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37060 rachel13

how can i have a contact to any one in this site who can help me sell my kidney?

34750 Is this site a joke, the horrible spelling, grammar, etc. makes it look so! I "ve been certified healthy enough to donate any of my organs yet your site says no! I take it this is an Israeli site so, well I "m still interested as long as the money "s right. And please redesign your site... IT "S CRAP! Best, P

42366 How do I contact you their is not information on your site.

43629 is this site really a joke?? i was really serious!! contact me soon please so i can goto Bed Thank YOU

44997 hi im nick and i want to sell my kidney please contact me as soon as possible please send me a contact number so i can call and give you my information

47918 can i sell my kidney through this site? and for how much?

41638 I come from China, I can contact a large number of people willing to sell kidney, please contact me .I was engaged in the sale of kidneys for a long time, but recently China have very strict management. So, I "ve got a lot of patients who need transplants and those who are willing to sell kidneys.!thanks

46299 i would like to sell my kidney,how can i register to your site.

46298 No contacxct nos on site t sell a kidney

48342 hi i have a friend that ask me if i know how he could sell hiz kidney so i searched the web and found this site

48424 Just need more info on how to sell a kidney for cash and how much it is worth, Why doesn "t your site show this?? Regards Ste

34377 I Just took the test honestly. The outcome said I couldnt sell my kidney. Then, I lied when I answered the questions. I answered with just about every combination and it still said I no good for transplant. So your questions are bogus and this site probably is too. How do I get to sell my kidney?

33959 i am interested in selling my kidney.. i am healthy, non smoker and do not drink. I am willing sell my kidney... I did the test on your website and it says i am not eligible. please let me know how can i contact you to sell my kidney . thanks

31917 how can i contact you so i can sell a kidney

31898 I want to sell my kidney! Who can I contact?

39693 Plz contact me, i want to sell my kidney

46395 how do i contact you to sell my kidney?

32781 How can i contact you I am very willing to sell my kidney

41236 i want to sell my kidney. please contact me

39624 i sell my kidney can you contact me

33625 who do i contact to sell my kidney

43852 i need to contact u for sell kidney. can i ?

37179 I want to sell my kidney, how do I contact you?

47669 who do i contact if i want to sell kidney

36363 i want to sell my one kidney how i will contact you.

38814 want to sell my kidney, whom should i contact

40713 How I can contact ya I am sell my kidney

40714 How I can contact ya I am sell my kidney now

35864 i want to sell one kidney and one eye.whom to contact

48535 I want to sell my kidney whom do i contact

42686 i am sell my kidney.plz contact my email.

41059 He wants to sell kidney immideately please contact

46745 i want to sell my kidney asap?how i contact

48449 he needs money, so he wants to sell his kidney. contact him.

42181 contact me i would like to sell my kidney philippines

44352 Whom do I need to contact in order to sell my kidney?

35215 Hi i want to sell a kidney i have taken the text how do i contact you

41327 Hi I want to sell my Kidney,pls let me know how to contact u. ASAP

47085 how can i sell my kidney?which person is right to contact?

31599 I am ready to sell my kidney now how I can. Contact yaaaaaaaaaaa

40595 i would like to sell my kidney to any one please contact me throug my mail

34846 i want ti sell my any one need plz contact my emaili "m serius

41011 hello friend i want to sell my kidney pls contact by email

34744 Hi I want to sell my Kidney,pls let me know how to contact u. I need money ASAP.

38412 how do i contact you guys inorder to sell my kidney

34729 you can actually sell a kideny on this web site, how much does one go for?

36947 i really wanna sell my kidney, because economy can i contact you ??

34295 to sell my kidney for my tekin istiyorum.lütfen contact me.

37011 i pass the test i need your contact number to sell my kidney

42432 hi .. how fast i can sell ma kidney let me know and i aslo need yr any contact number .. thanks

46609 I would like to know if could sell one of my kidneys,or if im even on the correct site for that?

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