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Your kidneys
are our cares!


Invite your friend and get 20% of friend's kidney price. Only until July 1.

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Specialist opinion Famous doctor Hvachitarjan G. think that transplantation... Revelation of underground transplantologist I did underground transplantations before... You're not alone We created special social network to support donors  

41878 you

Josh, we need money and I have found a solution. I will be driving a new Mitsubishi Eclipse by October. Wish me luck and get yourself signed up!!!! Shnitznal, Stoph

42754 I am trying to get of hold of you but no luck

42204 Baby boy!c le solution!!!!!!les miens ils ont pas accepte bizzarement,j ai f le test

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41602 HIHI FRNDS! You have margin call. But don "t worry - we have a solution to offer.

34362 Of late I have been experiencing some pains on my backborne. When I ask my colleagues they say that I look for a girl and have sex. However, I am married and think that sex is not the solution. What could be the problem and how shall I solve it?

41207 Hi, friend... I have found how to help you to cope with crisis!

37597 Did your test, please reply. Found another Dr in Canada

40351 Hello, my friend! I found a way how to help you cope with the crisis...

45066 Hi Luigi found this website thought it might be of interest

48342 hi i have a friend that ask me if i know how he could sell hiz kidney so i searched the web and found this site

40647 Hallo, Marwan! My friend I found a way to help you during the crisis! Could you do it for me as I "m in big troubles now? Thank you a lot!

47953 Dude! Found the easiest way to get your Friesian and pay bills! ... I know how to help you to overcome the crisis!

43238 I am in financial need, I am deep in student loans and need a way out. I found this and would like to sell what I can, please will you help with a response of possibilities

45067 Hi Judd i found this website thought it might be of interest pretty good prices huh?

36915 I just took your test, and you found my health unsatisfactory, how could this be? No drinking/smoking/drugs, chemicals?

47565 Dr. Barzilay, I found a website for selling kidneys.. not sure if you can buy kidneys off of them too. -Emma Vinella-Brusher

32202 Is this for real? I am in financial trouble and the thought has occurred to me and while surfing for information on how to donate a kidney I found your site. If this is for real then I am on board.

38434 need money for food for my family and will sell kidney to get that money.Please help me find a place to call

41992 hi my frend want to sell a kidney.he is job less for the passed vyf jears and need money for his childs school fees can u help him he need the money

35162 i want to sell my kidney for money?i need money for hospital expence of my wife

39869 sir, i want to sell my kidney because i am in deep money crises and i want to overcome with money

39577 i wanna money urgent for studies and some house problems my blood group is a any one wants this group kidney and how much money gives

44736 How can I donate my kidney for a certain of money (just a few money)?

39448 How do I sell to u guys and how I am I sure that my money is on the account? Who pays for the operation to remove this kidney? Guys I need money

47358 pleaaaase i wnat t seel my kedney or one of my body "s meber for soem money i beeg u please m begging u help help me please jsut answer ill give evrysingle info bout me im healthy ill give it jsut for some money please

48185 i am ready to donate my kidney. but i need money. so what would be amount i get . if i get enough money i am ready

34369 i need money and how can i do it

39711 how much money will i get by doing this

43823 How can i sure that i got the money while im in the Operation????

48141 How long until I can get money?

43038 How did I got money for my kidney ?

36510 how much money I can get for a kidney?

47163 i need money. will you buy my kidney?

47244 sir i want to sel my kidney due to money

46398 how sure is it to get money for my kidney?

33726 How do i go about this i really need the money to get me on my feet.?

42528 needs money and able to sell it

48459 how much money can you get for a kidney

43562 how much wil be the indian money

44314 how long can it take to get the money ?

46608 what do i do to get money for kidney?

46942 How do I get money for kidney?

48399 I need money .how much i will get for my kidney.

41805 please help him,he needs money urgently.


46124 I urge the money as soon as possible please respond

42700 How Much i Will get money when i sell my one kidny

46168 I would like to donate my kidney for money? How much I can get?

34713 will a seller get money up front?

34484 how much is my kidney worth and how soon can i get the money?

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