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36812 johnny

how long is recovery time and how large

37196 how long is the recovery time?

38252 When can this procedure be done and is it in the United States? how long does it take? How much recovery time do I need?

41638 I come from China, I can contact a large number of people willing to sell kidney, please contact me .I was engaged in the sale of kidneys for a long time, but recently China have very strict management. So, I "ve got a lot of patients who need transplants and those who are willing to sell kidneys.!thanks


37675 I live in the uk ....does this present any problems and also can you tell me the normal recovery time after removal of a kidney

46600 how long is recovery after the opperation

37267 How long is recovery, and how much pain in involved ?

33386 Where is this done, is there any cost to the giver and how long is the down time?

41821 hi iam in financial crisis i want to sell my kidney please help me and let me know in one kidney i will survive or worked and how long it take time i need money within one month and how much you will pay for kidney selling thank you

34856 I did the test and I am in good health and your test declined me.I dont drink use drugs have any deseases and smoke cigerets from time to time but thats all why?

37594 I have some large bills and would like to sell a body part to pay them off. Most reasonable one I think is a kidney. How can I do this?

47657 how bad is the pain and how many days does it take fr recovery? thank you

46591 Hello, Would the expenses to get to yourselves be covered also what is the recovery process

48436 Will you be able to help me in South Africa and what will the recovery period be?

35459 I am very intereseted in selling my kidney I have had a vision i beliave that I should give back to the human race i have been blessed with vitial organs and a very large heart , I feel that I should be able to have the right to sell my very heakthy kidney to someone who is in need . can you please help? I don "t want a problem, I just want to help an innoncent and my self


46791 age limit? recuperation time

47830 i want to sell my kidney,how where and time?

34097 How safe is this? And how much time do you have to take off work? Also where is it done, can it be done near me?

33177 i have done the test but evry time it replys cant do it why?

46053 how much time you spend in your life with one kidney

41094 i am in time of crisis so that why i sell my kidney

48218 i see its a joke, you should spend your time more proctively moron

38992 i am very healthy almost never sick and u told me that im not a good donor at this time what the hell

34123 hi i have make test but all time failed. maybe i dont understand the question

35176 what are you talking about unsatisfactory? i rarely smoke, eat healthy almost all the time and have had no diseases.

36647 i took the test a few time and even changing my answer it say the same thing i know i have nothing wrong with me im a active person and i would want to knwo why it i cant sell one my kidneys

37115 How does it work and how long does it take

44314 how long can it take to get the money ?

39728 how long does it take to realize?

48141 How long until I can get money?

46028 i want to sell my one side kidney to meet the urgency of funds to fullfill the dreams of my old father and mother. I know that with their short time of life it is not possible to fulfill their last wishes .please help me .

37002 Hi There, I am Americian and live in Florida before. Rightnow I am living in Vietnam. My kidney is good and easy to pass your test. I would like to sell it. How to contact you? Thanks for your time. Bill

48537 i want to know if i will live long with one kidney

44365 hi how long can one live with one kidney

47632 can i sell my kidney? if so how long does it take?

38657 how long does it take for me to sell my kidney?

38658 how long does it take for me to sell my kidney? "

33608 how long do it tKE TO SELL YOUR KIDNEY?


36025 how long can one leave with one kidney

34670 how long is the recovert period

34476 how long does the surgrey takes?

47963 How long does it take to sell your kidney

46102 Why didn "t I have an answer for my question ? I really is in need for money. Can "t you help me save somebody "s life & at the same time save mine

37982 Can you tell me the step by step process on selling a kidney, from signing up to the payment arrangements. Thank you for your time and effort.

45383 How long does it take to recover from selling one of your kidney?

43081 how long could one live with single kidney

36919 how long do we have to wait for the kidney recepient?

36080 how long is a person off work after this operation

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