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38452 Miri

Hi, I would like to cell my kidney. I live in Australia. I am AB RH -. Is it possible for me to do it?

44707 i live in Australia can i sell a kidney ?

37195 if i want to cell my kidney. how much

37950 how come i can not cell my kidney ?? non smoker ???

39870 i`m currently in australia how can i sell my kidney to you

39871 am in australia and would like to sell my kidney how do i go abou that

39631 Can you please tell me the legidimasy of selling a kidney and what lagalities the are in Australia. Thank you

38272 Hi...i "m leaving in australia i just try to find place i can sell my kidney....and how much you will buy it??? Thanks

37743 Is this an option if I am from Australia?

37192 i want to sell my kidney in huaman body there is two kidney so without one kidney human can live or not? n with one kidney human can work well or not plz kindly answer me

34033 can you live without your kidney

33115 Hello my name is John I am interested in selling a kidney, I live in Rio de Janeiro Brazil and want to know how the whole process and how and when do I receive money from the sale of the kidney.

48537 i want to know if i will live long with one kidney

48536 will i live if i sell one of my of my kidney

46842 How dangerous is it to live with only one kidney

37140 can i sell my kidney if i live in the uk

38523 can i sale my kidney when i live far away

44365 hi how long can one live with one kidney

42574 can i live easily with one kidney

48416 i want to sell my kidney.i live in the uk

33804 is it possible to sell my kidney if I live in the U.S.

43897 how can i sell a kidney when i live in the us

47932 I live in U.S. where do I have to go to sell my kidney?

34586 i live in VA and would like to sell a kidney. Where and how do i go about doing so?

43221 Hi I live in the Uk is it possible to still sell my kidney?

47223 I live in the UK can I still sell a kidney?

47931 I live in U.S. can I sell my kidney? Where do I have to go to.

34073 i would like to donate a kidney but i live in kenya how can i really do that?

45372 i live in Indonesia, how could i sell my kidney?

43206 can i sell my kidney? i live in the netherlands.

39446 Can you live a normal life with one kidney

43549 i live in iran how can sell my kidney?

34597 We live in wyoming. Where can we sell a kidney?

43081 how long could one live with single kidney

35177 i live in england and want to sell a kidney

37031 can i live normal life with one kidney

44255 i want to sell my kidney i live in pakistan what should i do next

33084 I live in thailand.Is its possible for me to sell my kidney?

47753 Hi i want to sale my kidney what can i do because i live in mexico

39364 i wanna sell my kidney i live in usa

46590 could you live a normal life with one kidney..

34152 where can i sell my kidney as i live in thailand

32001 can i live a normal life with one kidney?

44659 I live in ireland can I still sell my kidney

44658 I live in ireland can I still sell my kidney?

33480 is it legal for me to sell my kidney if i live in the UK?

45498 i live in pakistan how i can sell my kidney to u ?

44981 how would i sell a kidney? i live in ireland

46602 i live in ireland could i sell a kidney

34157 do i live my life with one kidney easily?

43775 i live in venezuela. what do i have to do to sell my kidney?

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