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35376 Szabolcs

I did the test, and I would like to know, how can I be a kidney donor.

35377 I did the test.Please inform me, how can I be the kidney donor.

39273 I would like to be a donor, but the test says no, is this because I smoke? I am willing to quit smoking to be successful in this endeavor.

37073 Do you have to be a certain age to be a kidney donor?

44556 i would like to become a kidney donor for a reasonable compensation

45220 I took the test, i am healthy, but the test said i am not. whatever! (poor test error), faulty test. when can i get on the list, what do i do next?

34863 This test is a farce, I have tried every combination of answers and they all say you "re un-healthy. Is this test meant to deter selling a kidney?

37890 Hi i have a problem i did you test and I "m healthy i don "t smoke, drink or have diseases but the result of the test tells me that i can "t sell my kidney please tell me what "s wrong thanks


32109 What do you look for in a donor?

37550 I "m from Perú. Can I be a donor?

37264 what is with your test i am in perfict health but your kidney selling test told me that my health characteristics are unsatisfactory what is with that

37120 how do i sign up to be a living donor?

42042 Aslam Alekum I am Qadeer Ahmed from Sanghar District Sindh Pakistan Purpose of my message is ? my little sister is kidney patient now she is on dialasis at various Hospitals Civil Hospital Sanghar , Mirpurkhas and SIUT karachi, her both kidnies are failed since last one year and her want transplantation but have no expences and donor Family members are willing to donate kidney but their Blood group is not matching. my sister is still waiting for kidney donation for transplant. if any person help us please contanct with me. Please help her

33885 whether you people want bad medical history kidneys? I am more than medium and i drink energy drinks once in a week or twice in a month. But other questions everything is perfect. But your test says I am not eligible. In your test there is no questions about blood group. I think, the test results are already fixed

33701 how does it effect health what is the everage life span of a donor

33175 I took your test on here answered truthfully first time said unhealthy that no one would want my kidney the went back and lied and answered it like i was the healthiest person possible and it still said the same answer i think your test is fucked up gives same answer regardless

38992 i am very healthy almost never sick and u told me that im not a good donor at this time what the hell

48400 can i get back to attend office duty as a donor within one month after the transplantation

48563 what health test will pass the give kidney give test

36669 It is very interesting your test, I am healthy and non-drinking non-smoker, no diseases and the test says my health is unsatisfactory. lol

33486 your test is full of shit, im in perfect health u morons change ur test

32638 I do not have any problem that might show unsatisfactory health. Yet the test says that I am not suitable. Is there something wrong with this test?

36278 Yeah, i just did the test and it said my health characteristics aren "t healthy, i "ve never had serious illnesses i don "t drink, and i spell better than the test does whats going on?

32740 why is it when i take your test no matter how i answer the questions the test always comes back as unsatisfactory ?

32593 so i took your test and the results say i am no healthy enough. i was curious. i took the test again only i put the absolute best answer for each question.(i.e. never smoked. never drink alcohol) yet i still fail???

38570 what type of question do you have here, i answered them no to any type of diease and i still get a no sorry your no good for selling my kidneys. so what do you look for in a donor

33959 i am interested in selling my kidney.. i am healthy, non smoker and do not drink. I am willing sell my kidney... I did the test on your website and it says i am not eligible. please let me know how can i contact you to sell my kidney . thanks

37285 I just took your online test and other than being overweight, I am in very good health and I am a nonsmoker and very light drinker. I "m not sure why the test says that my health caracteristics are unsatisfactory. Please explain.

34856 I did the test and I am in good health and your test declined me.I dont drink use drugs have any deseases and smoke cigerets from time to time but thats all why?

43090 took the test. I have a good kidney. Do you want it or not? How much?

46356 i would like to sell my kidney,can you test me for that?

47538 i want to sell my kidney how to test it.

37781 were ca i go to take a test to sell my kidney

42814 how many test before my kidney knows it was good..

32926 tell me how i failed this test to sale my kidney

33268 I want to sell my kidney but i not pass test , how can i do

44170 i pass the test how do i donate a kidney

33582 i would like to sell my kidney an i passed the test what now

44442 How could I pass the test to sell my kidney?

34291 What test do I need to get in order to sell my kidney

33842 ok passed the test were do i sell a kidney

37877 i passed your test and want to sell a kidney

31963 have passed ur test can i really sell my kidney for my financial needs?

32923 I wanna sell my kidney i have no ill Why the test not accepted me ?

46573 Im really healthy but test say cant donate sell kidney why?

34125 My test was great, waht can i do to sell my kidney?

45735 how do i sell my kidney ? what kind of medical test i need to go through ?

39361 How can I pass the test and how much I will be offered for selling my kidney?

46328 how do i sell my kidney?i took your test but i dont believe it to be accurate

45771 How do I sell my kidney.I "ve done a test and I "m interested in selling

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