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36762 florin

i relly wanna sale my kedney plz sajust me

36763 i relly wanna sale my kedney ,plz sajust me ,what to do ,plz

36761 what if relly wanna help people who r in of kedney,can sale for it

44161 i wanna sell my kidney plz..guied me on my email id….i relly need money

37903 i wanna sale my kidney but how

38651 i wanna sale my kidney wat can i do

46833 how much i "ll got i wanna to sale my kidney?


48279 like to chat with..wanna sale my kidney

46832 i wanna to sale my kidney due my personal problem so may i?

48481 i m so upset because my boyfriend chitted me. that "s why i wanna sale my body

41687 dear sir, i want to sale my kidney for requirement of bucks. please advice me how can i sale it and what will be the process. kindly reply me as soon as. i am ready to sale from now

39417 how do I sell my kedney to someone who can use it more than me

42653 want to sell kedney . Can i ?

39102 can man live without one kedney

39006 i want to know what is the risk for kedney donars. what are the procedure? please tell me?

40984 Hi, i am shivkumar. From india, i want to sell my kedney..reply me plz.

42088 Blood group B . Healthy kedney. want to sell imidiatly.

33592 I wanna sell my kidney how do i do this?

32290 I wanna sell my kidney what do I have to do?

38624 i wanna sell my kidney..will you be able to help me??

45174 I would like to sell one of may kidney... i wanna know how to do it...

45745 i wanna sell my kidney...can i?

42189 i wanna sell my kidney as soon as possible ..

37154 I want to ask,I wanna sell my kidney

46845 I wanna sell my kidney but what should I do first

40804 I wanna sell my kidney please help me

34730 I wanna sell my kidney what are the procedures

47725 if i wanna sell my kidney how much will it cost each?

46837 hi .. i wanna sell my left kidney where i can do this

46743 Hello fellow... I wanna sell my kidney. Plz do let me know. Thanks.

43188 I wanna help donations. I also need money is that wrong.

47402 I wanna sell my balls and my dick. How much do pay for them?

36402 who do i need to talk to i wanna sell my kidney?

37855 I wanna selling a kidney for donation

39364 i wanna sell my kidney i live in usa

38690 i wanna sell kidney but how? i am A negative

47358 pleaaaase i wnat t seel my kedney or one of my body "s meber for soem money i beeg u please m begging u help help me please jsut answer ill give evrysingle info bout me im healthy ill give it jsut for some money please

37142 i wanna sell a kidney i have great health what can i do

32743 Hi ! my name is Dilovar! I want to ask you about kidney, I wanna sell mine, how much you pay?

32206 I wanna sell my kidney, or even my testical. Whats the best way to do that?

32923 I wanna sell my kidney i have no ill Why the test not accepted me ?

46841 hi im from ecuador i have one of my friends who wanna sell his kidney

46193 Hi , i wanna sell my kidney , my blood is O- and im from Brazil , how I can do it ?

46103 i wanna sell my kidneys as soon as possible. plz send me detail.

35696 I wanna sell my kidney. Where can I find the place?

48263 I wanna sell my kidney, gimme some suggest, what should I do?

44603 pls help me I need money so i sale my Kidney so how to sale my kidney?

45733 i want to sale my kidney what procedure to sale kidney

38963 I might wanna sell my kidney. What are side effects and what do I have to do to get healthy enough for it?

36947 i really wanna sell my kidney, because economy can i contact you ??

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