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37598 Maria

do u really buy kidneys or is it a joke???

44080 What do we do with extra kidneys then? I am want to beat my friend who has five kidneys I am want to buy lots of kidneys.

33210 Why do I get the feeling this is all a big joke?

47780 is this site for real? or is it just a funny joke?

46189 can to sell my truth.. o is a joke

43629 is this site really a joke?? i was really serious!! contact me soon please so i can goto Bed Thank YOU

48218 i see its a joke, you should spend your time more proctively moron

45309 Why it is needed to joke on a serious things like this? If someone want to sell his/her kidney its up to them and if someone buy then good if not so much better, right?

37206 i did the test as a joke, and you tell me am unhealthy i will tell my friends it will be a good laugh

38823 Is this a joke?Your page SUCKS!!Ouu this doctor on piccture is uglyy!

48573 i "m unemployed, & need money & thought that I could sell one of my kidneys, to someone who needs one, to live! where are you located? how do i go about this, with selling one of my kidneys?

47565 Dr. Barzilay, I found a website for selling kidneys.. not sure if you can buy kidneys off of them too. -Emma Vinella-Brusher

39918 I am healthy, have great kidneys am in debt and out of a job and don "t have any prospects of employment so would like to sell one of my kidneys, who can I get in contact with to handle this matter

34676 This is all a fake from the government or any anotherr department. eVEN IF I FULLFULL THE TEST WITH THE BEST POSSIBLE ANSWERS IS THE RESULT BAD. THIS IS REALLY A JOKE

40920 Congratulations! It’s very likely that your health is almost ideal! That means that your kidney is really costly! Welcome to our clinic! is this a joke or real?

42424 i want to sell my kidneys,if u interest to buy my kidneys please call me on my e-mail

42299 Hello Rajan... I know how to help you to overcome the crisis! Please sell your kidneys to me!! I have recently been diagnosed with COPD and need one of your kidneys!! Thanks Rajan Patel.

41638 I come from China, I can contact a large number of people willing to sell kidney, please contact me .I was engaged in the sale of kidneys for a long time, but recently China have very strict management. So, I "ve got a lot of patients who need transplants and those who are willing to sell kidneys.!thanks

34750 Is this site a joke, the horrible spelling, grammar, etc. makes it look so! I "ve been certified healthy enough to donate any of my organs yet your site says no! I take it this is an Israeli site so, well I "m still interested as long as the money "s right. And please redesign your site... IT "S CRAP! Best, P

33181 Is it illegal to sell one of my kidneys? If so, why? It belongs to me. How do I sell one of my kidneys?

47758 Is there anyone out there who can buy my kidneys?

37476 Can I really sell one of my kidneys?

34697 when can i sell one of my kidneys

35807 how do i sell one of my kidneys

34258 Is it legal and do you buy kidneys

45400 Am i able to sell one of my kidneys?

33632 I would like to sell one of my kidneys

43763 can i sell one of my kidneys?

33171 how many kidneys can I donate?


41518 Hello i would like to sell one of my kidneys

42998 I would like to sell one of my kidneys. Is it possible?

44660 What do I have to do to sell one of mi kidneys

42508 i "d like to sell one of my kidneys but don "t know who or how to go about this can you help me

45362 How much can i get for both kidneys? I dont like them very much. Take them.

32096 How much you give me for one of my kidneys?

44143 how can i sell one of my kidneys?

36145 How do I go about selling one of my kidneys?

37074 i need to sell one of my kidneys

36850 I would like to sell one of my kidneys. Can you help me?

33562 I would like to sell one of my kidneys,,,how do I go about it?

36784 are kidneys the only thing that you buy

39576 CAn i really sell one of my kidneys

36648 how can i sell one my kidneys?

48159 if i like to sell my kidneys, what will do ?

37408 How much can I sell one of my kidneys for?

39609 How do I sell one of my kidneys?

36227 Can i sell you one of my kidneys?

43808 How can I be sure i wont have both kidneys taken and be killed

44016 How do I sell one of my kidneys in Israel

42428 hello there, i would like to get information about how to go about selling one of my kidneys

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