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43284 Angela Corley

is selling a organ of your own legit, and how does one go about doing so?

45224 i am thinking of selling my organ but how much will i get for it? its a major op and it has to be worth it

46869 Can you live a healthy life with only one kidney. I "m in desperation but if my kidney could save another human being. What is the problems you can encount in selling your own organ part is your body for god sakes. Is no one business what you do with it.

36403 Is this legit? If so, what is the next step?

34903 is this site legit or am i gonna die

33597 how legit is this. because im willing to sell my kidney to help others.

48344 Is this legit? cause i need to get some money and i will gladly sell a kidney.

47589 How safe is the procedure, and how do I know that your business is legit and performed by professional doctors

37253 is it possible to sell an organ for cash

32390 Is it legal to sell an organ in the US?



38584 can i sell my body organ; kidney.

41972 Hello fellow... I want to sell my all organ. what cost i will get?

46522 is there a way a central american can sell an organ to you?

45628 can i be a middle man,in organ traffic in malaysia

44230 kuda mne obratitsya chtob prodat pochku organ

45266 i live in the uk and wanted to know if i travel to you would i be able to donate a organ or would i be breaking the law

44228 kuda obratitsya gde mojno prodat organ pochku?

44229 kuda obratitsya chtob prodat pochku organ?napishite

34358 nice job, i almost got fooled. Working on paper about organ trafficking, searching for materials. take care!

32711 My father ever want to selling his kidney, they has until the last step but the last step is the clien condition not good, not from my papa. And now he want to selling again the kidney. May u help us?

41047 Dear Sir my name is omer , i am a sudanese citizen, from western Darfor. due to the war and poverty in our country I would like to offer you sir selling my kidney. yes Sir I want to sell my kidny at higher price possible . bleave this Sir, becouse we are here in sudan suffering to servive i wants to help my family and myself. you cant imagine how we live here I deside this and i am weeling to accept any liabilities i am in berfect health coditions , you can make sure by my perfect health condition .i can provide you by any any test you want or health examination you need . i never drink wine in my life .. i dont even smoke i just need your help in selling my kidney if you kindly Sir if you are not able to help me please gu

33332 How do I go about in selling my kidney?

33908 How do i go about selling a kidney

42999 how can i help some one buy selling them a kidney

42936 how do i go about selling my kidney?

37100 how much will i get for selling my kidney.

46295 how do i go about selling one of my kidney "s

48064 Iam selling a kidney. How can i get there?

35823 want to know about selling a kidney

31869 How much can I get after selling my Kidney

35990 what should i do for selling my kideny

36145 How do I go about selling one of my kidneys?

47837 so how do I go about selling a kidney

32657 how do i go about selling my kidney

47385 How much would I net from selling a kidney

32830 how a way, i want to selling my kidney?

39064 How much for selling your kidney?

45177 How to go about selling my kidney?

45529 where is the selling my kidney?

38365 how can i go about selling my kidney

34585 how do i go about selling a kidney and where can i go to do it

38621 How would I go about selling my kidney

36498 how do i go about selling kidney?

43924 how much will i get if i am selling my kidney

35164 How do I go about selling a kidney?

41066 How do I go about in selling a kidney?

33352 who should I contact about selling my kidney


34392 Is selling your kidney legal in the U.S.?

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