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Specialist opinion Famous doctor Hvachitarjan G. think that transplantation... Revelation of underground transplantologist I did underground transplantations before... You're not alone We created special social network to support donors  

44020 Abel

where are you located? I live in queens county. New york. Im in the city of woodside i want to talk to someone in person...

45712 Hello fellow... I know how to help you to overcome the crisis! talk to this person he need money and wouldn "t mind selling one of his kindey

35202 I "m interested and live in Southern California, where are you located?

48573 i "m unemployed, & need money & thought that I could sell one of my kidneys, to someone who needs one, to live! where are you located? how do i go about this, with selling one of my kidneys?

36224 Is this legal in New York State?

48432 Hi, I am a healthy person.I don "t have any disease.I am a sporty person.I am in urgent need of money.Thats why I want to sell my kidney.Pls help me.

34606 what is a healthy kidney worth? Can a person live a normal healthy life with only one kidney?

33341 where can i have this procedure done? city wise

46803 i want to sell my kidney . please advise me which city is good

36879 how can i sell my kidney? im from the philippines. davao city to be exact

33304 Hello... I need your help in something please, now I went through the test to see if I am a suitable person to give my kidney and the answer was no... The strange thing that I had asked a doctor before and he have seen too many laboratory tests results for me and he said that I am suitable person... would you please tell me who is wrong? thanks a lot

39886 Is it possible to talk to someone on the phone?

36587 the test said I was a candidate, now who do I talk to?

47042 i am india, need to talk pls co-odinate

36402 who do i need to talk to i wanna sell my kidney?

47517 My name is Zeus Hurtado, I "m from Spain of the city of Valencia, I am interested in selling one of my kidneys because I "m financially embarrassed, I need information urgently. Thank you.

46840 Where are you located? Can you tell me more about what you do.

31876 where are you located? how can i get more information?

32997 Where are you located? I "m in California

38493 Where are you located and how do I go about selling my kidneys?

38885 Where are you located? what do i need to do in order to sell my kidney?

47548 How this thing is working? How to manage and where is it located?

44935 where are you located because in the usa it is illegal to sell my kidney

48572 where are you located? is this legal to do, as I don "t want to get into any trouble with selling one of my kidneys!

46894 Is there in clinic located in the Metro Detroit area?

48602 How do I start? How long is the process? When would I get paid? Where are you located?

42464 i would like to donate one of my kidney to pay debts and start a business aswell as to help those people who are in need. But im located in the philippines.


36148 how can i get a person that i can help ?

33890 so how do i find a person in need?

47527 can u buy kidney of an indian person

32557 how much does the average person receive

36948 what needs a person to be a kidney saler

42874 How healthy can a person be with only one kidney?

47085 how can i sell my kidney?which person is right to contact?

44106 How can a person go about getting aproved to sell a kidney

44386 due you know anyone interested in a kidney from a health HIV pos person

34147 what would it take to sell kidney as i think i "m a healthy person

44877 what is the process for sale of kidney by a person.

36080 how long is a person off work after this operation

37599 can a person sell a kidney to a hospital?

35372 I "m from mexico , is it possible for me to sell a kidney , for a person in USA? , Is it legal?

46248 how much I can fetch if I am healthy person and have no serious history of illness

36185 I "m the most healthy person you "ll ever meet and would like to sell my kidney. How do I do it?

42200 where would a person go to sell there kidney and who would be doing the job and is someone aloud to be there to see whats being done

46083 i want a person that i can donate my kidney to for financial support

36722 what are the ideal characteristics of a person for giving up a kidney

35200 i m very poor person living in African i want to buy my kidney for cash

39377 How can the result be:It’s very likely that your health characteristics are unsatisfactory? I know i "m the right person to donate-

39442 how do i get started with selling my kidney. I am a verry healthy person

37580 Can a person sell their own kidney? I was thinking about it because im desparate for money??

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