take place? im in the usa

36414 Where does everything take place. I know it is iilegal in America

35060 where dose this take place what country im in the usa when do you get paid

37685 How do I get started? The crisis is taking place, I need help.

44351 want to sell kidney in at sfae place

41212 are there any requirements to selling a kidney? what exactly is involved and where does this take place?

46160 How soon can the operation take place on average from initial application?

35696 I wanna sell my kidney. Where can I find the place?

46763 How will I make it to where the transplantation will take place I mean who will facilitate the transport because I am in Nigeria.

38272 Hi...i "m leaving in australia i just try to find place i can sell my kidney....and how much you will buy it??? Thanks

34111 what do you pay for in terms of travel and medical bills, and what country does this take place in?

42149 Felix,as a friend has lot of probrem to put in place when comes to finance.that is why, i am suporting him for this decission.

32803 were is this place and the only thing i have done is smoked off and on through life not consistantly. can i sell a kidney?

37114 Can you tell me where does the kidney removal operation take place, is it in the USA, and if so do you cover return airfare, and hospital bills?

34957 Where does the operation takes place? when is the money paid and how much? and finally how long does it take to recover from the procedure to continue regular activities?

38434 need money for food for my family and will sell kidney to get that money.Please help me find a place to call

36447 I live in India . Will it be possible for me to sell kidney to u ? If not can u tell me any place that u know in India ?

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