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37433 art

why do u have crappy ways of evaluating im in excellent health per doctors frauds

35613 i am in excellent health and wonder why i would not be a candidate to sell a kidney

48296 I just took the profile test, and I "m in excellent health. I don "t drink or do drugs and I "m in healthy condition. However, this questioner says that I "m not healthy enough to give my kidney. Why is that?

32821 You test was bogus, I;m in excellent health and answered the questions as such, yet your response was to get better. Not only that but the site is in "English " but you did not bother to get someone who speaks proper English or knows how to use a spell checker to put it together. Who wants to trust their bodies to such a half-assed business?

47589 How safe is the procedure, and how do I know that your business is legit and performed by professional doctors

44486 I don "t have any health problems then how come this test is saying that my health characteristics are unsatisfactory. I "m perfectly fit, and I want to sell my kidney

47187 why when i did te test my and do not smoke , no alcohol ,fit and no health problems did the result say my health unsatisfacory,lol

35970 i need to sell my kidney but everytime i take a test they say my health is unsatisfactory but my health is really good

33132 this online test makes no sense cause i am in perfect health but it says that i am not in satisfactory health.. why is that?

32392 is your online test broken it says im not in good health i dont smoke or drink and eat rather healthy but says im in bad health

46057 my kidney is very very bad, however the doctors asked me to change if i could.but i don "t know where to change?

34275 I am in perfect health i work out don "t drink or smoke but the online test said my health characteristics were unsatisfactory... I am interested in selling a kidney not only for the $$ but to also help someone

41047 Dear Sir my name is omer , i am a sudanese citizen, from western Darfor. due to the war and poverty in our country I would like to offer you sir selling my kidney. yes Sir I want to sell my kidny at higher price possible . bleave this Sir, becouse we are here in sudan suffering to servive i wants to help my family and myself. you cant imagine how we live here I deside this and i am weeling to accept any liabilities i am in berfect health coditions , you can make sure by my perfect health condition .i can provide you by any any test you want or health examination you need . i never drink wine in my life .. i dont even smoke i just need your help in selling my kidney if you kindly Sir if you are not able to help me please gu

37285 I just took your online test and other than being overweight, I am in very good health and I am a nonsmoker and very light drinker. I "m not sure why the test says that my health caracteristics are unsatisfactory. Please explain.

43766 Is this fake . I answered every question the best answer which is the true answer for me and it says I am too poor health to sell kidney . I am in perfect health .

47139 I dont have problem with my health,why will you ask me to take good care of my health?when i dönt have any problem with my health. Please i need your help.

37264 what is with your test i am in perfict health but your kidney selling test told me that my health characteristics are unsatisfactory what is with that

33660 Do I need to have my own Health Insurance?

38575 What health characteristics do i need?

37625 what is wrong with my health, i am very healthy

39500 I "m in perfect health how can u all say its unsatisfactory

33092 why would my health characteristics be unsatisfactory

36826 my health in the uk is in the best category i think your a sham

37370 why my health characteristics are unsatisfactory

48233 if I sell one of my kidneys how will be my health after?

35479 i would like to sell my very health kidney

44386 due you know anyone interested in a kidney from a health HIV pos person

39045 why would my health not be good for selling my kidney?

39887 i have no issues with my health, but i can "t pass your test why?


33875 I "m in near perfect health, what is worng with my kidney

33437 in good health and want to sell kidney

48366 Will my health change if I sell one of my kidneys?

47610 im in great health but somehow i was denied during the pre screening?

38079 I "m in perfect health and still got rejected by the test. How come?

48365 If I sell one of my kidneys, will my health chage?

32595 i;m in perfect health why does your Questionere kep saying , i;m not acandidate?

37431 what is the right health condition for donating a kidney


36906 what are health conditions to donate kodney

36907 what are health conditions to donate kidney

37134 I "m wondering why my health characteristics are unsatisfactory?

33292 i need money and iam in good health and i want to sell a kidney

43785 i have an extra kidney i am in good health and want to sell it

32900 I am in perfect health, but your test said otherwise. Is this site for real?

32705 How can I sell my kidney without legal or health problems?

43149 i would like to sell my kidney.. how can i do it.. i am AB+, good health... please tell me how can i do it?.. Thanks, Sadarudeen

41807 I would like to sell my kidney i am in good health and have taken the get a test so what do I do now?

42955 why is my health unsatisfactory , i have already had my kidney check its healthy

33517 i would like to sell my kidney. i "m european and in good health

46158 Can you really live a full and health life with just one kidney?

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