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37115 Carolyn

How does it work and how long does it take

36080 how long is a person off work after this operation

37164 I am curious as to why it said I was an unsatisfactory person to allow for a kidney removal... However... I am extremely healthy. I think your automated questioning system needs a lot of work. A long with the "Submit " button in Russian.

39758 how does ths work who do i contact and where do i go how long will i be in pain for and is my kidney helping someone or for science. could drinking with one kidney pull me close to death. i really want to consider this though.

35097 how does this whole thing work/

35096 how does this whole thing work?


48220 I would like to help someone who needs a kidney how does it work?

37185 let "s get started how does it work

34097 How safe is this? And how much time do you have to take off work? Also where is it done, can it be done near me?

45637 How does it work when you are from another country and is there a possibility that i I can die?

45619 I want to sell my kidney, how does this work?

39498 can i trade a kidney for dental work

41157 I would be interested in selling my kidney. How does this work?

44242 i want to sell my kidney...hows this work?

44801 how does this work. i am in financial distress and interested in a legal way to do this

36112 why is it saying im not worthy i know i am i walk miles aday for work

41938 can human do normal work with single kidney

36176 How does this program work? I would like to sell mine, if its safe and goes to someone who needs it

37420 can human do normal work single kidney

37226 the test does not work can u fix it ? i do everything right and still am not healthy ?? im sure its perhaps something wrong with the site ore so !! diane

46586 how does it work? i sale a kidney, and what is then, when did i get the payment? and with hospital makes the operation?

43547 Do you guys do blood work and other test or is it just base on the questions on the website

41489 The online Consultation be out of work.Please contact me and inform me about the availability and the steps.Thank you.

34771 how does this work?? if i elect to sell my kidney do i get the money first then undergo surgery or what

44039 I have, from your test to judge, a fine kidney. I am willing to sell it. But how do I find a buyer? How does it work?

35981 when you work with pataints to you see them as bits of meat during an opperation or do you just tire from caring after a while in mass op;s?

39728 how long does it take to realize?

48141 How long until I can get money?

44314 how long can it take to get the money ?

38658 how long does it take for me to sell my kidney? "

44365 hi how long can one live with one kidney

47963 How long does it take to sell your kidney

33608 how long do it tKE TO SELL YOUR KIDNEY?


47632 can i sell my kidney? if so how long does it take?

46600 how long is recovery after the opperation

34476 how long does the surgrey takes?

37196 how long is the recovery time?

36025 how long can one leave with one kidney

48537 i want to know if i will live long with one kidney

34670 how long is the recovert period

38657 how long does it take for me to sell my kidney?

32756 the question where it says have you ever survived a major operation, n the options are yes and no, how is that meant to work? if you answer no means your dead, what if u havnt have any operatiosn?

33386 Where is this done, is there any cost to the giver and how long is the down time?

36812 how long is recovery time and how large

43081 how long could one live with single kidney

45225 How long does it take to recuperate from having akidney removed?

36919 how long do we have to wait for the kidney recepient?

34577 What is the process..How long will it take to sell the kidney

37145 How long does it take to recieve money for a kidney?

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