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Specialist opinion Famous doctor Hvachitarjan G. think that transplantation... Revelation of underground transplantologist I did underground transplantations before... You're not alone We created special social network to support donors  

35838 ashis

i want to donate kidney for a reasonable price!! how do i do that..

46415 I want to donate a kidney for reasonable compensation. what do I need to do?

41889 Hi I am in real debt now and want to do any thing for money that is why I want to sell my kidney on reasonable price. I am in Pakistan

42429 Hello Myfriend want to sell his kindey at a reasonable price due to his problems having blood grp O ve.

44556 i would like to become a kidney donor for a reasonable compensation

37594 I have some large bills and would like to sell a body part to pay them off. Most reasonable one I think is a kidney. How can I do this?

36952 I would like to sell my kidney. I am oliver and i am from Philippines. The price is negotiable and actually the price would vary depends upon the customers status in life. where can i sell my kidney?

33128 i would love to help some one and donate a kidney. they must donate a sum on cash money.

37582 how i can donate kidney? Which are the hospitals in maharashtra from where i can get the information of cost of kidney, any problem to human if he is having one kidney??

44427 Do you have facility to donate the kidney? My brother-in-law has to go under kidney transplantation and we need Kidney. PLease advice or suggest! Thanks

47450 what is the price for one kidney?

36133 what is the price of a kidney?

37034 how much price can be of a kidney?

37173 How much is the price of kidney?

47745 what is the price of my kidney

31688 what is the price of a kidney

43531 what is the price of a kidney

32393 what is the price of kidney ?

33893 usually how much the price each kidney?

38074 what is the price of selling kidney

38601 how much kidney selling price

45299 how much price if i sale my own one kidney

39762 if i want sell my kidney then how much price got

37054 i want to sell my kidney how much price i will get?

34836 I want to sell my kidney.what "s the price for it?

46063 how to sell my kidney and what is the price i get for that

46781 howmany price have a kidney .

38195 Hi, I want to sell my kidney... can u help me with the price.

47165 what is price of human kidney

44466 where to sell kidney,what price i will get

39126 get big price when to sale of kidney ?

34817 How do i sell my kidney for a price

48085 what is tha actual price of a kidney and what are the symptoms of selling a kidney?

43429 Hello friend my kidney sel india kidney sel price jst mail

34360 i want to sell my kidney so i want to knw your buying price

32232 how to sell my kidney? the selling price?

37291 hi i am sonal in how many price sill in one kidney plz tell me?

47847 where ihave to sell my kidney and how much price

34788 I "m in canada how can i sell kidney in what price?

38000 can i sell my kidney for best price , from where can i get the buyer

37929 want to sell my kidney. Please advice how much price i may get

47661 In need of money willing to sell a kidney if price is right?

46710 I want to sell my much price will i get maximum?

43074 now a days whats price of kidney


45645 do i can sell my kidney from macedonia ?? and how price i will get

33948 My mother is in need of a kidney and im wondering how this all works? Can i donate to someone im compatable with in return for a kidney that is a match for her?

33399 What do I do that I could donate a kidney?

32715 I want to "donate " one kidney. What do I do?

42194 what price kidney? because i need money to pay obligation my girlfriend

45720 i want to donate a kidney, do you are intersesting?

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