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40010 craig bush

can i sell a kidney over seas . i need money to pay child support

42530 will someone pleas help me sell a kidney or other ? so i can pay child support.

34127 I interest to sell my kidney if i can have money to support my family

37748 my name is kailas, i am normal man, no any healthy problem in my body, i have eagar a my kidney sell. because my child problem, my child have doing a conclear implant, but it is a very costly operation, so i have no possible it is. so i have selling a my one kidney to any buyer.


38434 need money for food for my family and will sell kidney to get that money.Please help me find a place to call

41992 hi my frend want to sell a kidney.he is job less for the passed vyf jears and need money for his childs school fees can u help him he need the money

35995 i wanna sell my kidney before i kill myself. i want to help my girlfriend bcoz she "s having financial crisis and thats the only way i can help her. i have my own reason so please help me on how will i sell my kidney. i am healthy but kinda uneven obese. my stomach kinda fat bcoz i got so depressed i eat alot but now i have decided to sell my kidney. no other disease or vices what so ever. kindly helo me i need money asap

39869 sir, i want to sell my kidney because i am in deep money crises and i want to overcome with money

35162 i want to sell my kidney for money?i need money for hospital expence of my wife

48482 is possible to sell the kidney because of I am living inThailand ? Any check up before sell ? How to get money , can you explain ? Is still alive if live with one kidney ? God bless you .Boon -Hatyai ,Songkla, Thailand

48040 Hello i am manish from india i want sell my one kidney my bigest money prablem plz. Suggest where sell kidney .........

46241 i want to sell my kidney i want money i in financial troubles i want to help other and at the same time i want to help my self also .so please help to sell my kidney

43678 Is it to possible sell kidney to another person. i need money because i am poor man. i have no option except sell my kidney.

46083 i want a person that i can donate my kidney to for financial support

41821 hi iam in financial crisis i want to sell my kidney please help me and let me know in one kidney i will survive or worked and how long it take time i need money within one month and how much you will pay for kidney selling thank you

39424 My friends need a cash money and she wants to sell her kidney.. how can i help her to sell her kidney ???

39448 How do I sell to u guys and how I am I sure that my money is on the account? Who pays for the operation to remove this kidney? Guys I need money

39177 Now if i want to sell the kidney how do i sell it, and how would i get the money. what will happen to me health wise?

44213 I want to sell my kidney due some financial problem how much money i will get after the donating a kidney

42195 I want to sell kidney. can i sell with you? if can What price? let me know please, i need money

38093 i need money. i want sell my kidney.what is the procedure to sell this?

35662 i need money and want to sell my kidney

46561 i need to sell my kidney b/c i want to get more money

44379 can i sell my kidney for money

48186 how sell kidney for money

45690 please help me i need some money for my kid......i want to sell my kidney.....


44307 my kidney sell for money

38622 I need money, and I like sell my kidney, can you help me pls??

47772 how much money i get if i sell my kidney?

35717 i want to sell my kidney for money.

48265 I want to sell my kidney need money

33653 i want to sell my one kidney how much money i will get for it

33291 Can you sell a kidney if you really need money

32737 where can i sell my kidney when i need money?

36509 how much money can i get if i will sell my kidney?

45978 where i sell my kidney for money

37622 i want to sell my kidney for money

43020 how can i sell a kidney i need the money

31944 want to sell my kidney as i m in need of money

35355 Hello I want sell my kidney. How much i get money for that?

35457 i would like to sell my kidney for money how do i go about that

47277 how can i sell my kidney i need money

46634 can your really sell your kidney for money

35586 how to sell my kidney and how much money i will get.

42019 i want sell my b ve kidney for money

38529 I want to sell kidney?where?,and if its good kidney how much money I can get for that kidney?

45139 i want to sell my kidney. . So hw cn i get in touch wid u and how much money i will get for my kidney.

38653 i want sell my kidney for money very good kidney

42394 i want to sell my one kidney, can u help me, i need money very badly.

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Domain for sold, aganeiro(at)google mail