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37114 Paul

Can you tell me where does the kidney removal operation take place, is it in the USA, and if so do you cover return airfare, and hospital bills?

46586 how does it work? i sale a kidney, and what is then, when did i get the payment? and with hospital makes the operation?

34111 what do you pay for in terms of travel and medical bills, and what country does this take place in?

34119 Who would do the operation? Is hospital stay and care included?

45289 Where will the operation take place?

46160 How soon can the operation take place on average from initial application?

34957 Where does the operation takes place? when is the money paid and how much? and finally how long does it take to recover from the procedure to continue regular activities?

45283 am in Kenya Africa.when i sell my kidney how will i get the money and how will the operation go on?will i pay for the operation or will it be catered for?

35675 If i sell my kidney do you cover the costs until i recover?

44818 where do you perform the kidney removal surgery

47057 What is the protocol from A to Z on the kidney? How and when are funds given? What does this cover? The surgery and hospitalization? What are side effects?

37675 I live in the uk ....does this present any problems and also can you tell me the normal recovery time after removal of a kidney

38110 i want to sell my much i shall get back in return

33261 Where can I sell a healthy kidney to obtain the best net return?

33948 My mother is in need of a kidney and im wondering how this all works? Can i donate to someone im compatable with in return for a kidney that is a match for her?

37164 I am curious as to why it said I was an unsatisfactory person to allow for a kidney removal... However... I am extremely healthy. I think your automated questioning system needs a lot of work. A long with the "Submit " button in Russian.

34758 on the question have i ever survived an operation ive never had an operation to survive

37599 can a person sell a kidney to a hospital?

35929 I need money for bills im ready for to give kidney

47204 tell me how i will get to you people i want to sell my kidney im in need of money to pay all my bills

34853 i am willing to sell a kidney now to pay my bills is this possible and will all expense be covered by the reciever

36501 dear sir i want sell my kidney pls can u explain me which hospital seel kidney

33460 Are you for real? I thought this was against the law? I personally think it "s my kidney and I should be able to do what I want with it. What hospital or clinic are you from?

37594 I have some large bills and would like to sell a body part to pay them off. Most reasonable one I think is a kidney. How can I do this?

38214 Do you pay for airfare from the US?

38213 How much is airfare to your clinic?

39630 how do you go about the transplant. Where? Im from the philippines. How about my airfare?

44142 I live in Hawaii. It "s illegal to sell a kidney here. I "m strapped for bills and school money. Give me info and I will do it.

34495 i would like to help someone. in return i nee help

48156 i want to sell my kidney what place u are?

44351 want to sell kidney in at sfae place


35185 How do I sell my kidney. How much can I get paid for my kidney. Do I have to pay the hospital cost to get my kidney removed and if so what is the cost.

41212 are there any requirements to selling a kidney? what exactly is involved and where does this take place?

35696 I wanna sell my kidney. Where can I find the place?

33262 Where can I get the best net return from the sale of one of my healthy kidneys?


38817 Where operation do? How much € you paid for kidney?

46825 I want to sell my kidney, I would pay as and where the operation would

37286 would like to sell kidney for an operation i need how can i

44443 How do I sell my kidney and where do I have to go for a operation.

38272 Hi...i "m leaving in australia i just try to find place i can sell my kidney....and how much you will buy it??? Thanks

38708 Is selling your kidney LEGAL? Will I have to pay for the operation.

33144 how do I sell a kidney and who pays for the operation?

32803 were is this place and the only thing i have done is smoked off and on through life not consistantly. can i sell a kidney?

35162 i want to sell my kidney for money?i need money for hospital expence of my wife

31562 if i do decide to sell my kidney how long until we do the operation

32543 I was told if I leave the USA and sell a kindey I would not be allowed to return to the USA Is this correct ???

34099 What hospital do you go to????/


39899 where is the hospital? to whom i can meet???

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