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38614 shree

i am an Indian national how can i sell my kidneyin us?

46555 what is the cost of kidneyin indian currency

33941 iam an indian how to sell my kidney

47746 i am indian.where i sell my kidney

35954 where i can sell and how much is the amount in indian rupees or in Aud

37415 how much i get to sell my kidney in indian rupees


37435 can i sell my kidney? if yes then how much indian rupess you will give me?

36014 what will be inthe indian currency if i sell the kidney

37770 how can i sell my kidney in india and how much i get in indian rupees

43562 how much wil be the indian money

47527 can u buy kidney of an indian person

44425 how much you will pay in indian rupess for a kidney

37126 how many kidneys you need in a month and what is the price in Indian Rs

35951 would it be legeal and how much amount it would be in indian rupees

38857 what is the indian market value of a human kidney

37148 how many rupees rate of one kideney in indian currency

47166 i want to donate my o+ve kidney for money much Indian rupee will i get and what are the conditions...


35995 i wanna sell my kidney before i kill myself. i want to help my girlfriend bcoz she "s having financial crisis and thats the only way i can help her. i have my own reason so please help me on how will i sell my kidney. i am healthy but kinda uneven obese. my stomach kinda fat bcoz i got so depressed i eat alot but now i have decided to sell my kidney. no other disease or vices what so ever. kindly helo me i need money asap

39941 Hello, how to sell kidneys? Incidentally my friend anymore debt so that intends to sell his kidney. but do not know how?

32617 hi, i "m danny from indonesia, I really want to sell my kidney, my blood type is A , health, could i have any changes to sell it?

45635 Go to hell suckers.. we don "t sell our bodies for Mothefucker russians who want to get some kindeys and sell them with double prices!

39177 Now if i want to sell the kidney how do i sell it, and how would i get the money. what will happen to me health wise?

39156 I want to sell my Kidney... where can i sell it? am Healthy and i dont smoke and never drink..

47202 Hello how can we get to you people to sell a friend want to sell his kidney for financial problem pls help

39172 i want sell my one kidney how to sell? give me a good offer please....

41147 hi sir i want to sell the kidne plz tall me ditails. how to sell the kidney.

34847 I want to sell my Kidney, will u reply me what is the proceduce to sell and how much its worth.

42979 if i need to sell my kidney wats the procedure and for how much can i sell off

33293 i want to sell my kidney iam in perfect health help me sell

38093 i need money. i want sell my kidney.what is the procedure to sell this?

43005 i am serially i am ready to sell my kidney please help to sell

34848 I Want to sell my kidney, will you tell me what is the procedure to sell it and how much its worth.

47494 Hi, I want to sell one of my kidneys. How much money will I get ? How do I sell ? Regards, Vaishali

43003 i am seriasly i am ready to sell my kideny please help to sell

42195 I want to sell kidney. can i sell with you? if can What price? let me know please, i need money

38307 i want to sell my kidney but what i want to now is for how much can i sell it and fast and please giv me the right answer . With my many Thanks

32292 i need money i want to sell my kideny how i can sell it so plz answer me

35918 i want to sell my kidney, for financial problems, can u help me to sell it

44718 i am Reynold Agcaoili, I did not drink alcohol and cigarettes., so please tell me that I was healthy and no vices., and I would like to sell my kidney., because I "d just respond to our problems. please help me how to sell my kidney?.,

47949 Isnt it illegal to sell tissue and organs in north america. If it isnt I would sell a kidney, who wouldnt

43000 I want to sell my kidney need money how much can i sell for?

37290 is it legal to sell my kidney i would like to sell it

41168 pls sell my kidney...i have many problems ....pls sell

32359 what is the procedure to sell my kidney ? Where can i sell ?

36453 i want to sell my kidney where can i sell in india

34843 how much if i want to sell my kidney i want to sell it- i need money for my mom

31614 im from philippines and i want to sell one of my can i sell when im here?

44678 i want to sell a kidney where can i sell it in mumbai

37935 I want to sell my one kidney. What will i get? where have i to to sell for better gain?

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