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38708 Walter Garcia

Is selling your kidney LEGAL? Will I have to pay for the operation.

36028 Is it legal, and where is the operation done?

41806 where the operation done? is it legal?r do we have to hide his identity for security?


34392 Is selling your kidney legal in the U.S.?

44300 how much could you get for selling your kidney and is it really legal to sell?

48474 Is selling a kidney legal? Could i go to jail for this?

46559 this is legal or ilegal selling kidney

39485 is selling a kidney or half of a liver legal in the us

33501 Hi there, is selling kidney legal in the United States?

37859 I might be interested in selling a kidney...but need to know if is legal in the United States... Thank you.

37475 I am interested in selling my kidney what are the steps? is the legal ? What do you need from me to get started?

45164 I want to sell my kidney in USA How much $ i can expect? is it legal selling kidny in USA?

45283 am in Kenya Africa.when i sell my kidney how will i get the money and how will the operation go on?will i pay for the operation or will it be catered for?

43835 Healthy white male inquiring about selling it legal? How long will it take to get paid?

44150 I "m a teen looking to sell my kidney to get out of a financial crisis, I have no medical problems, and know this isn "t quite legal where I am. How would I go about selling it?

37748 my name is kailas, i am normal man, no any healthy problem in my body, i have eagar a my kidney sell. because my child problem, my child have doing a conclear implant, but it is a very costly operation, so i have no possible it is. so i have selling a my one kidney to any buyer.

48572 where are you located? is this legal to do, as I don "t want to get into any trouble with selling one of my kidneys!

38538 Isn "t selling your organs illegal. I want to, but only because I really need the money. Pleased let me know if this is legal

48015 Is it legal to sell your kidney in the U.S.? If so, when did it become legal? I understand it used to be illegal.

34758 on the question have i ever survived an operation ive never had an operation to survive

46825 I want to sell my kidney, I would pay as and where the operation would

38817 Where operation do? How much € you paid for kidney?

44443 How do I sell my kidney and where do I have to go for a operation.

37286 would like to sell kidney for an operation i need how can i

33144 how do I sell a kidney and who pays for the operation?

31562 if i do decide to sell my kidney how long until we do the operation

46586 how does it work? i sale a kidney, and what is then, when did i get the payment? and with hospital makes the operation?

35947 is this legal? i dont really care about if is legal or not i just want to know.

46545 I am Spanish and currently living in Dominican Republic. And I wanted to know if I decide to sell a kidney much they pay and where the operation is

32422 if i sold a kidney would it put my life at risk long term? and how fast does it take to do the operation and to get paid

37114 Can you tell me where does the kidney removal operation take place, is it in the USA, and if so do you cover return airfare, and hospital bills?

32711 My father ever want to selling his kidney, they has until the last step but the last step is the clien condition not good, not from my papa. And now he want to selling again the kidney. May u help us?

38988 Hello. Is it legal to sell a kidney? Thanks

36361 is it legal to sell my kidney

36210 so is it legal to sell a kidney? if so how would someone go about it?

46952 Can I sell my kidney is it legal?

43659 is it legal to sell a kidney?

39139 Is it legal go sell a kidney?

32709 is it legal for me to sell a kidney

36633 is it legal for me to sell my kidney

33652 is it legal to sell your kidney

44139 is it legal to sell my kidney to you?

44833 is it even legal to sell a kidney?

32691 Is it legal to sell your own kidney in USA

35135 is there any legal way to sell my kidney

38131 how can i sell my kidney? and is it legal?

32963 I heard that the procedure may not be legal in the united states. Is that tru? In the cost negotiable for a kidney? How long does it take for a person to be given clearence to give a kidney?


33480 is it legal for me to sell my kidney if i live in the UK?

35547 Is it legal to sell our kidney to you? How much will we be paid?

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