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42948 is this for real?

im perfectly healthy and u say im not y is that?

35415 umm im perfectly healthy and the test said im not

38071 I "m perfectly healthy but it says my characteristics are unsastisfactory?

33195 I "m perfectly healthy. Why did I not pass the test, I don "t smoke,drink, or take any meds.

42792 Why does your test say that my health characteristics are unsatisfactory yet the medical examination here says that I am perfectly healthy?

33226 I want to sell my kidney I answered everything healthy in your quiz and it told me i wasn "t healthy i dont smoke drink, work around chemicals, i eat healthy...etc, why am i not a canidate?

48345 Um yes i took your test and i answered everything perfectly yet my health characteristics are unsatisfactory What kind of scam is this?

32611 am helthy and am perfectly alright, but i dont knw in test it is showing unsatisfactory, may i know the proper reason

44486 I don "t have any health problems then how come this test is saying that my health characteristics are unsatisfactory. I "m perfectly fit, and I want to sell my kidney

43449 I took a test but It said I wasn "t healthy enough, but I seem really healthy. I believe it "s possible the check boxes are coded wrongly.

35354 why do i fail the test when i "m healthy and my answer to all the questions are positive to healthy living.. how can i sell my kidney?

48296 I just took the profile test, and I "m in excellent health. I don "t drink or do drugs and I "m in healthy condition. However, this questioner says that I "m not healthy enough to give my kidney. Why is that?

46229 what do i have to be to be considered as healthy as your test says im unsatisfactory, although im healthy and sure i tick all the box "s

48225 I am a very healthy male & wish to sell my healthy kidney ?

47649 why can not I sell my kidney? I am very healthy, do not smoke, do not drink alcohol or do drugs. I train athletics and eat healthy! I do not live in a polluted environment, and have never suffered from serious diseases. Thanks in advance for your reply

46972 I dont understand why I did not pass the test, im very healthy, I dont smoke or drink, eat healthy, I have no diseases. I am very confused.

34606 what is a healthy kidney worth? Can a person live a normal healthy life with only one kidney?

31547 i seem healthy but you are not considering me why?

36742 how much for a healthy kidney

37048 I am very healthy but when I took the test it says im not.

42875 I want to do it if I can be healthy with one kidney.

47123 hom much for my healthy kidney?

33963 What are healthy kidney characteristics

33614 This test of yours - has it more than just one result - that of not being healthy?

36346 I have a very healthy kidney, how can i sell it?

35611 im healthy... and want to know about selling a kidney?

46315 i am healthy why cant i sell my kidney

34645 i am healthy and living clean.

47966 Fuck u I "m healthy how about your healthq

33712 m healthy individual but your test says otherwise

37724 im very healthy so why cant i sale a kidney

48670 How much I can get for selling my healthy kidney?

47803 Im healthy why cant i seel my kidney

32914 I am healthy and in need of $ what can I do to sell my kidney?

37625 what is wrong with my health, i am very healthy

47715 how much money would i get for a healthy kidney ?


36823 I am healthy and want to sell one of my kidneys how can i do that

39333 i m healthy why wouldnt u buy my kidney

42874 How healthy can a person be with only one kidney?

46929 i am very healthy and you have told me no one will buy my kidney

32181 i am very healthy why didnt i pass the test?

34147 what would it take to sell kidney as i think i "m a healthy person

34093 im very healthy woman but tesy says unsatisfactory>????

43117 I think I am healthy enough to sell a kidney. Why wouldnt I be?

33262 Where can I get the best net return from the sale of one of my healthy kidneys?

33183 I need to sell my kidney if I can. Very healthy and never done drugs. AB

42807 I am totally healthy,why writes it the test that no?

38157 why if im healthy i can do this/ i anwser everything ok and you told me that im not ok to do this well i will find somebody thanks

48464 I "m from Berlin, healthy and interested rgds

36974 Is it really possible to sell my healthy viable kidney?

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