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Your kidneys
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Invite your friend and get 20% of friend's kidney price. Only until October 1.

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Specialist opinion Famous doctor Hvachitarjan G. think that transplantation... Revelation of underground transplantologist I did underground transplantations before... You're not alone We created special social network to support donors  

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i wanna sell my kidney plz..guied me on my email id….i relly need money

41952 hey i wanna sell my kidney. i am in need of money.. if interested then email me.. this is my id .. Thank you

36761 what if relly wanna help people who r in of kedney,can sale for it

36763 i relly wanna sale my kedney ,plz sajust me ,what to do ,plz

36762 i relly wanna sale my kedney plz sajust me

41914 Hello in a big financial crisis and am ready to sell my kidney the above email is my email ,for more information contact me through it, ill be gladly to serve you ,yours nebert

44509 hello i wanna sell my kidney but need to know first how much money i will get..I live in bulgaria but i am turkish citizen

35995 i wanna sell my kidney before i kill myself. i want to help my girlfriend bcoz she "s having financial crisis and thats the only way i can help her. i have my own reason so please help me on how will i sell my kidney. i am healthy but kinda uneven obese. my stomach kinda fat bcoz i got so depressed i eat alot but now i have decided to sell my kidney. no other disease or vices what so ever. kindly helo me i need money asap

46290 please do u have email addres,,am sale my kidney,money problems

45695 hi.. friend all donate my kidney and heart if u are require so contact my email id.. urgent i want money

39577 i wanna money urgent for studies and some house problems my blood group is a any one wants this group kidney and how much money gives

46938 I want more information on how I can sell one of my kidneys. I could save a life and I could use the money to pay all my bills. Begore I do something stupid I "m esperate and I don "t know what else to do. Where can I contact your company or office. I send my email address but I have never received no answer from you guys. Tell me what is the next step I need to do to be a donbo.

42686 i am sell my kidney.plz contact my email.

46673 email me anytime cos am ready to help anybody who is willing to pay the money cos i want to settle my dept.

41011 hello friend i want to sell my kidney pls contact by email

47909 not friends i only want sell my one kidney for my finanshal problems can me help in this matter please pls email

43188 I wanna help donations. I also need money is that wrong.

32290 I wanna sell my kidney what do I have to do?

45745 i wanna sell my kidney...can i?

38624 i wanna sell my kidney..will you be able to help me??

42189 i wanna sell my kidney as soon as possible ..

45174 I would like to sell one of may kidney... i wanna know how to do it...

46845 I wanna sell my kidney but what should I do first

33592 I wanna sell my kidney how do i do this?

40804 I wanna sell my kidney please help me

37154 I want to ask,I wanna sell my kidney

39364 i wanna sell my kidney i live in usa

36402 who do i need to talk to i wanna sell my kidney?

46743 Hello fellow... I wanna sell my kidney. Plz do let me know. Thanks.

47725 if i wanna sell my kidney how much will it cost each?

46837 hi .. i wanna sell my left kidney where i can do this

38690 i wanna sell kidney but how? i am A negative

34730 I wanna sell my kidney what are the procedures

32923 I wanna sell my kidney i have no ill Why the test not accepted me ?

35696 I wanna sell my kidney. Where can I find the place?

46841 hi im from ecuador i have one of my friends who wanna sell his kidney

37142 i wanna sell a kidney i have great health what can i do

48263 I wanna sell my kidney, gimme some suggest, what should I do?

32743 Hi ! my name is Dilovar! I want to ask you about kidney, I wanna sell mine, how much you pay?

46193 Hi , i wanna sell my kidney , my blood is O- and im from Brazil , how I can do it ?

32206 I wanna sell my kidney, or even my testical. Whats the best way to do that?

38963 I might wanna sell my kidney. What are side effects and what do I have to do to get healthy enough for it?

36947 i really wanna sell my kidney, because economy can i contact you ??

40805 Hello fellow... I know how to help you to overcome the crisis! I wanna sell my kidney which can help who is needful

40086 why the result the test said that i am unhealth but i have a health lifestyle? i just wanna sell my kidney

38434 need money for food for my family and will sell kidney to get that money.Please help me find a place to call

41992 hi my frend want to sell a kidney.he is job less for the passed vyf jears and need money for his childs school fees can u help him he need the money

39869 sir, i want to sell my kidney because i am in deep money crises and i want to overcome with money

35162 i want to sell my kidney for money?i need money for hospital expence of my wife

42336 I am selling my kidney. just email me. ASAP

39448 How do I sell to u guys and how I am I sure that my money is on the account? Who pays for the operation to remove this kidney? Guys I need money

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