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37724 lydia bynorth

im very healthy so why cant i sale a kidney

44809 I want to sale my kidney B+ healthy in nepal because I need some money so what can i do ?

44810 I want to sale my kidney of B+ healthy from nepal on cheaf price

41607 Healthy male adult in the Eastern U.S. with kidney for sale.

41687 dear sir, i want to sale my kidney for requirement of bucks. please advice me how can i sale it and what will be the process. kindly reply me as soon as. i am ready to sale from now

33262 Where can I get the best net return from the sale of one of my healthy kidneys?

33226 I want to sell my kidney I answered everything healthy in your quiz and it told me i wasn "t healthy i dont smoke drink, work around chemicals, i eat healthy...etc, why am i not a canidate?

34606 what is a healthy kidney worth? Can a person live a normal healthy life with only one kidney?

35354 why do i fail the test when i "m healthy and my answer to all the questions are positive to healthy living.. how can i sell my kidney?

48296 I just took the profile test, and I "m in excellent health. I don "t drink or do drugs and I "m in healthy condition. However, this questioner says that I "m not healthy enough to give my kidney. Why is that?

48225 I am a very healthy male & wish to sell my healthy kidney ?

47649 why can not I sell my kidney? I am very healthy, do not smoke, do not drink alcohol or do drugs. I train athletics and eat healthy! I do not live in a polluted environment, and have never suffered from serious diseases. Thanks in advance for your reply

44603 pls help me I need money so i sale my Kidney so how to sale my kidney?

45733 i want to sale my kidney what procedure to sale kidney

43449 I took a test but It said I wasn "t healthy enough, but I seem really healthy. I believe it "s possible the check boxes are coded wrongly.

46229 what do i have to be to be considered as healthy as your test says im unsatisfactory, although im healthy and sure i tick all the box "s

46441 what do I have to do to sale my kidney

39832 i have a kidney for sale where do i go

39199 how much if i want to sale my kidney

31916 i have my kidney for how can i get to you

43048 how I can sale my a kidney & where

47489 how can i sale my kidney i am in need of me,please help me out.

47445 i want sale my kidney any how


48195 i want to sale my kidney?will you help me?

35917 How can I sale a kidney? Where?

38390 i want to sale one kidney so where i will go tell me

45983 Sir, I want to sale my kidney please help me.How i do that..

46031 where i have to go to sale out my kidney

37775 Hi Wha i need to do to sale my kidney ??

47802 Wan to sale my kidney s soon s possible

41779 hi i want to sale my kidney pls help me out

40012 I want to sale my a kidney ? Will you please help me ?

33115 Hello my name is John I am interested in selling a kidney, I live in Rio de Janeiro Brazil and want to know how the whole process and how and when do I receive money from the sale of the kidney.

44204 can i sale my kidney for cash

47213 what are the kidney sale prices

39126 get big price when to sale of kidney ?

46848 i want to sale my kidney.. after that can i survive?

44687 hi i am sonu i want sale for kidney gfghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

47468 hi sir i want to sale my kidney with some problems...will u help me

47341 Hello fellow... i have my kidney for sale

36265 How i sale my kidney to you and how much i gain through this

36384 i want to sale my kidney immegently

32947 Im interesed in sale my kidney

36388 i want to sale my kidney how much can i get bucks

37903 i wanna sale my kidney but how

39336 how can i sale my kidney in india

37640 i want to sale my a kidney how much ur give me

44411 i want to sale my kidney how can i and how much money can i get?

44686 hi i am sonu i want sale for kidney

45299 how much price if i sale my own one kidney

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