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Invite your friend and get 20% of friend's kidney price. Only until February 1.

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Hi I am in real debt now and want to do any thing for money that is why I want to sell my kidney on reasonable price. I am in Pakistan

35838 i want to donate kidney for a reasonable price!! how do i do that..

42429 Hello Myfriend want to sell his kindey at a reasonable price due to his problems having blood grp O ve.

40961 i really need money now and one thing that i think that could help me is to sell my kidney

41568 Sell your kidney and get money and get out of debt.

42952 How do i know this is for real. I neeed the money and am willing to sell my kidney ASAP How do we get started>

45053 can i sell you my kidney? i have no real reason for it, but i really want the money to fund my drug problem

47661 In need of money willing to sell a kidney if price is right?

48182 i would like sell my kidney and i need money, can you offer me a good price? and we "ll see from there.

44734 i want to selling my kidneys..because i need money for pay my debt..i live in i get to sell

42195 I want to sell kidney. can i sell with you? if can What price? let me know please, i need money

36952 I would like to sell my kidney. I am oliver and i am from Philippines. The price is negotiable and actually the price would vary depends upon the customers status in life. where can i sell my kidney?

41738 i need to sell kidney, i am from Pakistan

37594 I have some large bills and would like to sell a body part to pay them off. Most reasonable one I think is a kidney. How can I do this?

45498 i live in pakistan how i can sell my kidney to u ?

44255 i want to sell my kidney i live in pakistan what should i do next

45738 Is this for real? I am interested in "donating " a kidney for money, if I could be convinced of the safety.

34346 I don "t have a thing my last chance is my kidney what should i do to sell it?

42194 what price kidney? because i need money to pay obligation my girlfriend

32202 Is this for real? I am in financial trouble and the thought has occurred to me and while surfing for information on how to donate a kidney I found your site. If this is for real then I am on board.

32803 were is this place and the only thing i have done is smoked off and on through life not consistantly. can i sell a kidney?

33513 im in debt how do i sell my kidney?

44171 i need sell kidney tosettle my debt

47172 Kukun want to sell his kidney to pay his debt

32240 i am in debt , i want to sell my kidney , can i survive on one

42106 I need to sell my kidney for my debt. I am from myanmar

47890 Hi I "m in a very bad debt problem, can I really sell my kidney

36719 can i sell my kidney to get familly out of so much debt

39941 Hello, how to sell kidneys? Incidentally my friend anymore debt so that intends to sell his kidney. but do not know how?

45824 i want to sell my kidney bcoz of y debt and i am from india

47049 can i sell a kidney as i am in debt and have no job? do not drink, smoke or take drugs.

38599 Is this for real? Could I really sell a kidney here?

48033 hi is this real hmm i have a friend who wants to sell kidney hi have economikal problems. its legal to sell kidney or

37692 is this real? ca i really sell a kidney? legal?

44556 i would like to become a kidney donor for a reasonable compensation

46415 I want to donate a kidney for reasonable compensation. what do I need to do?

45497 i live in pakistan how i can sell my kidny ?

34241 i am in debt bad and i know people neeed kidneys and other body parts i am healthy and want to sell a kidney

42130 Hello,I am willing to sell my kidney to overcome crisis,if only i can get the real way to get there.

44733 Is this for real? I thought it was illegal to sell your kidney?

42132 I am willing to sell my kidney to overcom crisis,if only i can get the real way to get there.

38160 can i real sell my kidney to wipe away povaty from my life.

42571 are you guys for real? I thought it was illegal to sell your kidney to the highist bidder.

48172 what are the thing somebody must know before selling his kidney and who will buy it

37054 i want to sell my kidney how much price i will get?

39762 if i want sell my kidney then how much price got

44466 where to sell kidney,what price i will get

46063 how to sell my kidney and what is the price i get for that

34836 I want to sell my kidney.what "s the price for it?

34817 How do i sell my kidney for a price

38195 Hi, I want to sell my kidney... can u help me with the price.

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