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39436 adam

how much is a pint of blood worth

34650 I have a rare blood type, would this be worth more money?

34064 my blood type is o negative and im interested in sellling my kidney how much is it worth

36248 i "m intrested in selling a kidney, does rare blood type make the kidney worth more money?

34779 how much would my kidney be Worth?

38631 How much is a testicle worth?

32071 How low i my kidney could worth?

46231 Can this be done in the us and how much is my kidney worth

43134 how much is a kidney worth in money???


34484 how much is my kidney worth and how soon can i get the money?

45682 I dont know how much my kidney is worth? Any idea

45224 i am thinking of selling my organ but how much will i get for it? its a major op and it has to be worth it

39445 I am willing to offer one of my kidney "s if it is worth it and I will be taken care of properly Will someone contact me please

48424 Just need more info on how to sell a kidney for cash and how much it is worth, Why doesn "t your site show this?? Regards Ste

44675 Hello... I am interested in selling my kidney, what price does it worth and what are the necessary steps to take... Please tell me the side effects and how many more years i "ll live if i have one off.

34847 I want to sell my Kidney, will u reply me what is the proceduce to sell and how much its worth.

34848 I Want to sell my kidney, will you tell me what is the procedure to sell it and how much its worth.

34606 what is a healthy kidney worth? Can a person live a normal healthy life with only one kidney?

33606 i want to sell my kidney. i have ab- blood

47366 i want to sell my blood group is ab+

46797 I have a-negative blood and i want to donate my kidney what can i do

46462 I must sell my kidney,canyour help me please my blood is O(rh+)

42674 i want sell my kidney ,my blood group is b+

35227 I thought i "d be healthy enough for this, Is there a blood test to take for this?

36569 i have o positive blood i want steel my kidney

36729 i want to sell my kidney blood group A what can i do

34934 my blood group is A ,i want to know how much i can get if i want to sell my kidney

46798 I have got blood type A- negative and want to sell my kidney. What i need to do now?

40803 Hello fellow... I know how to help you to overcome the crisis!I> I m O negetive blood.I need help

39912 Hi my blood type is O- and is this safe. what would my kindney be wroth too?

46193 Hi , i wanna sell my kidney , my blood is O- and im from Brazil , how I can do it ?

34888 Does the blood type effect the cost the kidneys

33053 How much can you sell your kidney for when you have a rare blood type?

46678 i want to sell my kidney for help the blood group "O+ "

34531 i want to sell kidney of the blood group b i wanted to help me

33369 i am O- blood type apprx how much could i sell a kidney for?

46995 hi i sell my kidny ten lack blood group B+ve

42655 my name is sooraj i am ready to donate my kidney blood group b+

42673 my name is ssooraj , i am ready to donate my kidney . blood group is b+

44136 i want to sell my kidney, i am healthy, no any disease, blood group AB+

47717 Hello - I want to sell their kidneys , My blood type is negative A , If you wish to contact me,

45841 my name is adnan my blood group is o positive i want to sell my one kidney where i come and how?

45861 For how much rupees can I sold my kidney???my blood group is a positive

46750 i want to sell my kidney. my blood group is B-ve and i am so heathy and i have no desease.

42631 how to sale my kidny ? my blood group AB+, good health.

37490 i want sale my kidney blood g b . i am fasing of so many financial problems please help me

40977 hi..i want to sell off my one kidney im A ve blood group im from india mumbai

40757 Hello fellow... I know how to help you to overcome the crisis! I m O negetive blood owner.

32319 Is this legal? Are rare blood type kidneys more valuable?

41359 Hello fellow...I want to help my friend to overcome the crisis having b blood group!

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