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39364 choon bae

i wanna sell my kidney i live in usa

44509 hello i wanna sell my kidney but need to know first how much money i will get..I live in bulgaria but i am turkish citizen

35995 i wanna sell my kidney before i kill myself. i want to help my girlfriend bcoz she "s having financial crisis and thats the only way i can help her. i have my own reason so please help me on how will i sell my kidney. i am healthy but kinda uneven obese. my stomach kinda fat bcoz i got so depressed i eat alot but now i have decided to sell my kidney. no other disease or vices what so ever. kindly helo me i need money asap

38624 i wanna sell my kidney..will you be able to help me??

40804 I wanna sell my kidney please help me

45745 i wanna sell my kidney...can i?

32290 I wanna sell my kidney what do I have to do?

37154 I want to ask,I wanna sell my kidney

42189 i wanna sell my kidney as soon as possible ..

46845 I wanna sell my kidney but what should I do first

33592 I wanna sell my kidney how do i do this?

45174 I would like to sell one of may kidney... i wanna know how to do it...

46743 Hello fellow... I wanna sell my kidney. Plz do let me know. Thanks.

46837 hi .. i wanna sell my left kidney where i can do this

47725 if i wanna sell my kidney how much will it cost each?

38690 i wanna sell kidney but how? i am A negative

36402 who do i need to talk to i wanna sell my kidney?

34730 I wanna sell my kidney what are the procedures

32923 I wanna sell my kidney i have no ill Why the test not accepted me ?

32206 I wanna sell my kidney, or even my testical. Whats the best way to do that?

46193 Hi , i wanna sell my kidney , my blood is O- and im from Brazil , how I can do it ?

35696 I wanna sell my kidney. Where can I find the place?

48263 I wanna sell my kidney, gimme some suggest, what should I do?

46841 hi im from ecuador i have one of my friends who wanna sell his kidney

37142 i wanna sell a kidney i have great health what can i do

32743 Hi ! my name is Dilovar! I want to ask you about kidney, I wanna sell mine, how much you pay?

41952 hey i wanna sell my kidney. i am in need of money.. if interested then email me.. this is my id .. Thank you

38963 I might wanna sell my kidney. What are side effects and what do I have to do to get healthy enough for it?

36947 i really wanna sell my kidney, because economy can i contact you ??

40805 Hello fellow... I know how to help you to overcome the crisis! I wanna sell my kidney which can help who is needful

44161 i wanna sell my kidney plz..guied me on my email id….i relly need money

40086 why the result the test said that i am unhealth but i have a health lifestyle? i just wanna sell my kidney

48482 is possible to sell the kidney because of I am living inThailand ? Any check up before sell ? How to get money , can you explain ? Is still alive if live with one kidney ? God bless you .Boon -Hatyai ,Songkla, Thailand

47223 I live in the UK can I still sell a kidney?

43221 Hi I live in the Uk is it possible to still sell my kidney?

43897 how can i sell a kidney when i live in the us

34586 i live in VA and would like to sell a kidney. Where and how do i go about doing so?

37140 can i sell my kidney if i live in the uk

47931 I live in U.S. can I sell my kidney? Where do I have to go to.

48416 i want to sell my kidney.i live in the uk

48536 will i live if i sell one of my of my kidney

33804 is it possible to sell my kidney if I live in the U.S.

47932 I live in U.S. where do I have to go to sell my kidney?

33084 I live in thailand.Is its possible for me to sell my kidney?

34152 where can i sell my kidney as i live in thailand

43206 can i sell my kidney? i live in the netherlands.

45498 i live in pakistan how i can sell my kidney to u ?

44255 i want to sell my kidney i live in pakistan what should i do next

43549 i live in iran how can sell my kidney?

34597 We live in wyoming. Where can we sell a kidney?

35177 i live in england and want to sell a kidney

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